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How to choose a tablet: the main criteria

To rely on the assistance of a consultant in choosing a tablet is not necessary – employees of shops that sell what suits them. Better to go for a tablet, clearly understanding what...

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The best tablets in 2020

The tablet PC sales fall for several quarters in a row. But while manufacturers have great anxiety about this is not experience: last year was very productive for powerful and premium models.

last year we saw Apple Samsung and Google has released the device, which became something of a "Golden middle" between a laptop and a smartphone. 2019 was also notable for the expansion of the Microsoft Surface in October and the release of the Apple iPad Air (2019) in December. These and other devices will be relevant in 2020.

Thus, if you intend to purchase a new tablet, scroll down – we have compiled the best models.

iPad Air (2019): best performance

Price: 19 850 rubles

2019 iPad Air — a convenient tablet, which easily becomes a real entertainment center or a great option for work. Properly mastered all the basics, it easily deserves the title of one of the best tablets available on the market, and is the perfect option for most buyers.

In spite of the fact that the device has all the features the Pro version, it copes with the repetition of most features of the excellent tablet, except for a few technical, such as Apple Pencil first generation and a Lightning port.

With a well-developed app ecosystem and amazing screen, great performance and lower price than the Pro, iPad Air 2019 is considered the best tablet for most people. However, if you just want to watch TV shows on Netflix or want to buy entertainment for your child, there are cheaper options, although not as good.


  • A great display.
  • Excellent performance.
  • A long time of Autonomous work.
  • Intuitive software.


  • Design already looks a bit dated.
  • The lack of Apple Pencil first generation and charging port Lightning.

iPad Pro (2018): best device for creatives

Price: from 350 rubles 63

iPad Pro 2018 is the case when the abandonment of traditional design benefited. With flat faces and rounded corners, the tablet looks fresh. Keep it in the hands of a pleasure.

По технической части все прекрасно: 4/6 ГБ оперативки, флеш-память от 64 ГБ до 1 ТБ, фирменный процессор Apple A12X Bionic. Has версия с модулем 4G. Но что радует больше всего, так это наличие USB-C. No more fumbling with the Lightning adapter will not.

Display Liquid Retina perfect. Due to the technology ProMotion scroll pages, drawing and playing video occur more smoothly than before.

But not everything is perfect. The main problem with the iPad Pro is in software. Not so much in applications (with them just all right, a lot of them and they are quite well optimized), but in most iOS tablet 12 – its capabilities are very limited compared to macOS. The functionality of the Split View, poor access media on external storage only has a gallery, a Safari web browser is presented in the form of a mobile, not the full version. And that's not all. If not for the disadvantages, the iPad Pro could compete with laptops. But alas, hardly anyone will consider it a replacement for the laptop.

Cost – a separate conversation. On the official website of the 11-inch iPad Pro is available for 67 thousand rubles, 12.9-inch – more than 83 thousand. Many users will want to have a Smart keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil 2, but included them not. Have to fork out more on accessories and anything Apple is not cheap.


  • A stunning display.
  • Modern design.
  • Has USB-C.
  • Has поддержка Apple Pencil 2.


  • Expensive.
  • All accessories are purchased separately, and they are too expensive.
  • IOS tablet cut.
  • No slots memory cards.

Tab Samsung Galaxy S6: the best Android tablet

Price: 43 450 rubles

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is not only the best Android tablet premium but, in fact, the only high-performance Android tablet at the moment, and, as such, is the best Android alternative to iPad. It has a large display, superior performance and excellent stylus for drawing. But all this comes at a price – the device is quite expensive.

You will have to pay about 43 000 rubles for the version with Wi-Fi, and for a model with 4G. If you think that is too much, do not forget that the 11-inch iPad Pro with half the memory will cost even more.

Is a large, thin (5.7 mm) and fairly bright (420g) camera. The main disappointment in the design is the same as in the case with the Galaxy Tab S5e — there's no headphone port.

This is the best Android tablet available right now, but if the stylus is not a big deal, you should consider Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. It costs a lot less and still performs superbly all the basic functions.


  • A long time of Autonomous work.
  • The loud speakers.
  • A solid screen.
  • A powerful processor.
  • Interesting stylus.


  • Cheaper S5e has some of the best features of S6.
  • There is no headphone Jack.

Apple iPad Mini 5 (2019) to 7.9”: the power in a compact package

Price: from 28 390 rubles

Visual 5 iPad Mini (or iPad Mini 2019) is no different from its predecessor, and it is a little insulting. But it's worth a look inside, as all claims against the tablet disappear.

