Manual Manual: iPhone

Where to buy iPhone?

Buy such an expensive device, as iPhone, in a small shop can only bring disappointment if the seller will slip instead of a new original device is recovered, the gadget or even fake. So where do go for an IPhone, to avoid the risk of being cheated?

The Internet is full of advertisements offering to buy the IPhone "on the most favorable terms." A person who wants to buy "Apple" device, the eyes diverge from the abundance of sellers, it is known that with such a profusion of the most high risk to make the wrong choice.

This article will help a potential buyer to decide where it is cheaper and safer just to buy an IPhone – we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of trading and the terms and conditions offered by specific sellers.

Official Apple store

Purchase IPhone the official Apple online store gives the buyer several advantages:

  • free shipping home. This privilege is available to all who ordered from the Apple store goods worth above 3 thousand rubles. Long wait for delivery don't have: in the big city iPhone is coming in a week. A resident of the urban village will be forced to wait longer (2 weeks), but that's hardly much spoil his joy of new clothes.
  • quality assurance. People who order iPhone to the official website, does not risk to be deceived. The device, which he will deliver will be 100% original, not Chinese copy.
  • student. Official Apple store offers discounts to students, prospective students, parents of students and University personnel of any rank.
  • the Ability to make your phone special. When buying a gadget in the official store offers unique laser engraved or gift wrapped (with card). However, while these benefits are able to use only the iPad and iPod.

With all these advantages in the official store there are drawbacks, though significant:

  • a Small range. В каталоге только самые современные модели. Toпример, после появления iPhone 7 перестал продаваться iPhone 6. Очевидно, что с выходом iPhone 8 6S will also disappear from the directory. Ordinary USssian users have a different approach to shopping. They are waiting for the updates of the range to buy a legacy device at a price that is not as much "bite" and not in order to get a new product.
  • the relatively high price. The fact that Apple gadgets are sold in the official store, without cheating intermediaries, is not a guarantee of low cost goods. Apple includes in the price of VAT – which is as much as 18%! For tax purposes, adopted in USssia, buyers are forced to pay more for the 7th iPhone on 8 – 10 thousand roubles.

The prices in the official Apple store (all data current in the spring of 2017, year):

iPhone 7 (32 GB)

iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB)

iPhone 6S (32 GB)

SE iPhone (32 GB)

52 990 rubles

62 990 rubles

44 990 rubles

32 990 rubles

to Buy the iPhone in the official Apple store


Users who believe that a Re:Store is the official network of Apple wrong. Official point of sales of the company are referred to as Apple Store – in USssia such is not found. Re:Store has the status Apple Premium Reseller (APR) – то бишь премиальный партнёр производителя. To премиальных партнёров Apple возлагает ряд дополнительных обязанностей – такие фирмы должны отправлять производителю отчёты о продажах и следить за тем, чтобы обслуживание было «на уровне». В ответ «яблочная» компания предоставляет партнёру право пользоваться брендом Apple как своим собственным.

Here are the advantages of warrants to the buyer Re:Store:

  • free shipping when you purchase over the Internet. Courier Re:Store brings free any product cost above 5 thousand rubles. Shipping takes 1 – 3 days.
  • Many stocks. One of the most popular stock is installment for 12 months with no down payment.
  • Wide range. In the network and after the release of iPhone 7 continue to sell the device 5 of the first modification. In addition, the directory Re:Store a lot of interesting accessories for iPhone -- covers, docking stations, holders, power supplies and other things.
  • Quality of service. Staff Re:Store are narrow specialists, but in my field know a lot about. The buyer will receive competent advice about how to use the functionality of the iPhone "on all cylinders".

At the Re:Store is and cons:

  • New gadgets are on sale later than in the official Apple store.
  • Покупателю не избежать навязчивых предложений настроить гаджет за деньги. Toчинающие пользователи могут быть введены в заблуждение консультантами, утверждающими, что первоначальная настройка – это длительный и сложный процесс, который новичку «не под силу». To самом деле активацию «яблочного» гаджета произвести легко — если следовать нашей инструкции, how to set iPhone when you first turn.

the Prices in Re:Store:

iPhone 7 (32 GB)

iPhone 6S (32 GB)

the iPhone 6 (16 GB)

iPhone 5S (16 GB)

SE iPhone (32 GB)

51 990 rubles

42 990 rubles

27 990 rubles

20 990 rubles

28 990 rubles

Buy iPhone at Apple Store

Retail network

Покупка Айфона в одной из розничных сетей (MTS, Megaphone, M Video) looks the most obvious choice, but in reality it is not the best solution. There are several reasons to refuse a visit to the salon:

  • Poor service. Professionals salons will not be able to tell, for example, a how to authorize computer in iTunes to load data to your mobile device or how to connect iPhone to TV. The sellers perfectly know how to impose insurance and additional services.
  • Complexity if you return. The cabin staff will make every effort to sell the gadget "back" back – they have a vested interest in this. Even if the iPhone has an obvious factory defect, take the money from the salon will not be easy.
  • Selling with showcases. In the salons of the middle and small size expensive smartphones are stored in a single instance and the instance is on display. The gadget with Windows, of course, will be serviceable, but look like it may not the best way.

the option to purchase the IPhone at retail benefit. Retail network first, do not spread the fake, second, offer favorable terms of purchase (e.g., in installments), third, set pretty low prices.

