How to delete a page in the VC?

to Escape from the web "VC" — it is not easy. But if you are willing to spend time to be removed from the social network forever, we will be able to help you.

VK is social network that is addictive. Can thoroughly "sticky" in the news "Vkontakte", flipping through the jokes with the seals, and completely forget about the deadline for an important task. People usually seek to remove the account in the VC to arrange a personal time management and put things in order in my head. Although the reasons can be different – for example, ladies by removing profile often seek to protect themselves from overly persistent attention of suitors. In this article we will discuss several ways to say goodbye VK account.

How to delete a page in VK from your computer?

The first method for removing officials – provides that the page can later be restored. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click on the profile icon in the top right corner and from the appeared menu choose "Settings».

Step 2. In the section "Total" prostrollo page to the end and click on the "to Delete the page».

Step 3. Select the reason for his "escape", then click the "Remove page". The removal procedure is completed.

When you specify a reason, the service will automatically generate a funny text and send it to your friends good-bye. Those who don't know about this "trick" VC, the contents of the mailing can hurt. For example, if you select the reason for the "My page do not comment", the service itself will randomly select two names from your friends list and say that these people "will regret your leaving" (see figure above). To avoid such incidents, uncheck "Tell your friends" — then you will be able to leave in English, without saying goodbye.

is it Possible to delete a page in VK forever?

Минус предыдущего способа — в том, что страница удаляется с возможностью восстановления в течение 210 дней. Администрация ВК специально установила такой длительный срок, потому что около 50% людей, удаляющих свои профили в the social network, в итоге просятся обратно.

If you have firmly decided to leave VK, but I suspect yourself in weakness, it is better to abandon the standard way to do otherwise:

Step 1. Go to "Settings" and switch to "Privacy».

Step 2. In all paragraphs, except paragraphs of section "contact me" select "I Only". In the section "contact me" in front of all the items, select the option "None».

Step 3. In the "Else" next "Anyone on the Internet can see my page" set "Only the users of Vkontakte". So you will make the page invisible to search robots.

Step 4. Clear page – delete all the content (music, photo, video), remove your avatar, change your name, unsubscribe from all your friends. It is important to make the profile empty.

Step 5. Next you need to "loose ends". Go to the "Total" settings and change the actual email address on a fantasy. This will require confirmation via phone.

Step 6. Change the phone number. Random number to use will fail because you will need to get a code by SMS. But you can use a SIM card-"dummy" — for example, one of those being handed out by promoters on the streets. After changing rooms in the VC will throw this SIM.

Step 7. In the same section, change the password to random characters. Can let a cat walk on the keyboard, however, first enter the current password.

If the browser prompts you to update the password – refuse.

What we eventually achieved? We have lost access to the profile and the possibility of recovery. For months the administration "Vkontakte" will find "naked" page and send it in an eternal ban.

How to delete a page of VK from your phone?

Via the app from Android phone or iPhone удалить страничку в VK не удастся. Но по крайней мере это можно сделать в мобильной версии the social network – в отличие, например, от «Одноклассников», из которых удаляются только через десктоп.

Removed from VK mobile is possible just in 3 steps:

Step 1. Go to "Settings" and go to the "Account».

Step 2. In the bottom section find the link "to Delete the page". Click on it.

Step 3. On the next screen select the reason for deletion, edit the text to send and click on the "Remove page". After this the account will go on a "shopping cart".

Даже если вы удалите аккаунт, все лайки, репосты и прочие следы активности в the social network останутся под вашим именем. Если вам не все равно и вы этого не хотите, то перед удалением смените имя.

What to do if your account has no access VK

Often, the VC is lost due to account hacking by cyber criminals. Of course, in theory the access can easily go back by changing the password, but in practice users, to my surprise, discover that the account was tied to a long-lost phone number and abandoned mail, the password has to be restored separately.

In General, need to solve a problem: you don't know anything about the page, but you want to block it because the attackers, who were inside her now beg your friends to borrow money. It is difficult, but the situation is not hopeless. The procedure depends on whether your account is registered under their real name and surname. If Yes, do:

Step 1. Create a new page, enter the name exactly as in the stolen account. Put on the avatar photo of your own – better the same as it was. The more similar your new page to the old one, the better.

Step 2. Follow the link. You will find yourself on the page "Help».

Step 3. Mount it in the biggest box, what do you know about the old page – for example, the phone number to which it was tied. Just below enter the link to the old page.

Step 4. Attach 2 photos. The first photo of a passport or driver's license. Second – your own photo on the background of the form itself. Then press the "Send».

Applications to lock pages consider from 3 to 7 days.

The second case is undesirable is if you were registered under a pseudonym. There is already no friend to help in any way. Go with someone else's account to his page as a friend, open the menu "Actions" and click the "Report page».

In the opened window, select "Fraud (orspamming "), describe the situation in the "Review moderator" and press the "Send».

the Lock will have to wait until 7 days, but the procedure can be accelerated by asking other friends, too, to distribute complaints.

How can I recover a deleted Facebook page?

To restore the page VC that was removed, you must first log in to the social network. By entering the username and password, you will see something like this:

Here you need to click on the link "to Restore the page". A window will appear where you confirm the wish to continue to use "Vkontakte".

After you press the "to Restore the page", get full access to their profile.


Администрация «ВК» очень понимающе и уважительно относится к желанию пользователей the social network заблокировать свой профиль. И с распростёртыми объятиями принимает всех обратно. Страницу юзер может восстановить в течение 7 месяцев после удаления – и если он помнит пароль, то потратит на это дело всего лишь около минуты.

Such a policy seems to be customer-centric, but it annoys those who think "VC" main "time eater" and wants to delete your account forever. To destroy your profile "Vkontakte" without the possibility of recovery, the users sometimes are even the most radical measures. For example, begin to send insults to be banned. We don't recommend you to act so. There is a safer way: change all credentials, including the phone number and forget them. Then to restore you simply can not.