Best smart breakers in 2020

The simplest device able to reduce your costs for electricity by almost 50%.

Modern and always tired a person is willing to spend big money in order to make your home as comfortable as possible. The installation of smart switch is able to operate automatically as a step towards improving the facilities as well as a kind of "pill" from anxiety. Experiencing constant stress at work, people can be sure that at least the house all right.

What is a smart switch? In this article we will answer this question, and in addition, here is a ranking of the best devices available in stores.

How does the smart switch and how it differs from the usual?

According to statistics collected by American scientists, the use of smart switch allows to save up to 42% of electricity. Everything from the banal forgetfulness. A person has to pay more for electricity due to the fact that he simply forgets to turn off the lights in any room when he goes to work or goes to bed. Using smart switch, you can check to see if the light lit at any moment – via a smart phone. It will contain summary information – how many kWh spent for a certain period.

However, complete control is not the only thing that gets the owner of the smart switch. They usually have a number of additional features:

  • Automatic on / off light. To use this option, for example, as an alarm clock to sleep very hard not to react to the lights in the room. There is another purpose – "anti-theft". The light ignited automatically, and create the illusion that someone is home.
  • The reaction to movement and changes in lighting. These options have not all smart switches – only the most advanced. The motion sensor allows the handset to turn on the light in the room when it someone enters and off when logged left her. The light sensor is responsible for automatically turning on the lights when it gets dark.
  • Adjusts the light intensity. This feature have switches with dimmers. However, one switch is not enough — it is necessary to itself the lighting device supported by this feature. Under the light switch with a dimmer you need to pick up a light bulb with a mark diminuera.

Smart switch with dimmer

The use of motion sensors and lighting, in our opinion, questionable. It is advisable to use them only when there are flexible configuration options – for example, to the sensors activated only in a certain time interval. Otherwise, on the contrary, they can be a source of discomfort.

The benefit from other features of smart switches is not questioned.

Types of smart switches

First of all smart switches are divided on requiring a connection to the neutral wire and don't require it. Despite the fact that most modern gadgets do not need to "zero", it is better to clarify this point when buying.

There are devices that support remote control. A remote controller for such gadgets it is a regular switch with a key that does not need to connect to the transaction. It can be mounted using double-sided tape anywhere in the apartment. By the way, by means of such a remote control will be able to manage their smart sockets.

Another classification divides the device according to the transmission Protocol. You have these options:

  • Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth.
  • ZigBee.
  • Z-Wave.

About ZigBee and Z-Wave, many users probably never heard of. However, the switches employed in these protocols are not rare. Less gadgets to ZigBee and Z-Wave is that they need a controller device that performs the role of mediator between smartphone and smart device.

How to connect the smart switch?

The main problem of the installation of smart switch is that within our walls, as a rule, are round escutcheon. Most intelligent switches – including the popular Xiaomi Aqara – demand square. So no drilling of walls is unlikely to do.

For mounting Xiaomi Aqara'll need drill concrete chisel, plaster, putty knife, pliers, screwdriver, tape, a pencil and a Mat on the floor. These tools will allow us, without prejudice to the apartment to enlarge the recess in the wall to insert a square escutcheon under the intelligent switch without a neutral wire. We need to do so:

  • to Lay a Mat on the floor under the socket.
  • To make a square escutcheon to the wall and draw a contour with a pencil.
  • To break down the old round escutcheon with pliers.
  • The wire to attach to the wall with tape, not to interfere.
  • To drill a hole in the wall on a square contour.
  • You can use a chisel to clean out the hole crumbs of concrete.
  • Check that the escutcheon into the hole.

  • Apply plaster in the hole with a thick layer and insert the escutcheon. Plaster will serve as the glue that is to hold the escutcheon. Excess plaster is removed with a spatula.
  • Disconnect the key from the switch with a screwdriver.
  • When the plaster dries, you need to connect the switch to the wires and fix them with a screwdriver.
  • The switch pin to the escutcheon using the bolts that are included.
  • Set the key. Simply attach it to the switch and press it until it clicks.

The installation of the smart switch from Xiaomi to be completed.

How to choose a smart light switch?

