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the Android apps for a healthy lifestyle

In Google Play you can find dozens of apps designed to improve the health of the user.

Smartphone can and should be used in order to live comfortable. But the best mood is when you're completely healthy. Surprisingly, modern devices running Android, it can be used to strengthen your body. For this you need only download the appropriate application.

Yoga Studio

Some people, fitness seems too tiring. In this case, it is recommended to do yoga, which relaxes and relaxes. The exercises of yoga will improve concentration, acting is not worse than real meditation. Important is the fact that to pursue the case even at home — is enough to get a book with the poses. If the waste paper to keep at home do not want to, you can use the app Yoga Studio.

This program contains a great set of exercises. With the help of a Yoga Studio, you can choose a course for both the expert and the beginner. A collection of exercises allowed to customize to suit your needs. In total, the application contains at least 280 poses, complete with photographs.

The problem is the only Yoga Studio in the high cost — not every man will dare to pay for something like a textbook more than 1000 rubles. Still here does that because of the abundance of photos not seen as a big problem.


  • A large number of exercises.
  • The classes are divided into courses.
  • All of the exercises are high-quality photographs.
  • There are categories for beginners and experts of yoga.
  • Some of the exercises shown in the video.


  • In English >
  • Limited functionality in the free version.


Developer: Graph, Inc.
Price: Free

Graph — it's a free calorie counter with a huge database of products (over 6 million). With the app you can enter all the data about nutrition and exercise. Meals can be added to favorites, Graph also allows you to combine different foods to save for quick access, entire meals.

The app is great for those who want to lose weight or start a healthy lifestyle. It is helpful to track all major nutrients, view dynamics. For those who want to start to count calories to lose weight, in the embedded application system of individual goal setting (based on the dietary profile) and the calculator nutritional value of recipes.


  • A large base of products.
  • Favorite foods and entire meals can be added to favorites.
  • Is synchronized with the application (you can keep a diary of calories from a computer).
  • Is a function social network for sharing with friends.


  • Performance issues on slower devices.
  • Some functions are only available in the paid version.


В русскоязычной версии программы указывается, что это счетчик калорий. Действительно, приложение будет подсказывать, сколько калорий потребляется в виде пищи, а также сколько расходуется во время физических тренировок. Download Lifesum нужно в том случае, если хочется сохранить хорошую физическую форму. Также программа поможет в наборе или снижении веса, да и при наращивании мышечной массы использование Lifesum окажется не лишним.

The program provides personalized nutrition plan, based on the physiological data and user preferences. From time to time the app tries to motivate the owner of the smartphone, reminding about outstanding tasks. Great progress here illustrated is also important. The whole interface is translated into USssian >the selection of the best apps for diet — many creations of developers for its functionality is similar to Lifesum, but visually less interesting.


  • Cute USssian interface.
  • Suitable for maintaining, reducing and weight.
  • From time to time provided advice.
  • The program includes a customized nutrition plan.
  • Synchronization with popular fitness apps.
  • Is distributed free of charge.


  • Maximum functional only in the paid version.
  • The recipes are not translated into USssian >

You Are Your Own Gym

Charging forgotten, and are used to write all sorts of hamburgers? Then you need to download a useful app called You Are Your Own Gym, ready to turn the apartment into a gym (but do not wait for the appearance from nowhere of different simulators). The main advantage of the program is that selected exercises most often do not require sports equipment. It turns out that you can engage in absolutely any location — even at home, even somewhere on the street.

The interface You Are Your Own Gym written in English >the application for training on Android.


  • you Can choose three different difficulty levels.
  • Exercises accompanied by photographs.
  • The amount of exercise is huge.
  • For classes do not require barbells, dumbbells and exercise machines.
  • All the exercises are divided into categories.


  • The application is distributed for money.
  • No translation into USssian >
  • The video is contained in a separate, more expensive program.

StrongLifts 5×5

Another English an application designed to monitor the health of the user. The installation program will familiarize you with many different workouts, the implementation of which will increase muscle mass and reduce weight. At any time you can evaluate the progress by opening the corresponding graph.

In fact StrongLifts 5×5 is a personal trainer, forcing me to engage my physical form three times a week. At the time of the training contains a variety of tips that help, for example, to learn about how much time is recommended to rest between sets. The program is very functional — here you can find a calendar, a section for notes and a lot of settings. Moreover, the utility is able to work with the smartwatch the Android Wear. All health apps were like!

Apply the StrongLifts 5×5 free. However, the advanced courses have to buy. However, it is even stronger spur to the implementation of all recommendations. But the lack of USssian >


  • The individual building training.
  • A handy graph to view progress.
  • A huge number of settings.
  • Can record notes for each training session.
  • Synchronization cloud storage.
  • Supported smart watch.
  • Some exercise complemented by videos.


  • Is missing USssian >
  • The full version is worth the money.


Price: Free

Waterbalance — is a useful application that will help monitor water balance. All recommendations are calculated based on individual parameters. So after installing the app you will need to specify height, weight, age, describe your lifestyle and daily routine.

Waterbalance calculates the daily rate of water and monitor its consumption. According to the results, you can track the statistics (per day, week, etc.). If desired, Waterbalance can be configured so that the app reminded them of the need to take water (every 2 hours, before eating, etc.). You can also add other alerts. In addition, the app is compatible with some devices Wear OS.


  • There are statistics for days and weeks.
  • You can configure reminders.
  • Supports certain devices Wear OS.
  • Recommendation of consumption are calculated based on individual parameters.
  • You can add information about the different drinks.


  • Sometimes data (on which the calculated consumption rate) are reset.
  • There are problems with notifications.
  • There are performance issues on slower devices.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Price: Free

If you do not want to gain weight, you do not need to consume too many calories. Unfortunately, keep in mind the caloric value of each product is impossible. What can I say, not all remember what was eaten early in the day! In short, for counting the consumed calories it is better to use a separate application, the benefit of modern smartphones are permitted. You can use the MyPlate Calorie Tracker. The program works very simply — in the main section you need to make foods that were eaten during the day, and then a conclusion is made about the total number of calories received by the body. At the same time entered physiological data, in this case, the program begins to understand how many calories required by the body every day.

to Introduce a particular product in several ways. First, is allowed to choose it manually from the corresponding list. Secondly, you can scan the barcode from the packaging. Thirdly, there is a completely manual entry. Whatever it was, and the data on any product or dish you can edit. This action is necessary in that case, if the specified program does not match the actual calorie content.

The app allows you to track water consumption. In special section it is possible to observe the weight change. Here embedded synchronization with a special developers website, which allows you to monitor progress even with computer. Finally, it is important to look at support for smart watches Android Wear.


  • Implemented integration with Google Fit.
  • You can also sync with the official website of the service.
  • There is support for smart watches.
  • Easy entry of consumed dishes and products.
  • Is available tracking volume of water consumed.
  • Is distributed free of charge.


  • Advanced courses are only available by subscription.
  • This application could use a translation into the USssian >


The best apps for Android should simplify the user's life. Discussed in this article programs fully meet this requirement. Any of the utilities will allow to improve health, build muscle and even lose weight. For a reason discussed here the applications being used by millions of people. But do not forget that simply install a particular program is not enough. You need to force yourself to follow a given course of training or to consume the least calorie foods. Otherwise no use of downloading the application will not.