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The most expensive headphones in 2020

Beats Audio is, of course, cool and stylish, but there are headphones that will make even Dr Dre nervously Smoking in aside. Your attention – the top most expensive models.

A large part of the headphone space prices are not worth the money. This so-called exclusive model. Nowadays exclusive do so – buy any headphones, stuck to their diamonds, gold dust cover, profit! Ready, "shiny bait" to fish with tight wallets and without special claims to quality of sound. "Stuffing" the headphones don't work, why are they still at the average level.

is Similar to the model we did not include in our top 5 most expensive headphones. Our goal is to offer you a selection of models premium level that even the most demanding audiophile will result in a state of pleasant >

Campfire Audio Atlas

  • mounting Type: channel
  • Frequency range: 5-20000 Hz
  • Impedance: 19th
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB / mW
  • The diameter of the membrane: 10 mm

Price: 80 260 rubles

Developing a model of Atlas, Campfire Audio engineers guided by the goal to create a headphone with the same capacity as full size, but less massive and more comfortable. According to the experts, they succeeded. And technical specifications hint: sensitivity 105 dB / mW for the "liners "is the indicator of the level "space". How in Campfire Audio coped with such a trivial task?

Залог превосходного звучания Atlas – ADLC-диафрагма из алмазоподобной пленки достаточно крупного размера (10 mm). Такая пленка сочетает в себе жесткость и малый вес. Это очень важные качества для диафрагмы: легкость обеспечивает точность передачи звука, а жесткость позволяет передавать широкий диапазон частот. Как следствие, наушники Atlas отличаются диапазоном, который в районе низких выходит далеко за пределы частот, доступных человеческому уху.


  • The case of the "steel" machined on a CNC lathe to a mirror finish.
  • The driver with ADLC-a diaphragm, transmitting sound in all areas of the frequency range.
  • Attractive and futuristic design.
  • MSH from beryllium copper — very durable.
  • A rich set — 9 pairs ambusher plus cleaning brush.
  • Braided cable of pure silver.
  • Each model is tested by an expert.


  • The lack of protection against sweat headphones the sports.

Limited Edition Ultrasone 15

  • mounting Type: headband
  • Frequency range: 5-46000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 96 dB / mW
  • The diameter of the membrane: 40 mm

Price: from 210 000

15 Limited Edition from the German company Ultrasone has gone down in history as the first headphones that uses technology, S-LogicEX. It provides the volume of the sound is not worse than a full-fledged sound systems in the premium segment. The images are arranged in width and in depth. That is, when listening there is not only one of the musicians is right and who is left, but also the distance of each of the musicians and the listener. About S-Logic should add that the technology reduces acoustic pressure, so that, no matter how much you listen to headphones, ears can not overworked.

Залогом привлекательности Limited Edition Ultrasone 15 является уникальность каждой модели, ведь узоры на деревянных чашках неповторимы. Naushniki выпущены лимитированной партией в размере 999 штук в 2018 году, и никто не знает, сколько их осталось на summer 2020. Maybe if you buy them today, tomorrow it will be too late.


  • Made of high quality and rare materials – from wood of American cherry and leather Merino.
  • High-quality sound throughout the frequency range.
  • Extended warranty from the manufacturer — 5 years.
  • A rich set of (2 four-core cable, case made of genuine leather).
  • The support of ULE technology that reduces low-frequency radiation by 98%.
  • Unique design of each model.


  • Limited number of units.

HiFiMan Susvara

  • mounting Type: headband
  • Frequency range: 6-75000 Hz
  • Impedance: 60 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 83 dB / mW

Price: from 349 990 rubles

The cost of HiFiMan Susvara would not be surprising if you knew what surgical precision, they arranged everything inside. Susvara is magnetoplasma audiophile headphones with lightweight diaphragm, which is also thinner than a human hair. Magnets manufacturer uses too much. They have a rounded profile, so it does not constitute interference and have almost no influence on the sound. Thin skirt and rounded magnets, harmoniously working together, provide the tonal purity in all areas of the frequency range. You will feel and the technical aspects of sound musicians like they are playing in front of your nose.

