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The best docking station that will turn your laptop into a desktop PC

In many ways, laptops are inferior to PCs: they have little connectors, small display and cramped keyboard. If modest resources notebook severely limit you in your work, come to the aid of dock.

It is only one port of the laptop, and will give much more: the possibility of connecting a wired peripheral, and display images on a large screen charging the laptop and much more. In a nutshell, dock is the way to turn compact folding PC into a full-fledged desktop machine.

Plugable USB-C 4K Triple Display

Price: 14 500 rubles

To a universal dock station from Plugable you can connect 3 monitors with with 4K resolution. This model is the best analogue premium docking stations from more famous brands. It exists in two modifications with different ways of image output: one HDMI, two DisplayPort or two HDMI + one DVI.

For USB connections there are modern Type-C 3 and Thunderbolt, but without support for Apple Mac, so this station can only be used for Windows laptops.

More cheap and common in stores alternative – Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD Triple Video Docking Station, also able to work with three external monitors.

CalDigit TS3+

Price: 17 900 rubles

This is expensive but very functional accessory for the MacBook to use Thunderbolt 3 allows you to add two external display or print the image from the laptop to the monitor to 5K. Here there are a wide connectivity options: 15 different connectors, including seven USB, slot for SD card reading, access to audio equipment and microphone. To place this station in the workplace is very simple, because it works both in horizontal and in vertical position.


Plugable USB 3.0 Dual Monitor

Price: 7 300 RUB

, Almost all docking stations are connected to computers via a USB-C, but there are exceptions, such as Plugable USB 3.0. This model works via the standard USB. Because it contains no high-speed Type-C, then the price of the device below.

It allows you to connect two external displays – one via HDMI, other via DVI. However, unlike other docking stations that will recharge your laptop during use.

is There another option with similar capabilities: Lenovo's ThinkPad USB 3.0, Pro Dock, which supports connecting two monitors, has a good set of connections and connects to the computer via USB-A 3.0.

UtechSmart Triple Display

Price: 5 700 rubles

UtechSmart – универсальная dock для компьютера любого бренда, можно сказать швейцарский нож. Тут есть все: дополнительные порты USB в количестве 4 штуки, Ethernet, HDMI с поддержкой современных мониторов, VGA. Сама dock небольшого размера, а в ее корпусе использованы легкие материалы, что позволяет без проблем переносить ее с места на место и даже возить из дома на работу.

Another compact variant – Type-C Station 11-In-1. This model is compatible with computers on Windows and macOS, and a wide set of connections will allow you to work simultaneously with a large amount of the periphery.

QGeeM USB 3.0

Price: 9 300 rubles

In the name of the device rendered important characteristic is the presence of USB 3.0. Because in today's world for connecting devices often require the USB, then the manufacturer has put into this model immediately 6 USB ports in the actual modification of 3.0. This is exactly enough for an external keyboard, mouse, pendrive, charger cable for the smartphone and in stock, there's two more for office equipment.

We cannot say that the presence of a large number of USB – the only positive attribute of this docking station. There are two HDMI, microphone input, audio output and Ethernet socket, then you have everything you need for work.

Функционалом примерно такого же объема обладает dock Momax OneLink 11-in-1 USB-C. It is a thin panel that can be placed under the laptop to save space on the desktop.


Price: 4 700 rubles

Данная модель родственна предыдущей, только возможностей USB у нее поменьше. Это очень доступная по цене dock для компьютеров на Windows и Mac. Она поставляется с двумя портами HDMI и одним VGA для подключения внешних мониторов.

This accessory will not take up much space, and he will become a reliable companion in business trips, as the small size allow you to take it anywhere.


MagBac Laptop Docking Station

Price: 6 500 rubles

Тяжелому ноутбуку, который не покидает рабочую зону, подойдет такая же малопортативная dock MagBac. Она удобна двумя вещами. Во-первых, все разъемы находятся на одной стороне, что облегчает подключение устройств. А во-вторых, конструкция позволяет положить MagBac под нижнюю часть ноутбука, обеспечив тем самым хороший приток воздуха. Станция оборудована резиновыми ножками, которые не дадут ей соскользнуть со стола.

Features correspond to the average needs: one HDMI, one VGA, Ethernet, a reader for the memory cards SD/TF, 3 USB 3.0 and one USB C. the Station is equipped with light indicators that tell you what ports are involved.

Ultraslim docking stations are very few, and those that are designed for specific line of notebooks. For example, a HP Is only suitable for UltraSlim HP EliteBook. But if you are the owner of such a laptop, it is difficult to recommend a better dock.

Dell D6000 Universal Dock

Price: 11 700 rubles

Для ноутбуков, планшетов и хромбуков Dell идеально подойдет dock с интерфейсом USB-C от того же производителя. Беспокоиться о сочетаемости устройств не придется, так как все они будут выполнены в одном дизайне и обладать 100%-ной совместимостью.

As for the technical characteristics present here only the Essentials: two video outputs (DisplayPort and HDMI), Ethernet, audio and 4 USB 3.0.

Lenovo's ThinkPad Ultra

Price: 29 000

For those who are on the job does not part with his Lenovo ThinkPad, есть dock, полностью соответствующая его уровню. Это ThinkPad Ultra Docking Station, идеальный офисный аксессуар со множеством портов, слотом для замка безопасности и функцией зарядки ноутбука. В набор разъемов включены целых четыре USB-C, два HDMI и один DisplayPort.