Smartphone HP

Smartphone HP — это редкие гости на прилавках магазинов. Компания Hewlett-Packard занимается этим делом лишь время от времени. Почти все аппараты под брендом HP имеют одну отличительную черту — они функционируют под управлением той или иной операционной системы, разработанной Microsoft. The reason is that two American companies are closely connected — more cooperation is manifested in laptops and desktop computers.

First experiences in the production of smartphones was at Hewlett-Packard in the days of Windows Mobile 5.0. Later machines were improved both in plan and in terms of technical characteristics. They also gradually lost their keys, the result of coming to a modern format the candy bar with a touch display.


current status

Microsoft less willingly committed to support its own mobile operating system. In this regard, and HP happened a certain break. For all of 2016, she created only one smartphone, dubbed HP Elite X3. In fact, it is the most powerful solution on the basis of Windows 10 Mobile you can imagine.

As of April 2017, the company Hewlett-Packard does not seek to announce something new. Her Elite X3 was released in a limited edition, but even his to sell so far failed. This is due to the imminent cessation of support platform and extremely high price tag. For this price you can easily buy the flagship of the based on Android, which is the ideal. Played a role and reviews, which mentioned about the many bugs they have sinned an early version of Windows 10 Mobile.

What to expect in the future?

It is likely that Hewlett-Packard will fully close the mobile direction. The company is already experiencing not the best times, and additional damages her completely useless. Directory smartphones HP is almost impossible to find on the official website, as the U.S. company seeks to quickly forget about this branch of development.

Interesting fact: Mobile phones, HP did not always receive the OSes from Microsoft. Was in the company's history and experiments. For example, HP Slate 6 6000en VoiceTab operated under the control of Android 4.2 inside the company device with 6-inch screen called the plantation. Well HP Pre 3 with a sliding QWERTY-keyboard had WebOS.

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