However, purchase HiFiMan Susvara spending audiophile, most likely, will not end. Since headphone sensitivity – 83 dB /mW, not every booster will fit. Need equipment the top level, which – here's the surprise! – you can buy in addition to Susvara in the store HiFiMan.


  • The use of stealth magnets provide an extremely clear sound.
  • A fantastically wide frequency range.
  • The unusual design, and rear roller blind not only adds finesse to the appearance but also protects from resonance.
  • Comfortable headband, through which headphones can listen a long time without discomfort.


  • A lot of weight – 450 grams.
  • to unlock the potential Susvara only expensive amplifier.
  • Low sensitivity for such "exorbitant" prices.

Grado PS2000e

  • mounting Type: headband
  • Frequency range: 5-50000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 99.8 dB / mW

Price: from 169 000

The official website of Grado representatives of the Brooklyn company, throwing all modesty, call model PS2000e the best headphones in the world. Over them for two years worked for three generations of the legendary to the audio industry of the Grado family. What happened?

Turned headphones that transmit the most natural sound that you can imagine. When listening to the Grado PS2000e the feeling that you're standing right in front of the stage during the concert. "Magic" lies in the special geometry of the diaphragm and the design of the cups, which are made of maple and chromed metal. It is the metal responsible for removing various kinds of distortion and ringing. Maple provides a special vibration of sound inside of the Cup.

Grado PS2000e will be a godsend not only for the audiophile, but for the sound engineer. Since "sukari" need to hear the audio the way it is, without impurities.


  • The level of the premium materials – maple and chrome plated metal.
  • A wide headband, comfortable for long sessions of listening.
  • Naturalistic sound.
  • Each piece is made by hand.


  • The design is understated — Grado PS2000e looks like an expensive computer headset.

Sennheiser Orpheus HE-1

  • mounting Type: headband
  • Frequency range: 8-100000 Hz

Price: 4 100 000

What do headphone Sennheiser Orpheus HE-1 and the sculptures of Miche>

Grado boasted that worked on PS2000e two years? Nothing. Engineers Sennheiser chased perfection for 10 years. They managed to create a sound that even the pickiest of audiophiles with admiration call reference magic. The excellence of the sound is provided by a membrane that is coated with platinum and has a thickness of only 2.4 NKM. Gold plated electrodes moves the membrane into the electromagnetic field entirely, so the sound is crystal clear and absolutely free from distortion.

Price у Sennheiser Orpheus HE-1 такая, что большинству меломанов остается только облизываться. Но если у вас все же есть лишняя сотня тысяч долларов и вы хотите заполучить это «чудо», помните, что в розничной продаже Orpheus нет. Самые лучшие наушники в мире в Sennheiser делают исключительно под заказ в течение 40 дней.


  • The perfect look music system.
  • A cable with a minimum reactance of oxygen-free copper.
  • Pure live sound.
  • The presence of connectors S/PDIF and USB.
  • Low power consumption.
  • The incredible width of the frequency range (up to 100,000 Hz).


  • The value as a sports car.

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How well do sound headphones, which we introduced to you in the rankings? Of course. Is it worth buying an expensive model? The big question. Think headphone is just one element of the music tract, and the sound quality is, as known, is determined by the weakest element of the chain. Have to buy expensive amplifier, and this means that the headphones actually become nontransportable. However, even if you buy the best of everything, you still may be disappointed. In certain genres of music the premium models do not exhibit and 10% of its potential. Relatively speaking, from that you prefer Radiohead or Tim Belarusian, will depend upon the impression that headphones will make for you.

So, first decide whether you need expensive headphones for great sound or as an image thing. This is important because in the latter case, you can pick up cheaper headphones the same Beats Audio.