Booster Internet signal for giving: how to choose and install?

Repeater – a real panacea for those who used to be always online. Explain on fingers how the amp and what you need to know to buy the right device.

You finally broke free from the "concrete jungle" to the country and now lie peacefully in the hammock, enjoying the fresh air and unity with nature. It lasts about five minutes – and then:

— And if I sent the head of sales report on Friday?

— Said if the girl you recently met on Tinder?

— Congratulated with the birthday of a former classmate?

Peace somewhere disappears, the hand goes to "cell phone", and on his screen a terrible sentence: "no service".

To avoid falling into such a ridiculous situation to help device called a signal booster mobile 4G Internet. Thanks to this device you will be able to be online even tens of kilometers away from cell towers.

Principle of operation

Before to understand how the amplifier works, let's look at his kit. It usually consists of:

  • The amplifier (the repeater, the repeater signal).
  • The external antenna.
  • Internal antenna.
  • A high-frequency coaxial cable.
  • Brackets and devices for fastening (optional).
  • a power supply for the device.

The external antenna is located on the street – the higher, the greater the speed of the connection. This antenna picks up a weak signal from the tower and the high-frequency cable transmits the repeater. The task of the repeater to increase the signal strength. The amplified signal it sends to the internal antenna in the room. Indoor antenna already share information directly with your mobile gadgets. In addition, it sends a signal in the opposite direction.

The external antenna and the repeater should be placed as close as possible to each other. But internal better external maximum removal – to prevent a situation where the external will catch its own signal, given room device.

Suggest to buy to the amplifier 4G lightning protection. It will protect an expensive device from electrostatic voltage appearing during a thunderstorm.

How can I improve the signal?

The degree of signal enhancement depends on the distance of your house from the base of the antenna. "Watershed" is arbitrary stands around 13 km. If the distance from the villas to the tower operator more, it is better to use an amplifier that operates at low frequencies of 800-900 MHz. Amplifier higher level will cost you more, but no increase in speed will not give. At 900 MHz will be available to 2G and 3G so you will be able not only to call, but somehow to use the Internet.

If from the house to the tower is less than 13 km, you can safely take the equipment operating at frequencies 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz. Then you will be provided with high-speed 4G Internet and voice communication quality. To check the frequency of the signal you can use the mobile app. On Android version above 7.0 is a program Network Cell Info, iWScan, "Cell Towers", "Locator".

Modern phones are set so as to cling to the maximum frequency, even when the signal is very weak. Bad 4G gadget prefers stable 3G here and interrupt during conversations. Therefore, in areas where LTE is very tight, it is better to disable 4G via the smartphone's settings.

we will Add that the efficiency of the system gain also depends on the quality of coaxial cable you are using in the path. The more the cross section of the cable, the better the connection.

How to choose booster Internet signal to give?

The frequency at which the amplifier – the first important criterion. However, other criteria to dismiss is not worth it. Pay attention to the following:

  • Output power. Here is the rule: the higher the score, the greater the area to be covered with the Internet signal. Typically, 100 mW of summer residents is "for the eyes". Repeater with a power output will provide a signal to an area of 250-300 sq. m. the Lucky, which is not just a country station, and the present edifice, you should buy a super booster at 250-300 mW. Such a device will cover signal thousand sq. m.
  • Gain. The value that is used here is to focus – 75-80 dB. You need to understand that such strengthening will be achieved only if the incoming channel one. If you have multiple incoming channels nominal gain will be split between them.

The dependence of the degree of amplification of the number of dB is not linear, but logarithmic. That is, +4-5 dB can amplify the signal in 2 times.

Recommendations for the installation of the set

To begin work is with an outdoor antenna. It is better to "throw" on the roof, but need to be careful: the installation stands at a height of 6 meters is equivalent to a real high-rise work. If the house is surrounded by tall trees, it is possible to place the outdoor antenna on the mast.

Дальше следует прокинуть cable внутрь, просверлив отверстие в межэтажном перекрытии. Репитер размещается на стене посредством крепежа, который можно найти в комплекте. Устанавливайте усилитель недалеко от розетки, чтобы не пришлось «колдовать» еще и с переносками.

Наконец, крепим комнатную антенну. Как правило, её cable имеет длину 2 метра – этого достаточно, чтобы не происходило закольцовки сигнала с внутренней на внешнюю. Разумеется, «лепить» комнатную антенну к репитеру нельзя – лучше разместить её настолько далеко от усилителя, насколько позволяет длина кабеля.

If your house has several rooms, install an internal antenna and 4G router better one where you are more likely to use the Internet – for example, in the living room. The trick is that the walls and ceiling to extinguish the signal: metal roofing is weakened by 40-60 dB, brick and reinforced concrete by 20-40 dB, wooden partitions – an average of 15 dB. For this reason, in the yard mobile Internet will be significantly worse than directly in the house.


Just go to the store and point a finger at the cheapest signal booster – this I want! – will be a big mistake on the part of the buyer. Due to the fact that people buy mindlessly and spontaneously repeaters, these devices record the rate of returns of around 50%!

Fortunately, sellers in retail, as a rule, do not face obstacles to return amps, as equate to the accessories. However, when buying a repeater don't hesitate to talk to a counselor and see which amplifier is better suited for your specific location. If the repeater has no effect, and the sellers do not want to return the money, you will be able to refer to the fact that he had received the wrong advice. This is also the reason for the return.