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What kind of memory card to choose for a smartphone

Smartphone на Android не способны похвастать большим объемом встроенной памяти – на бюджетных моделях мегабайтов может оказаться недостаточно даже для сохранения одного ролика в HD-формате. Поэтому пользователи смартфона предпочитают покупать карты памяти для смартфона вместе с самими гаджетами и довольно часто берут совсем не то, что нужно. Обратите внимание, насколько многочисленны надписи на самой флешке и на упаковке от нее: каждая из них имеет важное значение, поэтому исходить всего лишь из одного параметра – объема памяти – при выборе не следует.

SDHC or SDXC: почему стандарт карточки важен?

The user who comes to the salon and asks for the most expensive flash card, hoping that with a smartphone it will "fly" may be disappointed: it is likely that the gadget (especially if the price is low) the card simply will not see. Choosing a flash drive, it is necessary to proceed from the possibilities of the device – best to check with the consultant what kind of SD card suitable for a particular model.

There are a few standards of cards:

  1. MicroSD – combine with any gadget, but is rapidly losing popularity, because it can't offer the user more than 2 GB.
  2. MicroSDHC. The abbreviation HC stands for High Capacity, i.e. increased capacity. These cards are the most common – their scope is limited to 64 GB. The holders of the gadgets that were released before 2008, buy USB flash drive SDHC is not recommended – too great a risk that the device not "see".
  3. MicroSDXC (Extended Capacity). Верхнее ограничение по объему памяти таких СД карт – 2000 Гб. Рассчитывать, что Android-фон стоимостью в 3-4 тыс. рублей будет свободно работать с флеш-картой XC, бессмысленно. Флеш-карты MicroSDXC имеют иную файловую систему (exFAT) по сравнению с другими SD-картами, а потому несовместимы с цифровыми устройствами и картридерами, работающими только с SD. Чтобы точно убедиться в совместимости гаджета и карты, стоит поискать логотип SDXC на самом устройстве or его упаковке.

How to choose a memory card that is appropriate for the class?

Class memory card reflects the speed of data transfer – this setting is not less important than the capacity of the flash drive. There are such classes:

  1. Class 2. The write speed on this card is only 2 MB/sec. Flash cards 2nd grade suitable for MP3 players and photo frames, but not for today's smartphones and tablets, working with a huge data stream.
  2. Class 4. Despite the instability, these cards are still often offered by consultants to smartphones. When you use the stick of the 4th class budget smartphone from user complaints, most likely, will not arise.
  3. Class 6. 6 MB/sec is considered to be the optimal data transfer rate for a smartphone with average features. It is recommended to buy the mobile card of this class, though, and will have to pay 100-150 rubles.
  4. Class 10. Buy USB flash drive 10 class citizen no need to – the difference in speed compared to a class 6 he won't notice. Typically the microSD are 10 professional camcorder, removing FullHD. The disadvantage of such cards can be considered high cost.
  5. UHC Speed Class. Meet UHC-UHC 1 and-3: latest theoretically capable of transmitting data at a rate of 321 MB/sec. The actual transfer speed of up to 30 MB/sec. UHC – technology of the future; while the minimum number of gadgets are compatible with such drives.

a Class can always be seen on the card – usually it is expressed in the figure enclosed in the letter S.

Maps what capacity is best for a smartphone?

Many concerns about the capacity of flash cards is far-fetched: if the user set is 8 GB карту с емкостью в 16 Гб, ничего страшного не случится. Определяясь с объемом, нужно предположить, каким образом будет использоваться гаджет. Киноманам потребуется не менее 16 Гб, потому как один сезон любимого сериала в хорошем качестве будет весить около 8 GB. Если же пользователь расходует память только на редкие снимки or рабочие документы, хватит и 4 Гб.

What kind of memory card to choose for a smartphone: лучшие производители

The final parameter to which you want to look for when purchasing a stick – this is the manufacturer. It is recommended to buy a memory card for your production of one of the three "whales": Kingston, Transcend or SanDisk. All these companies give long-term guarantee for their products and long time on the market. For example, the Taiwanese company Transcend, which exists since 1988, said about the lifetime warranty on SD cards and Flash drives.

Is to avoid buying flash drives with the brand's retail network-the seller – for example, in the salons of MTS in the Windows are the same card. To find out who really is the brand of microSD card, it is very difficult, and hence the quality of the goods can not be sure.


"Trust but verify" — the main principle of communication with consultants of salon. Ask for help in choosing a flash card it is necessary, however, if the consultant begins to sell a product with its brand (for which the Commission always more), it is better to go to another, more sincere to the seller or to choose a memory card for your yourself, based on the functional features of the gadget and the amount that you have.