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How to disable Talkback on Android?

If you were suddenly activated feature Talkback (voice narration), then be sure to read our article — it talks about the method of disabling it.

The Android operating system has many functions, some of which regular users do not even suspect. One of these "chips" of mobile OSes is Talkback. It is designed for visually impaired people — when enabled, the text on the screen pronounced by the robot. However, some people trigger this feature accidentally. Then they don't understand how to turn off Talkback. What steps do you need to make — prompt today's article.

what is it?

Is actually Talkback is a separate application included with default Android. It can be activated on virtually any smartphone or tablet. This feature is regularly used by people who have problems with vision. The program will read them all the menu items and other UI elements, whereby it is possible to use the device without looking at the screen.

Обычным людям, конечно же, эта функция совершенно не нужна. Рядовой пользователь прочитает все строки меню или подписи под иконками быстрее, чем это сделает роботизированный голос. К счастью, по умолчанию Talkback отключен. Но его можно активировать случайно, когда ты знакомишься с разделом «Settings». Также он может быть включен, если вы покупаете смартфон с рук — ведь не исключено, что его прошлый владелец плохо видит.

Disable Talkback

Now many tablets and smartphones have their own proprietary shell. However, in terms of settings they all about the same. In this regard, Talkback on Android any version and with any interface is deactivated the same way, with very few exceptions. To do this, you must do the following:

Step 1. Go "Settings».

Step 2. Go to the subkey "Special features". On some smartphones it can be hidden in the menu "Advanced settings".

Step 3. In some shells you will then need a transfer to "Vision».

Step 4. Go Talkback. On smartphones and the Samsung it might be called a Voice Assistant.

Step 5. Deactivate the check box next to the name of the function.

Step 6. most Likely next, you will need proof of your actions. To do this, click on the "Yes».

don't forget that the first tap on an item to nothing — it only makes the robot to articulate the appropriate text. Therefore, pressure should be dual — in the manner of double-clicking the left button of the mouse when controlling the Windows operating system.

Remove Talkback

Если у вас не получается отключить Talkback, то просто удалите данный сервис со своего смартфона. Проще всего сделать это через the Play store, т.к. в зависимости от модели устройства данный пакет может иметь разные название. 

USn the Play store and type in the search string, "Talkback". Displays a list of available applications. Select the one for which developer is Google LLC. In this case the packet "Accessibility for Android". Here click on the "Delete".

After that Talkback вас не будет беспокоить. Если вам снова понадобится включить его, то вы сможете установить это приложение через the Play store.