DNS is a large distribution network, focusing on low price. In this article we consider the convenience of purchasing a smartphone in the online store of this retailer.


the First store DNS (Digital Network System) was opened in Vladivostok in 1998, almost immediately after the default. Outlet is specialized in the sales and Assembly of personal computers. Later the range of products began to expand, and the business clearly thrived. Since 2005, the company began to conquer the breadth of USssia, opening stores in many other regions of the country. Also, the company includes a factory producing computers and some other electronics under its own brand, now under the brand name OR.

Initially buy the product in the DNS was only possible by visiting the outlet. But gradually an increasing number of USssians are beginning to get high speed Internet access. In this regard, began to develop the official site of the retailer, quietly turned into a full-fledged online store. With its help it is easy to find out whether the right thing in any of the 1300 existing stores DNS. But let's get acquainted with the site better.

website Design

The appearance of the online store DNS has not changed for several years, which should please loyal customers. From time to time is introduced only slight changes, which users quickly get used enough. For example, before the list of products in each category was quite tight, with the result that the page was placed a huge number of devices. Now the browser displays approximately 8-9 goods, but can immediately see the number of stores in which the device is available. Also under the name of the device was a place for extracts from specifications. There is the possibility of changing the presentation of the goods — you can make fields bigger and more filled with information, or to turn the page into a grid of four columns.

All products lend themselves to grouping. In particular, there is a possibility to sort them by price, name, number of reviews and rating. You can also group devices by their specific characteristics. For example, watching television it may be the screen size, its resolution, number of HDMI ports and other specifications. There is another way of sorting, consisting in the choice of specific stores. For example, you do not want to carry the TV from the other end of the city — then just select the store nearest you. Finally, you can quickly clean the end of the list of goods, which are currently not available.

By the way, the website DNS-Shop will not display the products that are available only in stores located thousands of miles from you. Here you can see the devices which will bring you in 6 days, but no more — they are in near-by regions.

At the left of the screen when you are in the directory that are more accurate ways of sorting. Here you can select specific producers to specify the required range of the diagonals of the screen, select the display resolution and make other actions. All this allows you to find the TV, smartphone or any other device with exactly the features that you require. As in the other online stores, available here and enter the approximate amount you are willing to spend on the purchase.

В нижней части левого столбца с нужными вам характеристиками находится ссылка «Расширенный поиск». Работает она на манер «Yandex.Marketа». Перейдя по ссылке, вы попадёте на страничку с массой всевозможных спецификаций — от производителя, стоимости и диагонали дисплея до формата видеосъемки, степени защищенности и габаритов. С помощью всех этих фильтров легко можно подобрать смартфон, идеально соответствующий вашим ожиданиям. Далее остается лишь ознакомиться с каждой моделью, которую выдаст вам сайт.

The range of products and a directory

the Number present in the DNS stores smartphones is beyond counting. You can see the list of companies in the screenshot above. During a price war in 2015-2016 here is not lost products Samsung, в отличие от «Евросети" and "Связного». Наибольшим количеством продаж в DNS могут похвастать бюджетные устройства. Но достаточно неплохо продаются и топовые модели, хотя скидки на них предоставляются редко.

by the Way, in 2017, the retail chain has created a map that best buy ProZapass. How many points will be credited — stated under the item price. One point is equal to one ruble discounts on subsequent purchases.

Если вы кликните по какому-то товару, то попадете на страницу с его описанием. Примерно половину этой страницы занимает блок с фотографиями, ценником, средней оценкой, указанием о наличии в магазинах вашего города, кнопками «Купить" and "Добавить к сравнению», а также информацией о гарантийном сроке и стране-производителе.

The lower block is divided into six tabs. Default opens the "Description". Here is a sheet of text to read which is sometimes physically difficult. Here are the basic specs regarding camera, processor, support LTE and battery. In some cases, below is the description from the manufacturer actually copied from its official website.

The following two tabs — a "Features" and "Feedback". The first lists all the basic specs. Call them overly detailed, it is impossible — for example, DNS almost never indicates the value of the pixel embedded camera module. But the lack of list is not, as it looks fuller that provides the aforementioned "Yandex.Market". However, everything depends on the specific smartphone model — the budget model are described in less detail. As for the tab, "Feedback", here shared their impressions registered site users. If the specific feedback sent several complaints, he goes to the end, and the font becomes translucent. This allows to restrict attention only to useful reviews.

To read the reviews not necessary. You can just pay attention to the average rating, which is often obtained quite honest.

