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the Best wireless charging

a Rare thing that makes life easier like adaptive. We offer you the best chargers Qi for the house and car.

adaptive – the modern solution to power the smartphone. The battery sits? Just place the phone on the wireless panel, and a percentage will automatically go up. You need to answer the call? Simple. Grab your phone and answer it. I can even walk him around the room, because you will have to limit the length of the cable. Please don't forget to return it to the panel to the charging continued.

What would be the premium smartphone you may have bought in 2020, it will probably be implemented with the standard food Qi. Themselves chargers, Qi compatible, pretty much. Regardless of budget and your preferred form factor for you to find a suitable solution.

Aukey Qi

Price: from 2 990 rubles

Qi-compatible charging plate from Aukey attractive price points, and this fact does not mean that it is significantly limited. The device has an output power of 10 W and fits most smartphones.

10 watts is the limit. Advanced power profile is not supported, so to charge at maximum speed Google Pixel 4 XL will not work. The same applies to Galaxy Note 10 and later leaders Samsung. Что касается iPhone, with them charging speed of up to 7.5 watts.

The design of the charger is simple: there is a circular block in a discreet design. The panel is able to transfer charge through the covers with a thickness of 3 mm. of Course, there is protection from overcharging.

Yootech Wireless Charger

Price: 1 050 rubles

The amount of functionality charger Aukey Yootech almost identical. The module supports three speeds of charging and can switch between them depending on the characteristics of the charging device.

In the charger components made by Samsung. With the old devices Yootech operates at a power of 5 watts. Since iPhone figure increases to 7.5. The maximum value is 10 watts. Unlike Aukey Yootech has support USB-C, which for some users can be the deciding factor when buying.


Anker PowerWave

Price: 3 590 rubles

Wireless device Anker PowerWave has a rare feature. The charging area is located at an angle and allows you to comfortably work with the smartphone right in the process of nutrition.

The device is built on the hardware Samsung. Its features include support for accelerated wireless power with a power rating of up to 10W. There are weaker modes. IPhone, as in the case with other chargers, maximum power of 7.5 watts. Supported and lower 5 watts. Coverage 5 mm.

Samsung's Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger

Price: 3 500 rubles

The owners of the flagships of the Samsung Note series 10 or S20 it is advisable to purchase wireless charger from the South Korean manufacturer. The fact that these smartphones are able to take current big power.

The charger holds power for Fast Charge 2.0, that is, with output power up to 15W. Panel located vertically with a slope that is very convenient if you want to work with your smartphone while it's charging. With phones that do not support the accelerated functions of the power supply output power will be limited to the standard measure Qi 5 watts.

At the price of this device is slightly more expensive than their competitors. But the additional cost is justified, because in addition to functions fast-charge as it comes with a wall-mounted holder.

Anker 10 PowerWave Dual Wireless Charging Pad

Price: from 4 200 RUB

It is sometimes necessary to recharge two devices. In such a situation it will help a charger Anker PowerWave 10 Dual. The panel is equipped with two charging surfaces and releases the energy at maximum output to both connected devices.

Like other Anker products, PowerWave 10 Dual can charge smartphones in a case, but not thicker than 5 mm. comes with a DC adapter. The disadvantage of this device is that it cannot charge Samsung mobile phones with a power of 15 W, since the maximum amount is limited to 10 watts. But there are standard modes 7.5 W for iPhone and 5 watts for low-power mobile devices.


Samsung DUO Wireless Charger Pad (EP-P5200)

Price: from 4 800 rubles

For the simultaneous power supply of two Qi compatible devices designed and powerful panel Samsung Duo. It is not inferior to its competitors, but rather offers a little more. Here is a support of accelerated supply. This means that the smartphones of the latest releases of Samsung will be able to recharge at maximum rate, which is 15 watts.

In addition to impressive indicators of power from the DUO-Pad has another important feature. The panel can be set at an angle to see incoming notifications and to work with your smartphone without interrupting charging. Like most of the original accessories, the charger is not cheap, but the set of features definitely justifies the means.

Aukey Wireless Car Charger

Price: 1 900 rubles

Зарядный holder производства Aukey выглядит очень современно и впишется в салон любого авто. Он Qi-совместим, поддерживает разные уровни мощности: 5 Вт для маломощных девайсов, от 7,5 до 10 для современных iPhone, Samsung и прочих брендов.

The mount works automatically. Press the side button to open the clip and place your smartphone on the dashboard. Work intelligent recognition system, and the clip will gradually merge. The holder attaches to the air duct. Thus in the process of charging the smartphone is not threatened by overheating, it will be constantly cooled by the airflow even in the hottest summer days.

iOttie Wireless Car Charger

Price: 5 200 rubles

Wireless charging plate iOttie functionally similar to the solution from Aukey, but differs in the mounting location. It is secured on the dashboard by suction cups, and it's a good choice if you don't want the charger blocked duct. Hinge mechanism allows you to adjust the position of the holder, giving him the optimum angle.

Charger iOttie is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. The clamp is equipped with an intelligent recognition system. And it has a built in battery that will continue charging if the cable is removed from the USB port of the car.