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How to set Wallpaper on the phone (Android)

Oddly enough, with the installation of Wallpaper to cope not every owner of a smartphone. Although this is done very simply, that confirms the current leadership.

We all enjoyed the push-button phones. In those days, there were a lot of WAP sites with pictures. To download Wallpaper, just needed to know the resolution of the display. Now everything has become a bit more complicated. But if you master this topic, you will be able to change the Wallpaper at least every day!

What is the Wallpaper?

Wallpaper for Android — this is the usual image that is constantly displayed on your desktop. With the exception of live Wallpapers, but we will talk about them below. What then is the difficulty? It would seem that download any picture from the Internet and put it as Wallpaper! But not so simple. You may well be confronted with such cases, when the image is stretched by width or height, in which case it is not the best way. This is due to the fact that you found a picture of the wrong permissions.

Before finding the correct pictures read the display resolution of your smartphone or tablet. The image must have the same resolution. Or at least the same aspect ratio.

There are many sites which allow you to download the Wallpaper tailored to a particular resolution. Slightly like to learn more about them you can, again, towards the conclusion of the article. Meantime, let's try to understand how to find the desired permission and what to do after? The display resolution must be indicated in the characteristics of the device. Just enter the name of your smartphone to search and go to the page of this device, for example, in "Yandex.A market". The list of specs you will see screen resolution. More complex and long method is the download of some benchmark. For example, many device settings displays AnTuTu Benchmark. This method is useful in case if you don't know or forgot the name of the smartphone.

By the way, do not have to select a picture with the resolution you need. If necessary, you can trim a particular application. This can be a photo editor for Android. And you can use the computer where there is a GIMP, Adobe Photoshop and similar programs. When cropping you should target either the resolution of your display, or on the ratio of its sides.

set a Wallpaper the standard way

There are two most popular installation method of the Wallpaper on smartphone:

  • Standard way is when you find a picture on the Internet, and then place it on the Desk alone;
  • the Use of a special application, it contains a lot of Wallpapers that are cropped to fit your screen automatically.

If you have already found in the global web a suitable image, it remains to put it as Wallpaper. It's easy:

Step 1. Go to "Gallery" or any other app that displays contained on the smartphone pictures.

Step 2. Select the image you wish to see on your desktop. Click here on the vertical three dots which will open a small options menu.

Step 3. Click on the item "Set as Wallpaper».

Step 4. Select where you want to put the Wallpaper. Usually in addition to the main screen are available the lock screen. It is also possible to simultaneously set one image across both displays. In our case we are interested in the Desk — that is, "Home screen».

Step 5. On many smartphones then you will show how it will look Desk. If it suits you, then click on the "Set as Wallpaper».

On tablets and some smartphones may require cropping of the image. So you will be able to adjust the screen to make the picture look perfect.

Use of third party apps

Is much easier to install the Wallpaper to use third-party applications. For the Android operating system, they have developed very much. In the database, each application is stored the plurality of images divided into categories. You just have to choose the picture and set it as Wallpaper. All the rest the program will do for you. Let's look at your actions for example using the application Wallpaper:

Step 1. Install and run the program.

Step 2. Click on the "review of the". You can also log in to the application then it will learn to remember your settings when switching from one device to another.

Step 3. Now you can choose the picture you want to put on your home screen. For this you can go through the categories, watch the latest added images and read the users choice.

Step 4. When you find the right option — click on the red button. The program also allows you to put the picture "like", comment on, download smartphone and install it on contact.

Step 5. Crop the picture the way you want. Then click on the "check mark».

That's all! There are other similar applications. Functionality they have similar — differ only in the images themselves stored on the server.

The set a live Wallpaper

With a light hand of developers HTC got more and more popular live Wallpaper. From static, they differ in that the picture is in motion. Over the sky floating clouds, through the leaves of the forest occasionally lurking sun's rays, on the anthill run by its residents, the curtains on the window from time to time swaying... in short, live Wallpaper is not an ordinary image saved in JPEG format. But it's not a GIF-animation is more complicated than that. So live Wallpapers are usually distributed as separate applications.

to Find and install live Wallpapers you can use Play store. In most cases they are distributed for free. Most of these Wallpapers you only need to set other action from the user is not required (although sometimes some settings still entered).

note: live Wallpaper quite heavily load the CPU and consume energy. If your smartphones battery weak and not the best features from the live Wallpaper should be abandoned.

Where download Wallpaper for Android?

Now you know how to set a Wallpaper on Android. It remains only to understand where it is possible to download interesting images that we would like to see on the desktop constantly. And such sites storage there is a huge number. Here are just a few of the most popular:

  • WallpapersHome — thousands of various images, each of which can be downloaded in a particular resolution (available popular options for PC, Android, iOS and Mac OS). Photos here more often just download the users themselves.
  • Wallpaperscraft — it contains pictures that are tailored to the screen of smartphones and tablets Apple.
  • — the section with the Wallpaper here you will find a couple of dozen categories, so the choice is not so difficult.
  • Social network — of course, a lot of different images for your desktop can be found in the "Classmates", "Vkontakte", Spaces and other similar sites. There are even separate groups, containing huge number of Wallpapers. However, not all images are sorted by resolution, so in some cases you will have to crop the picture.
  • Top-Android — this website allows you to choose not only the usual pictures, but also live Wallpapers. However, the selection and the downloading of the content here are not the most convenient way.


this is our leadership coming to an end. As you understand, to set Wallpaper on your smartphone is a snap. Now you can handle the solution of this problem for a couple of minutes! Much more time it will take to find the pictures — the one that is to your liking.


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