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How to set date and time on Android

Buying a new mobile gadget, the users can face the problem of incorrectly configured time zone, current date and time. To solve it, however, can be quite simple, and in this guide we will explain how to set the date and time on the smartphone running Android.

Set the time settings

to set the time on Android, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1. USn Settings, go to category "" category "" and select "Opera, Firefox, Dolphin».

Step 2. Click the "date and time».

Step 3. In the opened window you can set the time, change the date, choose the time format and date to set the time zone, and set automatic settings.

note: the date and time can be hidden in other sections, for example, in the advanced settings. It depends on the version of Android.

go to settings date and time can be the other way – via the app Watch:

Step 1. USn app Watch.

Step 2. Click settings.

Step 3. Click on the "Settings даты и времени».

Why is break time for Android

Synchronization date and time on Android smartphones can sometimes not work properly, causing crashes settings. To correct this problem, you must disable the options "date and time сети"and "zone" and then set the settings manually.

If the question is not solved is to perform a reset Android to factory settings and re-install all the settings.


Following the steps in this guide, you will always know the exact time and date on your gadget.