The fourth tab is called "Comments". It registered users briefly speak about device, and sometimes something to ask. Although questions should be set in the same sixth tab. Finally, tab "Obzory" contains links to the text and video reviews. Related links add users themselves, thereby earning special points of the club of experts DNS. Some enterprising users write reviews of your own.

Separately to say about the photos. As expected, the devices depicted in the crystal clear white background. In DNS I try to photograph all sides of a smartphone or any other commodity. Often you can see even the packaging and accessories! And some time in the unit with photos is a link to a video with the unboxing of the smartphone. This process, incidentally, took three or four minutes, and in the background you can hear music — all the important facts about the device are available in the form of credits.

The only drawback to the page with the information about the product is the lack of three-dimensional images of the device. Some other online stores, the mouse can rotate the device around its axis by imagining that he is in your hand. Here plugin with such a function there. But it pays lots of photos from different angles and high quality video of the unboxing.

Under the warranty you can check the link "To choose an accessory". It really works! Clicking the button immediately displays all the covers, virtual reality glasses, headset and a memory cards.

Price and available payment methods

This review of the online store DNS we started with a mention of its aggressive price policy. The cost of many smartphones are indeed lower than in the "M Video», «Eldorado" or Media Markt. The problems with a warranty do not happen — if necessary, you will replace the product or return the money. Interestingly, the device rarely returned to the manufacturer. More often, they are repaired and sold in the same retail stores on the counter with discount goods.

it is Necessary to mention that on the flagship and very popular smartphones, the price in DNS often is the same as in other major retail chains. But the accessories are slightly cheaper.

С чем же связаны низкие цены? Никаких чудес здесь нет. Если всяческие «Eldorado" and "M Video» делают упор на свои бонусные карты, то в DNS решили сразу предлагать покупателю товар по низкой стоимости. Именно поэтому бонусы на карту ProZapass предоставляются редко — этот пункт можно увидеть под ценой лишь некоторых устройств. Также компанию из Владивостока не раз обвиняли в том, что она хитрит на таможне, указывая более низкую стоимость товаров. Это позволяет платить меньшие налоги, добиваясь за счет этого меньшей цены на прилавке.

DNS is, rather, a retail network, not the Internet-shop. Therefore, the methods of payment are available very few:

  • Cash— payment occurs at the store when you come for the goods.
  • a Bank card— is presented on the cash shop, supported by MasterCard, VISA and Golden crown. Also you can pay directly on the website, before receipt of the goods.
  • Yandex.Money— you can use them to prepay.

DNS is a major trading network, so you can easily in the store or even online to get credit. Partner banks in every region of USssia at the shopping network may have their own, so to list them here, we will not.


В плане доставки купленной вещи DNS похож на «M Video» и прочих крупных ритейлеров. Заранее ознакомиться со всеми условиями практически невозможно. Да и в каждом городе доставка товара может стоить разных денег. Ведь одно дело — доставить какой-нибудь холодильник жителю Кирова, и совсем другое — предоставить его москвичу. Размеры городов сильно отличаются, поэтому и цены действуют совершенно разные.

To read the selected terms of delivery, relating to your city on the site of DNS-Shop. But even so, the exact shipping cost you will not know, as it can be quite different, depending on the type of product purchased. The smartphone is the easiest to pick up in the store the DNS. Even in the aforementioned Kirov there are seven — one of them is bound is located close to your home. To obtain the goods you will only need to call the order number. If security was deposited, then you can ask for a passport or phone number. Shops are usually from 9 or 10 am to 20:00, and some of them even a little longer.

We should also mention the store, as DNS Tekhnopoint. This so-called online discounter. In fact, it is one big warehouse with a cash register and computers, which issued the order. The DNS Tekhnopoint operates its own website, the price of its lower — we recommend to use it. The account on the sites DNS and DNS Shop-Technopoint is generic.


In terms of convenience shopping DNS is superior to almost any online store. And it should not be surprising, because the development of this retail chain has invested a lot of money.

Let's get acquainted with the main advantages of website DNS-Technopoint or DNS-Shop (they are made in the same style and use a single database, so we can consider them together):

  • the Ability to order products without registration. Although the account does not hurt you, it will make it easier to obtain bonuses and also allow the system to enter your data and automatically keep a history of purchases.
  • A wide range. Here trade is not limited to smartphones, smartwatch and tablet computers. The DNS stores sell video cards, vacuum cleaners, coffee, machine to remove the pellets and much more.
  • Easy loan processing. If you do not have the required amount, then just use the appropriate option. Including here is available online loan.
  • you Can arrange delivery to your home. This applies not only to all kinds of washing machines and refrigerators. A smartphone for an additional cost, you too will give — it will make the courier.
  • Well-implemented directory. Here implemented adequate sorting for various characteristics, and each product has a large amount of information.
  • Low price. The retailer tries to keep prices at a lower level than its main competitors.
  • Regular discounts. from time to Time trade network are not very large sales. This allows profitable to buy a smartphone game for PS4 or something else.

