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18 reasons why the cooler tablets smartphones

Is intermediate between a smartphone and a laptop. It can be defined as an analogue for laptop, portable device based on the mobile operating system.

Many people see the tablet as an upgraded version of the mobile phone, often complement its surroundings and is used as a mini laptop. If technology will continue to evolve at the same pace as now, then very soon, even more tablets will replace laptops.

The ability of tablets to compete with other PC laptop provokes heated online discussions about which is better – tablet or smartphone? And we decided it was time to dot the i. Maybe someone this article will help to choose what to buy – a new flagship phone or tablet.

1. Price

In addition to the slim design and light weight tablet has an important advantage in price. The similarities tablet is cheaper than the average smartphone, and certainly much cheaper than the last one flagship from the well-known mobile manufacturers. Moreover the tablet is a way to reduce the cost of mobile communications. We can say that the tablet is fully correspond to its price.

2. Better games

What's it like to play on your smartphone? We're not talking about casual games like Candy Crush, but something more serious, with a rich storyline and good graphics, for example, The Walking Dead, or the mobile version of GTA. For such entertainment, the tablet is definitely more suitable. Small screen smartphone do not reveal all the beauty of graphics, will not fully go into the story and feel the atmosphere. If you want to get the most from the game of emotions, you definitely should pick up the phone and pick up the tablet.

3. Great autonomy

Most tablets can easily cut smartphones in the dust when it comes to uptime. Not only smartphones, but laptops lose the "pills". Optimization of application and the total load is played here not last role, but the main reason lies in the capacity of the battery: try to find a smartphone with a 7000 mAh battery. And tablet with this battery there is in the two accounts.

4. Portability and readiness to work in any environment

The laptop is a device that you can take to the road. But that is normal for it to work you have to first find a flat surface, lift the lid, positioning the periphery. And all this in order to just reply to this email or quickly make changes to the project. Not too convenient, isn't it? Do not forget also that sometimes there are problems to carry the laptop in the cabin. Tablet all these complications is unknown, it is perfect for working on the move in vehicles and just "on the knee". It fits in an ordinary bag, carry and pull out when necessary. No restrictions.

5. Making music

Music lovers this item to you. Another great feature of the tablet is that it can be used for writing music and reading music. Acoustic equipment of the tablet is not inferior to the audiophile smartphones, but for the highest quality sound you can add to it good wired headphones and portable amplifier the audio signal. Professional applications (for example, Cadenza Pro for iOS) give a sense of working on real audio stations. And best of all, you can not only write melodies, and send them to other devices or publish online. As for the smartphone, it is as a composer is very limited in the first place because of the small screen: without full interface writing and editing go is not as easy as asking a soul.

6. Read

Tablet stimulates interest in reading voluminous materials, long articles, novels, etc. With him and I want to get on the couch to dive into the world of book stories. For smartphones developed many news apps, but reading from a smartphone may not be as exciting for two reasons: a small display are often forced to turn the pages, and with ever-burning screen, the battery quickly sits down.

7. View the video

View movies can be both entertainment and part of the educational process. And in these areas also wins a tablet. The whole thing again in the display: it's big, the picture is legible, the subtitles are perceived easily without tension in the eyes. In General, any multimedia tablet will go better than on a smartphone.

8. Professional activities

for the sake of Justice it is worth noting that such a popular business application like Google spreadsheets, Documents and package Microsoft Office version is only for smartphones. However, spreadsheets, presentations and text documents difficult to read (much less change) on a 5-6 inch screen. Even if specifically for a job to buy a giant expensive phablet this will be much easier. And again come to the aid of a tablet. In the presence of a keyboard and mouse it can work with any types of documents as well as on a laptop.

9. Display

The execution display are tablets the same as smartphones. In the middle and lower price categories is dominated by IPS, expensive models have found AMOLED. As for size, big screen gives an advantage when performing any tasks.

10. Versatility

The tablet can replace the laptop, and at the same time, it is similar to more developed and advanced analogue smartphone. Almost all of the tablet can shoot video, take pictures, they can be used to hold conferences and video chats. Also, they are a strong competition to the electronic reader, as the memory in them is enough to store a huge library, and the color screen is great for reading graphic novels.

11. Multitasking

On a tablet multitasking is more functionality than the smartphone. If you like to multitask (e.g., watch reviews and look for information online, chat immediately to the two messengers), then the tablet is your friend and assistant. Instead look for a smartphone with the maximum possible diagonal you can buy a tablet 2-3 times cheaper to do it all the same, but much more productive and with greater portion of pleasure.

12. Powerful hardware

All we do on smartphones and laptops, can be done for a "tablet". Power it enough even for games with complicated graphics. Here lies the reason why mobile gamers prefer tablets that able to enjoy gameplay without straining your eyes and not annoyed by lags and stutters.

13. The tablet is difficult to lose

a Recent study showed that tablets are being lost is much less in comparison with smartphones. It is obvious that they are larger, therefore more visible, they are difficult to overlook. Working somewhere in a cafe, you are less likely to leave the tablet on the table.

14. Educational activities

The tablet – the perfect gadget for a student. It is possible to create projects and presentations, prepare reports. This is one of the most popular devices in education. Many Western schools and universities distribute to their students it is the tablets, not laptops or smartphones.

15. Flawless multimedia experience

The large size of the tablet means that you can enjoy the multimedia content in the format available on the mobile phone. This applies to everything, whether it's an online game, social network, the correspondence in the chat or watching movies. Only those who have to make a lot of phone calls, saying that the tablet is not suitable for daily use. But if the communication is not a priority for you, then no reason to ignore the tablet is not at all.

16. High productivity

At least in the smartphone and there is a split screen option, while launching several applications, 5-6 inches is not much can be seen. But if you need to enter text, the onscreen keyboard completely covers the bottom of the window. Weak smartphone multitasking will inevitably begin to podlagivat. And the tablets? Among them there are also devices with weak hardware. But the unique advantage of the tablet that has a screen can have multiple Windows, drag and adjust the size. While selecting the gadget with top features, you can be sure that it will last for several years ahead.

17. Travel writing, blogging and vloging

The tablet will come to the rescue of travellers when there is no possibility to use laptop. For those who earn a living by blogging or something similar, it is very important to be in touch with your subscribers and constantly updated content. No matter where you are in cafe, hotel or simply on the street, it costs you nothing to remove on the screen new video and share it with the audience. All you need is an Internet connection and software for media editing. The latter did not necessarily.

18. Drawing and design

Time of paper is long gone. Today the cool artworks are created in digital format. To translate creative ideas into reality has become very easy, thanks to the tablet. No matter who you are, a videographer, a comic book artist or graphic designer, you will definitely find a way to fit a tablet in your creative activities. Of course, you can be creative on a smartphone, but with much lower levels of productivity.


Computers, laptops, smartphones – they all have their place in the world of technology and serve for their tasks. But the position of the best tablets: touchscreen display makes them with smartphones, and support for peripheral input device with laptops and PCs.