Smartphone Huawei

Huawei one of the most powerful communication companies in the world, which during the whole period of its existence, shows a steady and rapid growth. That Huawei is based on its own developments and inventions. From year to year, the company retains a place among the leaders in patent applications (2015 – the 13th place) and invests 10% of profits in innovation. In 2015, Huawei was recognized as the third largest producer of gadgets in the world.

Despite this, USssian consumers are wary of Huawei products, considering what is before them – the low-grade Chinese products and don't understand why the cost of such devices is quite high.


to suit the Huawei smartphones?

Gadgets from Huawei were most suitable for creative people with a passion for photography and video. For such users, the company has prepared several surprises:

  • Unique features "drawing with light", "Director", "Period of time". Function "Director", for instance, allows you to combine 3 smartphone with Android OS in order to simultaneously capture video from several angles, and a function "length of time" is very useful for video editing – it allows you to speed up or slow down part of the movie, and join several videos into one film. A package of such functions equipped with the new Huawei models from a directory, e.g. P8.
  • Modes "Delicious food" and "Best selfie». These functions will certainly resonate with youngsters keen on Instagram. The first mode allows you to make the food more appetizing photographed the shift of focus towards warm shades, the second will give the opportunity to make high quality selfies even in bad weather, for example, in fog. These modes are available on models Honor 5X.

Gadgets from Huawei and have more practical advantages. For example, the technology of intelligent energy consumption Smart Power saving up to 30% charge.

A brief overview of the disadvantages

The main disadvantage of mobile phones is considered to be a small number of accessories – youth, wishing all sorts of ways to stand out, is disappointed that.

Difficult and with accessories and spare parts. If the gadget from Huawei fails, find a company that will undertake its repair, is very problematic.

Best smartphones Huawei

Smartphone Huawei способны порадовать и дизайном, и широким функционалом. Давайте познакомимся с лучшими девайсами китайского производителя.