As tracking the child on the phone: the best mobile apps

To be able to track where the child is, parents need not ingenious devices by simply installing a mobile application. We will discuss the most popular programs you'll know exactly where your kid.

Unfortunately, children do not appreciate the care that they give parents – and therefore sometimes do not even bother to warn that you are late at school or in the sports section. Parents in this situation have to bite your nails and worry, as if their child never happened.

However way to avoid this concern is: you can use one of the apps for tracking kids, available in a huge number in the Google Play and AppStore.


The name of this app is great describes the essence of his work. With this program you can monitor the whereabouts of your child. If he stayed away from his friends if he's still section — you'll still call you son or daughter. A special section is allowed to define the geofence. If your child is left beyond them, the smartphone received a Push notification. Also the developers have a bot in the Telegram, which also advertises such events — you just do not forget subscribe to it.

the KidControl you can use not only the GPS chip embedded in the smartphone of the child. This app allows you to watch over the condition of the battery. If a child says that his smartphone is good for nothing, discharging for three hours, then you can always checking it out remotely. Another important function is to signal SOS. If you click on the appropriate button, the distress signal will receive all parents and relatives connected to the service. It immediately becomes clear, where it is submitted the alarm man — the location displayed on the map.

the Program can be downloaded to both Android and iOS. It is very convenient, because it can help to monitor not only the children but also for all the other family members — for example, older relatives. If only the person had a smartphone on which you install client service.

"Where are My Children"

Program "Where my children" takes control of not only the whereabouts of the child, but also the charge level of the battery of his mobile – as soon as the battery will be at a lower level, the parent will receive a notification about this.

what else can the app "Where my children»?

  • Прослушка. Это уникальная функция, которой не может похвастаться ни одна из аналогичных программ. The application позволяет родителю прослушивать и записывать звук вокруг телефона ребёнка – без его ведома. Функция особенно важна для тех пользователей, чьи чада находятся в беспокойном подростковом возрасте.
  • The installation of zones of displacement. This function is not unique, but its value is not reduced. Parent specifies the area within which the child can move freely. As soon as the kid leaves the area, the parent will be notified about it.
  • The preservation of the history of movements. The program stores information about where the baby been over the past 2 days, and provides it to the parent on request. After analyzing this information, the parent may conclude, where it prefers to "hang out" child who spends most of the time.

The application «Where my children" has two modes – "Parent" and "Child", so the question of how to set the program, the user should arise. The parent mode allows you to monitor baby through your phone, the "Child mode" as necessary only to confirm the observation.

Kid security

Kid security – it is a young app with high ratings from users. Thanks to him, parents can track the child's location, know when he left the school, kindergarten or section. Also among the functions – monitoring battery status of the phone baby, the ability to send hands-free call, if he had not heard the call, monitoring the time spent in games or social networking.

Among the useful features:

  • Listening environment.
  • the Ability to record the conversation.
  • Sending out the SOS signal. In this case, the parent device will immediately show a message asking for help and the coordinates of the child.

Users report that it works exactly – serious deviations in the location no.

Is a minus – at the end of the trial period are available only tracking and chat. All the other options available for subscription. Recording environment also the subscription is not included – minutes will be required to pay separately.

"Tracking by phone number"

This application is designed for the format "parent-child", but is perfect for this purpose. The main advantage is free distribution. To use the program enough to install it on your smartphone to register for the room and send invitation to another number. Then just follow the link and install the utility. This is the second plus the child will know that the parents know where he will be able to track his movement. Tool is not spyware and if you explain to your kid the need for it, then no offense he's not there.

Широкий функционал здесь не предусмотрен – вы видите положение ребенка или других пользователей, подключенных к аккаунту, их передвижения и можете контролировать уровень заряда батареи. The application работает с любыми операторами, а количество синхронизированных устройств внутри одного аккаунта ничем не ограничено.

Google Family Link

A free utility from Google allows you to not only see where the child is, but to fully control its mobile – to allow or prevent installation of applications to see what programs he uses most often and put restrictions on them, it is also possible to lock the gadget.

Family Link is the parental control app. The developer recommends to use it on devices to children under 13 years old, after this age company recommends to negotiate with the child about the level of control.

To locate

Исходя из названия программы понять ее назначение легко – это локатор для всей семьи, который позволяет организовать групповой чат со списком общих дел или покупок. Например, кто-то по пути домой не нашел необходимый продукт и отметил его не купленным, другие члены семьи могут поискать его магазинах поблизости. The application отображает положение всех членов семьи на карте, позволяет установить геозоны, отображает уровень заряда смартфонов. Возможности всех пользователей здесь равноценны – можно временно отключить свое положение и разрешение других членов группы для этого не требуется.