For computing power meets the A12 Bionic – the same chipset that is in iPhone XS and XR. He will pull any of the modern games for iOS — though Fortnite, though Asphalt 9. To play on the 7.9 inch screen is a pleasure. Autonomy at a decent level.


  • Holds a charge well.
  • High productivity.
  • Has поддержка Apple Pencil.


  • The old design.
  • Glossy screen.
  • Weak speakers.

Amazon Fire HD 8: the best ratio quality/price

Price: 5 300 rubles

Amazon Fire HD 8 — a really nice tablet at an impressive price. Budget tablets Amazon has always been good, and in the last model added mode Show Mode that makes it much more interesting.

Screen good, build quality good, but internal memory is enough. Although the tablet does not seem fast enough, it has enough power to run some of the most impressive Android games, plus support Alexa.

This is one of the best budget tablets that you can buy from famous brand. It only costs 5 300 rubles (the tablet), or about 8 000 rubles along with new docking station for charging. To get the most out of the device, you should consider the purchase of the latest model.

Fire HD 8 perfect for those who need a cheap basic tablet designed for viewing multimedia content or reading. Here includes more features than in the case of Kindle Paperwhite, or Kindle Oasis, and it is much more compact than huge Fire HD 10. This is a great way to enjoy some of the content Amazon Prime, and the presence of of the voice assistant Alexa – the icing on the cake.


  • is Available.
  • The voice assistant Alexa.
  • Show Mode — a good addition.


  • Built-in advertising.
  • basic navigation is a little slow.


Go to 10.1 Microsoft Surface”: the best tablets based on Windows

Price: 25 990 rubles

The device is powered by Windows 10 in S-mode (a lightweight version designed primarily for educational institutions). Office Suite and other popular applications from Microsoft presented in full form so that you can work with documents on the Go Surface as you would on a normal PC.

The stand allows you to make the tablet comfortable position for viewing video or working with the keyboard. The only minus is that it is not: Go Signature Surface Type Cover sold separately at a very big price.

In terms of performance, features and display prices Go Surface can not compete with the 9.7-inch iPad. Nevertheless is a great choice for the student or office worker, who is not willing to abandon the familiar Windows (and solvent enough to purchase the accessories from Microsoft).


  • the Usual, almost full-fledged Windows 10.
  • Compactness.
  • The easy case.


  • High price.
  • Case is not included.
  • Low productivity.
  • Old design.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: the most versatile

Price: from 29 990 rubles

Android the Samsung S5e Galaxy Tab is one of the best iPad alternatives. This is a cheaper version of the flagship tablet Samsung, boasting magnificent an AMOLED display with slim framework.

In a sense is the successor of Galaxy Tab S4, but it uses the CPU on a lower level, so the price was reduced to 30 000 rubles (for the version with 64 GB). This means that the device will appeal to those who are looking for a tablet and not a device that will replace the laptop. Design and screen for S5e amazing.

The main problem is the current state of "stagnation" of the device. Android tablets are perfect for entertainment of children, but the Samsung Galaxy S5e, perhaps, too interesting to meet such demand. A new feature, such as support for Google Stadia, give the purchase of a tablet makes more sense.

S5e Galaxy Tab looks great, has a fantastic display and is offered at a price that does not hit on the wallet. Samsung finally made a decent Android tablet, but the iPad is still more powerful.


  • High quality aluminium design.
  • The loud speakers.
  • Great battery life.
  • a Solid OLED screen.
  • Ultra thin.


  • Is not enough power.

How to choose a tablet?

When you select the tablet you need to decide with a few questions. The main purposes for which you take the device and what operating system you prefer to deal with.

What OS is used in tablets?

most tablets comes with Android and iOS. Windows in this segment is not as common as laptops and home computers. In 2018 appeared first copies on the Chrome OS.

is best for a tablet optimized iOS. In second place Android: problems with this system typically occur due to the fact that manufacturers adapt her under his shell, causing the interface loses its convenience, as updates are released rarely or not come at all.

For those who's daily and working life are tied to the Google ecosystem, the correct choice is tablet on Android. Many of these models much cheaper than iPad, and they all fit the basic tasks – watching videos, surfing the web, correspondence, etc.

What tablet?

Don't need to go on about friends who use a particular brand, or succumb to the entreaties of the store consultants. Everyone should consider their personal needs. It makes no sense to put a bunch of money for premium-class tablet with stylus support, if all you going to do with it is watch videos or to give to the kids during the trip.

Dear purchase is justified only in the case if you are a creative or planning to use the gadget in the work or educational purposes. Fans of reading better to abandon the tablet and make a choice in favor of the electronic reader.