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How to scan a QR code

the QR code is read using a mobile device graphic label that contains information about the object. Currently actively used to encrypt text, links, images and other data.

to get contained in the QR code information, it is necessary to scan with the camera. This requires a special application. What are the different scanners and how to use them, read on.

, the QR-codes

Существует огромное количество самых разнообразных сканеров the QR codeов. Поэтому далее мы коротко расскажем о самых популярных приложениях с высоким рейтингом в the Play store, чтобы вы могли выбрать подходящее.

QR and bar codes

Рейтинг the Play store: 4,4

Developer: , Gamma Play

A simple QR code scanner, which in addition is able to read different barcodes. Is quick to use, allows you to automatically copy to the clipboard the information. In addition, the app has a useful function invert (scan the white barcode on black background).

Lightning QR-scanner

Рейтинг the Play store: 4,7

Developer: Application4u

Еще один популярный сканер QR кодов для Андроид устройств, который можно скачать бесплатно через the Play store. Быстро считывает информацию, позволяет делиться полученной информацией (как в виде the QR codeа, так и в расшифрованном) с друзьями, копировать данные в буфер обмена.

note: if you are looking for the application for reading QR codes for the recognition of receipts of bills or other accounts, then use specialized software with integrated functionality like Online savings.

QR Code Reader

Рейтинг the Play store: 4,7

Developer: Techo LoopTech Zone App

The program is suitable not only for recognition but also generate a QR or bar codes. After the scan (including the images from the gallery), the received data can be copied to the clipboard for links quick jump. The reader information QR Code Reader does not support USssian >

How to scan a QR code

Developer: , Gamma Play
Price: Free

Описанные выше приложения распространяются бесплатно и доступны для загрузки в the Play store. В целом, у них примерно одинаковый функционал и принцип работы. Поэтому далее мы расскажем, как правильно сканировать QR код на примере приложения QR and bar codes.

Step 1. USn the Play store.

Step 2. Use the search to find the app QR and bar codes.

Step 3. Press "Set" to start a program download. Wait for it to finish.

Step 4. Press "Open" to run the application.

Step 5. When you first start press "Allow" to give the program permissions to access the camera. The only way the scanner can read the QR code.

Step 6. Point the camera at QR code and scan it. It will take no more than 1-3 seconds. To press nothing.

Step 7. As soon as the device scans the code, the screen will display the decrypted data (e.g., text or URL the web site). If necessary, copy them to the clipboard (if it did not happen automatically).

Now you know how to scan QR code on Android. As we have already mentioned, the functionality of these applications is about the same. Therefore, you will easily be able to carry out the actions listed above and any other QR scanner.