The application полностью бесплатно, но имеет и премиум подписку. В ней вам не будет надоедать реклама, увеличится время хранения истории передвижений, а также в список покупок и дел можно будет вносить больше позиций. Чтобы понять нужен ли премиум аккаунт можно воспользоваться бесплатным периодом на 7 дней.

Parental controls and GPS: Kaspersky SafeKids

The utility from Kaspersky lab offers users a great opportunity, but traditionally, the free version is not very much. Free you can control the installation of applications, block malicious sites and inappropriate content, set time limits of use of the device and get tips from a professional psychologist.

Для получения расширенного функционала потребуется оплатить подписку (есть пробная версия на 7 дней). По ней вы сможете выставлять геозоны и получать координаты местонахождения ребенка в режиме онлайн, устанавливать расписание на использование смартфона, видеть уровень заряда батареи, получать отчет о действиях в интернете, social networking ВК и Facebook.

it is Worth noting that the subscription here is quite affordable, and possible applications justify expenditures.

Life360 – the "Family locator"

The Creator Life360 Chris Hulls doesn't like it when his creation is called the tracking app – entrepreneur insists that developed a social network for communication within the family. Members of households using Life360, can learn about each other's locations, but only with mutual approval.

In terms of functionality the app Life360 this has gone far ahead of all competitors and it continues to improve. Here's what the program is able now:

  • Thanks to the function "Already home" Life360 warns that one of the family members coming to the house. The user who is waiting for his faithful work, will have a few minutes to do some housekeeping and cook a light dinner.
  • Built-in group chat Family Channel allows family members to communicate absolutely free of charge and successfully replace SMS and popular instant messengers.
  • The application Life360 includes the function of "Panic" — analogue alarm button. In the case of using this function, the entire family within a few seconds you will be notified that one of its members of the problem. It is important that the function "Panic" does not depend on the state of cell balance – "sound the alarm" and zero counts.
  • The program is able to quickly inform the user about the nearest places where you can get help in emergency situations – hospitals, police stations. Actually, this feature was conceived by developers as a master – when Michael and his friends wanted to provide the victims of hurricane Katrina a more effective platform for communication than suggested by the US Government.

The application Life360 is conditionally free – the full version can be purchased for a small sum. However, domestic users do it to anything: most of the paid features Life360 only works in the US.

As to monitor the children on the phone with operators?

If the parent is not a smartphone and cannot install one of the applications described above, it should resort to the alternative –a to connect a mobile option for remote child care. Operators Top offer 4 options:

  • "Mobile workers" (MTS), . The service is designed for personnel management, but may be useful for tracking the child. Among the useful features — setting geofences, query the position and movement, chat and more. The cost — from 3 rubles per day.
  • "Parental control" (MegaFon). Option allows the parent to track the child and tells him when the baby leaves the specified geofence. Value "Radar +" — 5 rubles a day.
  • "Beeline-Coordinates" (Beeline). Service Beeline gives the user the ability to know the location of the other party – which previously agreed to be controlled. Option "Beeline-Coordinates " is pretty cheap, and in the first week and is free. After expiration of the trial period, subscriber will have to pay 1.7 $ a day.
  • Geopoisk (Tele2). Option allows the clock to monitor the location and movements of the other party – of course, if the subscriber approves this "surveillance". The connection "of Geosearch" a free, monthly fee for use of the service is 3 rubles per day.

Services-locators are offered by all operators, but smartphone users are advised to abandon these options in favor of third-party mobile applications. There are a number of reasons: first, data, which provide operators a very, very rough (because they depend on network coverage), second, services providers paid (whereas, for example, the app "mother Knows" does not require money), third tracking to be viable, both (parent and child) must be connected to a single operator – and this is not always convenient.


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  • «Where are my kids» this is a great app!!! Complete lack of accuracy of the coordinates!!! Indicates the child walks (walking to school), and in fact the child is in school!!! Talked to the teacher on the child's phone, which allegedly currently in another place judging by this heinous prilojeniya!!!

    • Totally agree with you. Not exactly a little child, not beat them. The program has shown that the child was in the wrong part of town where there should not be, and after 30 minutes the track of the child was corrected and showed a completely different place. And the history of the tracks it wasn't there. And tear up the money is not small.