How to delete a page in the "Classmates"?

We will introduce you 3 ways to say goodbye to the "orange" social networkю. But be warned: it will not be easy.

According to statistics for the year 2020, "Odnoklassniki" in USssia are 25.8 million people – about the same as the unpopular "Facebook". Audience "VK", for comparison, is more almost in 2 times. "Classmates" who were once the mainstream, has become the specific social network, which stuck the label "website for grandmothers."

Given a reputation of "Classmates", more and more people are moving to more popular options is the same "VC", Telegram, Instagram, and tries to lock the profile However, to make it easy: the administration of "Classmates" has made the procedure of removal a chore. In this article we will give detailed instructions on how to delete a page in the "Classmates".

Remove с компьютера

Remove the profile from the PC – method, which recommends the official user manual social network. So if you can get to the laptop, it is better to do it – is less "dancing".

Next – step by step instructions for removal:

Step 1. Go to the home page and log in on the website.

Step 2. Prostrollo slightly down and look under the main menu the following block:

Step 3. Expand the dropdown "More" menu and click on the option "Agreement and policy».

Outdated instructions on the Internet recommend to look for the item "Regulations". You can not try – this item is no longer.

Step 4. In the section "Agreement and policy" select "Licensing agreement».

Step 5. Scroll down through the license agreement to the end and click on the "to Refuse services».

Step 6. The following window appears.

it is necessary to:

  • To indicate the reason for removal of the profile by ticking. This obligatory moment.
  • to Enter your account password in the appropriate box.
  • Click the "Remove».

After that, the profile will be blocked. When trying to login using the authentication data to the remote profile to receive the notification:

We don't accidentally recommend recovery. Indeed, the "Classmates" leave the user the way to retreat. To restore the page within 90 days from the date of removal – but only if you remember the data for authorization.

Remove с телефона

To refuse services to a network of "Classmates" via the mobile app impossible – regardless of iOS or Android, this program. Applications are valid only to block the profile temporarily. This procedure is paid, so it is unlikely that it can be a solution suitable to us.

to delete a page in the "Classmates" via the phone, you need to go to the website via mobile browser. Detailed instructions – below:

Step 1. Call swipe to the right main menu and prostrollo down the block "Else". From there select "Full version».

the Website will be uncomfortable without optimization for mobile device. That is the same as on the computer.

Step 2. Go to the home page and scroll to the block that is located just below the advertising.

Then we in theory could go the way described in the previous instructions, but on our mobile device button "Else" was simply reclinabile. So we chose a different path.

Step 3. Click on the button "Help».

Step 4. Next, select the "blockAccess-profile».

Step 5. On the next page, go to "Remove profile».

Step 6. In the section "Remove profile" open "How to delete my profile", locate the paragraph 2 and follow the link posted in it.

Step 7. You will be redirected to the page with the license agreement. Under it you will see a button "to Refuse services". That's the one you need.

zaur. In the final step you also need to specify the reason for the removal of the profile, enter the password and click the "Remove».

After that, the profile will be deleted.

If you placed a paid music subscription in the "Classmates", you first need to unsubscribe from it. Otherwise, the network will continue to withdraw money from your card.

How to erase the profile completely, if to it no access

If you forget the username and password or, for example, became a victim of burglary, you still can delete the account «Classmates» forever. However, in this case, you will have to work through support.

Here's what you do:

Step 1. On the home page click on the "Help", which is located in the upper right corner.

Step 2. The help page open the tab "Write support" and click on the link that is placed inside.

form is displayed-treatment support.

Step 3. In the "Subject selectRemove profile" (1). In the "Information about the profile, " select which data account you remember (2). For example, if you can remember which cell phone number was tied to the account, choose "Phone" and below enter the number. In addition, enter an active email address – it will get the response from support (3).

Step 4. When complete the form, click on the orange button " Send a message". Support contacted immediately in the chat. We asked for additional details about the account.

Step 5. Write in chat the word "Operator" — then you link to there is a person, not an answering machine.

Describe the operator the situation, tell what you remember about your account. If you can convince the operator that the account really belonged earlier to you, he will help with the removal of the profile.


Remove профиль в «Одноклассниках» через приложение или мобильную версию сайта невозможно. Только десктоп – да и в этом случае процедура удаления отнюдь не является очевидной. Все это выглядит так, будто администрация соцсети «Одноклассники» пытается любыми силами сохранить свою аудиторию. Однако, следуя такой политике, сможет выбраться в лидеры лишь по количеству «мертвых душ».