9.0 Android: all information about Android P

This article describes what is currently known about the Android operating system 9.0.

Google is hard at work on the Android operating system P. This version is now being tested by developers for the company the Google 2 Pixel and Google Pixel 2 XL. While the search giant is not ready to share information with the public about the new version of their mobile OSes. However, that is slowly but surely seeping into the network.

New features Android P

as of the fall of 2017, it is impossible to say exactly what new features will be present in Android 9.0. However you can speculate:

  • System UI Tuner— even in the beta versions of the "eight" was a special section of options where the user could to use your own discretion to change almost the entire interface. In the final version Android 8.0 there's only the setting of the status bar. It is not excluded that by the autumn of 2018, the developers still pushed System UI Tuner to mind. Yet something like only offer some launchers.
  • Quick update— its development needs to obtain the project Treble. This technology was implemented in the Oreo, making the structure of the operating system modular. In theory this should accelerate the development updated — now they can only relate to specific modules. It is not excluded that next year the modularity would be perfected — in this case, Google may abandon the development of new versions of the OS, updating from time to time only specific modules. But this is unlikely.
  • face Recognition— in the pursuit of the Apple, the search giant will develop this unusual type of unlock. This is due to the complexity of integration fingerprint under the screen.
  • the video— 9.0 Android will be more geared for video recording and subsequent processing of the resulting record. It is possible that for these purposes will be used even artificial intelligence.
  • Storage in the "cloud" in the following version of "green robot" local storage will be literally glued to the cloud. Similar technologies have already been developed by Apple and Microsoft. Will start clearly with details. For example, the Camera app will learn you to instantly send photos and videos to the cloud — in built-in memory won't even copy.

will Appear in the operating system and some other functions. But they said it was too early.

The name of the operating system

As before, Android P will be called some sweetness. Suitable options there is a huge number. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Pound Cake— fruity cupcake that looks like a loaf of bread;
  • Petit Four— Petit fours, which are a kind of small cookie;
  • Pastille the well— known pastille, which exists in various forms;
  • Popsicle a fruit ice, which can be considered as the coldest dessert in the world;
  • Pecan Pie— pecan pie, very popular in the USA and consists of sweet custard;
  • Pancake roll, served with jam or some other sweet sauce.

do Not exclude the selection of some less popular options such as Puff Pastry (puff pastry), Profiterole (profiteroles) or even Pain Perdu (sweet toast). Whatever it was, and the exact name of Android 9.0 will be known only in the autumn of 2018. And this is only the case if the OS development is not delayed.

New design

The current scheme design of Android was introduced in 2014. Most likely, four years later, the search giant wants to change the interface. But until the world observed trend to move away from flat design, when the application pleases with solid colors and lots of "air" between elements. Therefore, there are no guarantees, need to wait for the first leaks. If the developers really wish to redraw the design, be sure to report it.

release date

In may 2018 will host the conference Google I/O. it will be traditionally announced the first details about the new version of the operating system. For summer should be released three to four beta Android P.

The release of the new "green robot" is expected in August or even September 2018. But we can not exclude that Google will decide to change your schedule. Remember, the newer versions of Windows do not go every year. And the development of mobile operating systems in recent times requires less labor and time. So don't be surprised if in the summer of 2018 will be only the announcement of Android 8.1.


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  • Microsoft releases an operating system every three years, but they have your word and your Excel and all others-ie, And Google Android no your full of the word or eksele and almost anything except update, the Operating system ito with minor changes. Let the company GOOGLE releases the Android OS every two or three years, but makes a big improvement in the OS and will complete the development of Hancom Office. By the way add in Hancom Office Times New Roman font, or add a function which dozvolama Pere-menasuvari font Droid Serif Times New Roman because it is very similar to it (I checked on Windows 7).