an aspect Ratio of 18:9 — a new trend?

Всё больше смартфонов получают дисплей с соотношением сторон 18:9. Это новый стандарт or временное явление?

For a long time, smartphones with touch screen were very similar to each other. This is explained by the same ratio. The creators thought that 16:9 is a great choice. And this at a time when the manufacturers of the LCD displays do not exist any restrictions. For example, modern monitors can boast not only the aspect ratio 5:4 or 16:9 — under the proposed buyers of the options are 18:921:9 and dage 32:9! Why not try to endow the screen with a larger aspect ratio and a smartphone? It is done!

advantages of the new display

Приняться за эксперименты производителей смартфонов заставила сама жизнь. Операционная система Android уже достаточно давно научилась выводить на экран окна сразу двух активных приложений. А на стандартном экране места им маловато — многие элементы интерфейса теряются. Можно было бы увеличивать диагональ дисплея. Но это путь в никуда, так как с этим растут и размеры устройства. После преодоления 6-дюймовой отметки смартфон становится неудобным для повседневного использования. Именно поэтому инженеры решor увеличивать высоту экрана, оставляя ширину прежней (илand dage уменьшая её). Заодно сейчас делаются попытки уменьшить боковые рамки, чтобы добиться ещё большей компактности. Так на свет стали появляться телефоны с соотношением сторон 18:9.

In the display with a new aspect ratio is much easier to work with a couple of applications. And this despite the fact that on some smartphones screen area even decreased. For example, let's find out what area have the LCD panel three popular devices:

  • Nexus 6P: 90,7 cm2;
  • HTC U Ultra: 90,2 cm2;
  • LG G6: 86.5 cm2.

Three of these devices only product of the company LG got a screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Engineers were unable to get rid of the side frames, so they had to slightly reduce the diagonal of the display, and after that area. Otherwise, the device would be too large for one hand to control the functionality of the operating system would be impossible.

A smartphone with a screen ratio 18:9 has another advantage. Such a device stands out from competitors, it becomes more unique. At least not yet. In the future this ratio will be shifted, and then the people spoke again about the fact that smartphones have become the same.

Mass transfer

It seems that the new screen size hit the spot. After LG G6 на свет появorсь Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+. Interestingly, their display has an aspect ratio of 18.5:9. That is, it has been. Needless to say, how popular are these flagship? Неудивительно, что позже южнокорейцы представor Galaxy Note 8, который тоже получил ЖК-панель с новым соотношением сторон. И это было только началом!

By the end of 2017 tightened manufacturers budget smartphones. For example, a narrow screen can boast frameless MOVES Mix 2. But the Xiaomi Mi Mix получился чуть более широким — его экран имеет соотношение сторон 17:9. Фактически к высоте этого дисплея прибавorсь всего 120 пикселей. Некоторые производители постарались скопировать дизайн южнокорейского флагмана — например, в узнаваемом стиле выполнен Bluboo S8. Here only the permission set here the screen is only 1440×720 pixels, and the curves of the sides here are missing. The same smartphone has turned out Homtom S8 — the difference of this model lies only in a shimmering back panel.

challenges in manufacturing

do Not think that tomorrow to the new aspect ratio will go over absolutely all smartphones. The thing is, when you create these devices there are several constraints:

  • Each screen should be imprisoned for a specific device, especially if it will have a frameless design. That is, to produce many displays and sell them to different manufacturers is impossible.
  • On the front panel, not fingerprint sensor, and its location on the back cover seems convenient not for everyone.
  • If you try to achieve a frameless design, the difficulties arise with the placement of the front camera.

However, all these problems are gradually solved. This contributes to the development of technological progress. So ever display with an aspect ratio of 18:9 will have absolutely all smartphones, except the cheapest.


Anyway, and phones with aspect ratio of 18:9 and 18.5:9 very comfortable. Recommended to hold this device in your hands. It is possible that in the future you will want to use only the smartphone with this aspect ratio.

Быть может, вы уже крутor подобный аппарат в руках? Или же вы уже вовсю им пользуетесь? Напишите своё мнение в комментариях.


Comment 3

  • Sony is already churning out 21/9, will soon be 32/9, then 60/9 and SMARTS will turn into «sausage» thin and long, ugly machines. With the same diagonal 16/9 has a large area of the screen, against 18/9, what's the benefit then lengthen one side and reduce the other?