How to choose a table for your laptop?

Table valued at $ 20 will allow you to work from home with ease and to maintain health.

The modern man is mired in the "figure". Office employees sit at computers for 8-10 hours and come home and immediately stick to the laptops. And if jobs, as a rule, a decently home laptop usually travels throughout the apartment, appearing on a couch, bed and even on the abdomen of the user. Carrying a laptop, people trying to find a comfortable position as sitting at the table longer able to.

Of course, to use the laptop in bed and put it on yourself for health, to put it mildly, not very. Even worse, the device, which "suffocates". However, the panacea there is a laptop table. The article will tell what are the tables and how to choose a suitable.

Features tables for laptops

If your idea of a laptop table is something like school, you're wrong. Tables for laptops have a number of features, and the main – the presence of special holes (or grooves) for heat dissipation. This may greatly extend the life of the device.

If you use a pillow as a stand for a laptop, I can now go dig him a grave.

The second feature of the table is portability. If the table weighs 5 kg, it is considered a heavy. On average, the tables have a weight of about 3 kg. Not difficult after you use to fold this table and send in the wardrobe until the next time. Foldable design boasts most of the laptop tables.

Very convenient are the tables, which adjusts the angle of inclination of the tabletop. Thanks to this feature you can create for yourself the most comfortable conditions of work. And the laptop doesn't come loose from the edge of the countertop there is a side.


laptop Tables are made of different materials:

  • slab of wood waste.
  • Steklo.
  • Bambuk.
  • Light metals (usually aluminum).
  • Plastic.

The preferred option of material, in our opinion — a tree. These tables are environmentally friendly, look great and quite durable. Just look at this miracle from the Bradex company.

The product of wood waste is not as environmentally friendly as wood, because their production is used for glue. But they are cheaper. Although the cheapest are the plastic tables. Here's a know name table AliExpress , it's $ 15:

Is suitable not only for PCs but also for morning tea. The main advantage of such a device – it weighs like a feather.

Metal tables for laptops, as a rule, made of aluminum, as this metal — easy. For example, X0016 Laptop Table with adjustable height legs is massive. It's hard to believe it weighs just 1.5 kg.

A real gift for art lovers will be a lap of glass – although this in the sale now hard to find. Often there are combination options. For example, with glass top and metal legs.

The bamboo products – also a rare guest in USssian stores, although it is a pity, because these tables are eco-friendly, durable and just super.

the Types of stolikov

The tables for noutov differ not only in the materials from which collected, but in design. Explain each in detail.


Stationary tables are different from conventional computer compact size. Because of this, they have, as a rule, no drawers and shelves, where I could lay down personal things. There is also a compartment under the "system unit".

We cannot say that it is a very convenient option. Such table, even if it is in angle format, still take up too much space in the room. And fold it does not work.


Hanging tables for laptops are securely fastened to the wall – they are also called wall tables. There are many different options, the easiest in the photo below.

Hanging tables the stationary, because it does not take up so much space. There are modifications with shelves and drawers, and with folding top.


This table – "must-have" for fans to work in bed. Most models stand adjustable angle table top. The user can work comfortably, without worrying that the laptop is "choke."

When done, just remove the stand in the closet. These compact tables are made of wood, plastic and even light metals in combination with glass, but in any case they weigh nothing at all – not much bigger than the laptop.

Table-transformer laptop

The popular table-transformer we have already presented is a Laptop Table X0016. If you are wondering why it is called a transformer, look at the photo below.

Due to the possibility to adjust the legs of this folding laptop table can be turned into a stand for the purpose of further operation of the laptop on the bed. Or to put the tabletop as high as possible and to work standing – it is believed that when changing posture boosts productivity. And when the work is completed, it is possible the transformer to collect and hide, for example under the bed.

All tables transformer is probably the most convenient. The price, incidentally, does not bite. Folding tables are 3 to 4 thousand rubles.

Bedside table,

Bedside tables are made in the form of the letter "G", the countertop is attached to the bracket and is adjustable in angle of inclination. The bedside tables have wheels, so they are also called vodkatini. Here is a product with dual ventilation and an elastic band to fix the laptop offers firm Roll:

Laptop table on wheels can be used not only for work but also, for example, for meals.

On what else to look for when choosing a table?

You need to remember about health. Any ophthalmologist will confirm: to store vision when you work on a laptop, it is important to keep a certain distance between eyes and screen. How to understand, what is this distance? Extend your arm and touch the fingertips of the screen. Did? Excellent – this is the optimal distance. So you had the opportunity to comply with such a requirement, a laptop table should be of sufficient width. Best if width is 50 cm and more.

The length is also important. When working at the laptop both hands should lie on the surface at the elbow, and not hang. The main drawback of compact tables, pedestals and transformers like mentioned Laptop Table X0016 precisely in the fact that the hands on the countertop not to post. These tables are not for long-term operation, and to poperepisyvatsya with someone half an hour at night.

If the table is not adjustable in height, must be chosen for its growth. The upper part of the screen should be at eye level of the user. From buying a too-high table highly recommend to give. You cannot look at the screen from the bottom up – it is fraught with degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine.

And finally color. The table must be made in pastel colours – this will help to concentrate on mental work. Light blue, pale green, yellow – that's it. Flashy colors – orange and red – there will be more to annoy and distract. Gray, too, say "no" — especially if you live in the city. Grey bored, so designers generally not recommended to use it in the interior.


To comfortably work at home, do not have to make rearrangement of furniture and to arrange the work area. Buying a compact lap Desk or bedside table, you will be able to work on the couch and even in bed without the fear to ruin your laptop. However, the most convenient option is a suspended table with a flip-up top. This table does not take up much space in the apartment and will allow the owner to work with your notebook for a long time without damage to health.