Do have a trade network and faults:

  • Is not the largest number of stores. Of course, DNS is present not only in regional centers. But, for example, in the Kirov region shops can be found only in Kirov and Kirovo-Chepetsk (as summer 2017). In this regard, the retailer is inferior to "Them" and "Euroset".
  • the Lack of mail delivery. If in your city there is no stores DNS, then you will not be able to buy interesting thing.
  • is Not the largest number of payment methods. Of electronic means of payment are only accepted here "Yandex.Money", and even then with some limitations.
  • Strangely implemented a bonus system. Bonus points are rewarded very rare goods, which the meaning of the existence of the discount card is lost.

If in your city there are shops of a trading network DNS, we recommend buying a smartphone there. Here you will be satisfied and the price and range, and ease of ordering.

Go to the store

Did you gadgets in DNS? Write about your experience of cooperation with this company in the comments! We will be glad for your opinion!



  • I bought a system unit. Before buying specifically asked the sales assistant to install Windows, because prices were too small.
    At home it turned out that the OS is installed. And it's not just a mistake of the seller-consultat, information about the presence of OS was included in their base written on all price tags, etc. Apparently this store is a mess on all levels.

  • The CSN store of non-existent goods.within a month, not a single item from 4 chosen me and three make sure,was not in the store.The sellers search for a product call»advice»require 500 rubles)))

  • Hello.
    Bought Your network to the address: Murmansk, Lenin Ave., 52 date 22.07.2018 time GMT. 15.18 product iron BOSCH 1137751 TDA2024010 2 299 rubles (shares). The seller assured me that if the house that you do not like it I can return or exchange within 30 days. I was not going to return anything because I thought that BOSCH claims can not be. However, at home, at operation 23.07.2018 I saw that (on the first day!) on the second or third thing out of the spout leaking water and spray - spray too. Not always leaking, but — sometimes. On the first day and a full house! I'm not talking that steam blow is — zilch, and silk elektrilised and sticks (in fact I'm not very important, you can buy an antistatic agent to soften generally normal, BUT it's BECAUSE IT's the FIRST DAY of OPERATION. NOT ALWAYS, but occasionally, and for the quality of the BOSCH, as it is not compatible). So today 24.07.2018 I tried to take the iron and buy another (brown, which I also noticed during the purchase, but the choice is made in favor of another. Brown a little cheaper, but for me this role is not played. I was guided by the choice in favor of the brand). During the exchange I was expecting surprises. First, the salesman (different) said that the product can only be exchanged at the same price. (Sorry, but such a coincidence is rare!) I was surprised and said I was selling the employee didn't say that. The seller simply (as said above) assured that they do not than any product I can exchange or return within 30 days and all! No visits to service centers, etc. On the seller voiced other arguments: you need a passport. I accepted the passport with me. Need my card, because I tried paying with a card. I was surprised that not details. The seller replied: «No, you insert the card, and our machine reads all the data, and within 3-5 days my account will the money go» I did not even bother to argue with the seller and clarify what it is Your machine (terminal, apparently) will read my card, well, that I am not an employee of Sberbank, and then probably would have lost consciousness from this passage, agreed to it. Finally, as the conclusion of history came the Deputy Manager of a network Maxim (the names on the nametag), and said that the product I can exchange or get money through a service center. By virtue of their official duties, working in the municipal centre early. AHO periodically return to the center for the preparation of defective statements, for cheating the organization's assets. In the service center always turn around at any time of year and day of the week. I need to take a vacation first pass, and then take the defect list, which will be paid. (or physical person for Troubleshooting't pay??). Question: why is the seller I originally was not warned about these trials? That must pass through the service center. Needs in this case, the rules of delivery and exchange of goods hanging in an accessible place in the area of the buyer. And me before the purchase, it is necessary to read them. Anyway, I would check everything in the store. And again, our organization repeatedly took to Your laptops and heaters and accessories, there were several controversial moments when I came and reported that the heater is stinking technical smell for 2 days (changed without any dispute, and visits to service centers). Another time not enough unit in the electronics package, the same without words and objections all exchanged. And for physical persons or what other rules? Question number two what do I do now with the leaking iron? He lies at my home and use it scary, because current can strike if on the first day of such surprises, I doubt that he will make it to year (when it is over the warranty period). With respect.