Последнее преимущество выглядит несколько неожиданным. To самом деле купить Айфон, скажем, в интернет-магазине MTS получится дешевле, чем в том же Re:Store.

prices in the major retail stores (in rubles):

iPhone 7 (32 GB)

iPhone 6S (32 GB)

iPhone 5S (16 GB)

SE iPhone (32 GB)


48 990

40 590

18 490


48 990

41 490

17 990

28 990

M Video

50 990

41 990

18 990

26 990


48 999

40 499

18 990

28 990


49 990

41 990

18 990

32 990

Купить iPhone в MTS

Other sellers

There are other options where you can buy iPhone:

  • In online stores. The benefits of buying "mobile phone" via the Internet is disproportionate to the risk, which exposes the buyer. Of course, if you purchase the gadget at a major online store, the risk is minimal, but savings in this case will not work – prices "Olarte"and "Sitelink" are about the same as in retail.
  • To китайских торговых площадках. China's largest store GearBest The iPhone does not sell. But the AliExpress you can really enjoy the "Apple" gadget at a significant discount. New iPhone 6S 32 GB here is 36 thousand to 5 thousand rubles cheaper than in the salons. Another thing that is to find new the apparatus in the directory Ali quite difficult – 90% of the IPhones that are distributed through the Chinese site, are second-hand.
  • To eBay or Amazon. Для отечественного покупателя этот вариант – самый неприемлемый. To то есть ряд причин: first, at the American trading platforms sold primarily b/y model second, shipping to USssia is quite expensive, third, there is a risk to the gadget, under the new foreign operator (Verizon or AT&T). By itself, the IPhone will probably cost "a penny", but with shipping costs and unlock nabezhit huge sum of money.
  • Through Avito and other message boards. From acquisition through Avito gadget, which on assurances of the seller is new, it is better to refrain – it is unknown whether it is legal by this smartphone came to its owner. If the buyer still dare to such a deal, it must be checked whether the IPhone restored.

The person who buys a used IPhone through the Bulletin Board, it is necessary to conduct a full scan of the gadget. What points should be given priority, we wrote article buy an iPhone with the hands.


Where is better to buy an IPhone? If you want to get expert advice and you are satisfied with the average market price, contact Re:Store. This company is a premium partner of the "Apple" of the manufacturer and therefore follows closely that customer service was at a high level.

If you put a priority on economic benefit and advice of experts, don't need, start to "surf" the directory AliExpress. Remember, however, that the delivery of the goods with the Chinese market place will have to wait two months.


16 reviews

  • To yourself just a couple of weeks ago I found an iPhone on Craigslist. Brand new, with box and all papers. People for personal reasons needed urgent sale, so the price dropped more than decent. The phone works perfectly, sister very happy. All the accessories for it now too, only there looking for)

  • Took a iPhone not long ago through Craigslist. Absolutely accidentally stumbled upon the ad, the price is very much tempting was. Was hesitant at first, but decided to try, to meet, to look for him at least) he was pleasantly surprised. The phone was indeed new, completely undamaged. Overall satisfied with purchase. And the sheath itself then and there found with good skidochku)

  • Don't flatter yourself, this site is not normal the original smartphone… or something like crooked restored to private Chinese shops, or stupid cartoon on IPhone

  • Your favorite iphone 7 I bought from the online apple store-sale. It is a proven shop. I and several of my friends made purchases there. In store good service, low prices and quality equipment. There was a slight delay with delivery but the Manager helped to solve it.

  • Телефон мне очень нравится. Дорогой, но удобный, функциональный. Что тут говорить, Apple молодцы! Хотелось бы написать про сам магазин М.ВИДЕО! Это просто ужасно! Когда я покупала телефоны в re:Store, то мне предлагали замечательную страховку, по которой я могла практически при любой поломке обменять мой гаджет на new (ну не без бюрократических проволочек конечно). Здесь же я заплатила 19000 за то, чтобы каждый раз, когда у меня поломка, Альфастрахование возмещало мне какие-то непонятные 4700 и я платила целых 19000 сверху за починку экрана. НЕ БЕРИТЕ ТЕЛЕФОН И СТАРХОВКУ В М.ВИДЕО, мой вам совет!

  • Hello! If you want to buy a good iPhone,then I can advise you store iPhoneiphone. It's just my favorite store in St. Petersburg. Buy phones only have them because the prices are just incredible, with such prices I think everyone can afford Apple. And if I not in Peter, then buy online at their website,it's all very simple,even I understood),

  • I bought in the online store Appsee. Took it for a few years, two iPhone. Ordered home and checked everything. Prices adequate,not much below the market (usually much cheaper,it is either repaired or b/sell,giving new).

    And here all products are original and comes with official Apple warranty.

    To return an item no problem, all the details, the address is on the website (not phony which is now full).

    This is not advertising, really good store.

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    • I too there took dual-SIM, everything works fine. I always overpay, but in MVideo. But it turns out there is a smaller store and performs duties better large. Checks, commodity and the coupon courier.

  • I bought my iPhone 11 in online store TradeStore and was very pleased. Took pickup from store, very comfortable with them there. I bought a case and the glass on my smartphone and gave the certificate on your next purchase. On the website checked it out, it the original. Happy with the purchase. Suggest!