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How Behavioral Targeting Can Improve Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Use what you know about customers to improve prospecting.

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AAVE Ain’t For Everybody: The Dangers of Co-opting a Cultural Moment

Is AAVE right for your brand?

Blog Post

5 Step Email List Building Refresher

Learn how to grow a quality email list to power your email marketing campaigns.

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Should I Use Banner Ads? Learn the Pros and Cons

Banner advertising offers pros and cons that impact your digital marketing strategy.

Blog Post

How Viral Marketing Should Impact Your Email Strategy

Viral marketing should impact your email strategy in several ways.

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How Email Marketing Automation Can Help Your B2B Achieve Its Goals

Email marketing automation streamlines campaigns and turns leads into customers.

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Cultural Appropriation, Stereotyping, and Racism in Digital Advertising

It’s not always overt, in your face, or purposeful—but sometimes, it is.

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How Email Can Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing helps you attract qualified customers with email marketing.

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The ORTE Model: MailNinja’s Guide to Creating Emails that Get Results

​​The ORTE model from MailNinja explores the four pillars of successful email campaigns.

Blog Post

How Mindful Moments in Marketing Can Inspire Change

Discover how mindfulness can affect our day-to-day interactions.

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Improve Your Email Subject Lines

Your subject line may be the first thing a subscriber sees, and that can be…

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