Display digitizer not working? Here are 7 tips to correct the problem

The tablet perfectly responsive to touch, and now ceased to respond? We will tell, in what could be the problem and how to fix it.

The touch screen is the main way of interacting with a tablet PC, that is why its efficiency is so important. Any, even microscopic damage (a scratch, blow, bend) may cause the display stops showing signs of life, though outwardly it may look intact.

Why display digitizer stopped responding to touch?

Most likely to malfunction resulted from the following factors:

  • from the blow moved contacts plume;
  • the loop is damaged due to blow;
  • damaged matrix;
  • under display from dirt;
  • touch screen have lost sensitivity due to scratches and cracks.

The most common problems with a tablet emerge from-for careless handling: the device falls to the floor, bent in the bag, he accidentally someone sits down. The consequences of these events to minimize very easily. Just need:

  • to stick on the screen a protective film or glass;
  • buy cover;
  • do not put the tablet on a hard surface, display side down.

But if the trouble has already happened, too late to drink Borjomi. The following tips are applicable to all devices with touch screen – tablets and smartphones on iOS, Windows and Android.

So, how to correct the malfunctioning of the tablet screen?

1. To release memory

Most often, the tablet hangs and the screen stops responding, when the system memory is hammered on 100%. To release it, and the device will come to life.

The Android users is the wide range of optimization tools from integrated to third-party from Play Market or other sources. It is enough to set one of them to the performance of your tablet is always under control.

The problem with the system memory on the iPad, too, can lead to failure of the sensory functions. The fastest way to solve the problem – close out of date at the moment of the application:

  • double-click the Home button;
  • pull up every unnecessary now the app to close it.

After you close most running programs, the responsiveness of the tablet is expected to improve significantly. On iPad with jailbreak you can spend more memory, closing any active processes.

On tablets with Windows 10, close as many running applications, then go to the start screen:

  • hold down WIN + TAB to display a list of active Windows;
  • press the x in the top of each window to close it.

If the display began to respond to touch, nothing more needs to be done. Just remember that most software load your tablet is not drawn.

2. Restart the tablet

Reload – it's not just press the power button to extinguish the screen, and then turn it back on. This complete shutdown of the entire device with further inclusion. Many problems are eliminated banal reboot. Don't forget: when device begins to restart, all data in running applications will be erased.

Every Android user knows how to do it: hold the power button for a few seconds, then select Restart.

IPad owners need to close all running programs, and then hold the button "sleep / Wake". If you close any of the applications is impossible, the system will determine how a restart.

For iPad Air:

  • hold the power button and Home button until the device will go into reset;
  • release when you see the Apple logo.

On iPad Pro:

  • press and release the button to increase the volume;
  • press and release the button to decrease the volume;
  • press and hold the power button to start reboot the tablet.

The owners of tablets on Windows can restart your device by pressing the "start – Power on – Reload". If the device is not responding, hold the power button for 10 seconds to force a reboot.

3. To use system application for diagnosing dead regions of the screen

Happens that fails, the entire display at once, but only part of it. If you find out what kind of area is out of order, it is possible to understand what led to this failure.

to quickly understand what part of the display has lost sensory properties don't have to download some special application. First, we start the calculator. Click on the different buttons, you will be able to see if on the screen the dead zone. The interactive map will help you figure out how the function of dragging and zooming.

4. To calibrate the screen

For iPad no tool calibration is not required. However, if you are using a hacked device that incorrectly responds to touch, remove the jailbreak. After returning to the original setting, it is likely that the tablet will work correctly.

Enjoy dozens of free applications for the calibration and test display: Touchscreen Calibration can help to identify problems with the responsiveness of the Touch Screen Test will identify the specific areas which have ceased to recognize touch input.

The owners of tablets on Windows 10 can calibrate the display under the control of a finger or stylus:

  • click the "start" button and in the search bar, type "control Panel";
  • under "Hardware and sound";
  • under "tablet PC Settings" select "screen Calibration for pen input or touch input";
  • opens a new window where you must click "Calibrate";
  • to display calibration follow the instructions.

5. To contact a professional repair shop equipment

There are problems that can't resolve, especially if you are an electronics and a simple user, never holding a multimeter.

The device, which is still covered by the warranty, it is best to take to service center. Diagnosis will take a few weeks, but in this case, you will be able to negotiate with the store about the replacement of the goods or a refund. Equipment beyond the warranty period, you can pay for repairs to the nearest workshop.

Another point: on the manufacturer's website you can often find instructions for Troubleshooting, and with some issues helps to understand tech support.

6. To disassemble the tablet and check the contact with the motherboard

Disassembly will help you figure out if train, are there any signs of oxidation on the contacts and the circuit Board if the led display garbage. The procedure is risky, but if you approach it wisely, it will surely bear fruit.

Perepolkin display to the motherboard, you will lose it and will probably return performance. How to open the tablet – in a few words to describe, because for each model the individual process. You will help videos on YouTube. Before you open the casing and remove the display, make sure you have all the necessary tools. Take your time: this is the case when the first thing you need to learn more theory. In General, such experiments are best done with cheap Android tablets, not expensive Samsung, iPad and Windows.

7. Replace your damaged touchscreen

As already mentioned, the efficiency of the screen can affect any mechanical damage. There is also the chance that the failure will manifest itself immediately.

The ideal solution is to replace the display in the service center for the insurance (of course, if you were issued at the time of purchase of the tablet). Other options:

  • to use the services of the workshop;
  • order the display online and install it at home yourself.

In the Studio for the replacement touchscreen with the you a lot of money do not ask, and the procedure takes only a few hours. But the cost of the new parts still have to pay out of pocket, and it can be rather big: touchscreen for iPad or Samsung costs about half the cost of the tablet.

Want to save and replace the display yourself, buying it online? Re-read the 6th paragraph.


When out of order headphone Jack dangling button or broken camera, your tablet can be used on, however with some limitations. But the failure of the display – a problem more serious level.

If the screen stops responding to touch input because the machine was overloaded with tasks, consider yourself lucky. Because in most cases malfunctions of this kind are treated only by replacement of the matrix, which as already mentioned, the task for the experts and not ordinary users.