We have already talked about the fact that when buying a smart switch you need to pay attention to the need to connect the zero wire and the presence of the dimmer. However, there are other important criteria:

  • The design. It is important that the switch fit into the interior. Devices from Xiaomi no problem with that — they look extremely stylish in their minimalism. But there are switches of other companies that do not look so generic.
  • The version of the OS. Switches quite demanding to the "OSes" smartphones. For example, many people are working with iOS, only if the version is above 8.0.
  • Protocol. If the switch works via wifi, the user will be able to manage them from your smartphone. But if the Protocol is, for example, ZigBee will have to buy the controller in the appendage.
  • Number of keys. The more keys, the more possibilities for setting various scenarios within a smart home. For example, if one-key switch, it can be programmed so that by pressing two keys at once the air conditioner turned on.
  • assistant. An additional plus for the smart switch is the ability to work with "Alice" from "Yandex".

Top 5 smart switches

Will present you a ranking of 5 popular and affordable in USssia models of smart switches.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Light Control

  • Wireless: ZigBee
  • Number of keys: 2 pieces
  • dimensions (width × height × depth, mm): 86 × 86 × 15

Price: 2 250 rubles

Without the Xiaomi device from the lineup Aqara no cost none of these ratings. Aqara Smart Light Control has a great design, so fits into any interior and become its embellishment. The device is made of fireproof plastic material and can withstand very high temperatures. Keys designed for 50,000 taps.

All is good, but the user may have problems with the installation of this gadget, because it requires the connection of the zero line. Besides, Xiaomi smart switch does not support Wi-Fi and runs on ZigBee, so I'll have to buy the controller a mediator.

Yeelight Smart Light Switch three buttons

  • Wireless: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b / g / n
  • Number of keys: 3 pieces
  • dimensions (width × height × depth, mm): 86 × 86 × 32

Price: 700 rubles

When reviewing a gadget Yeelight Smart Light Switch compared to the switch Aqara from Xiaomi, one could wonder: where's the catch? Why three buttons gadget from Yeelight cheaper series Aqara 3 times – despite the fact that he doesn't look worse? We can assume only that Xiaomi is so famously winds for the brand.

Yeelight Smart Light Switch made from flame retardant polycarbonate so able to withstand very high temperatures. Contacts made of silver which almost does not oxidize and does not spark. Key switch designed for 40 000 clicks. Note a curious feature of the gadget – the presence of an external toggle switch to turn the power off.

I'm smart Ya-T3W

  • assistant: "Yandex Alice", Assistant of Google, Amazon, Alexa
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b / g / n
  • Number of keys: 3 pieces
  • dimensions (width × height × depth, mm): 85 × 85 × 35

Price: 1 490 rubles

I'm Smart Ya-T3W looks like Aqara nervously smokes on the sidelines. This three-channel wall touch switch, the surface of which is covered with glass. Works from Wi-Fi, so the owner can manage it directly from your smartphone or by using one of the smart columns. In addition to "Alice," I'm Smart Ya-T3W is also friends with Alexa and Google release assistant.

Despite its unique futuristic design, the price of the gadget is very affordable – only fifteen hundred for 3 channels.


  • assistant: Assistant Google, Amazon, Alexa
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b / g / n
  • Number of keys: 1 piece

Price: from 1 200 rubles

KS-601 – another touch device, only a single channel. Works via wifi, however, at the time of writing this review with "Alice" from "Yandex" do not match Supported assistants – only the "Assistant" from Google and Alexa.

The curious option of the gadget is the ability to program the activation of various lights in the house in the absence of the owners. Due to this will create the appearance that someone is constantly.

Ps-Link WF-ED

  • assistant: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/n/g 2.4 GHz
  • Number of keys: 1 piece
  • dimensions (width × height × depth, mm): 86 × 86 × 33

Price: 1 550 rubles

Ps-Link WF-ED – smart switch with dimmer, that is able to adjust the brightness of the lighting. Brightness control can be performed with the mobile phone through the application Tuya, and by pressing the keys on the switch (+ / -). However, to adjust the lighting via a smartphone will work, only if the load is in the range of 400 watts.

The cons of the device – the need for connection to the neutral wire, as well as a fairly high price for no-name device. For the dimmer have to pay.

The advantages and disadvantages of smart switches

At the end of the article will describe the pros and cons of using Smart switches. The advantages include the following:

  • Managing appliances in the apartment or house from your smartphone. The greatest joy switch will be delivered to the owners of private houses who do not have down from the second floor to the first floor to check off whether the light in the hallway.
  • The control from anywhere in the world. Even holidaying in Bali, the owner of smart devices will be able to check if the lights in the house. For this it is sufficient to find the area where catches Wi-Fi.
  • A high strength. Usually, smart switches are made from fire resistant materials that can withstand impact of three-digit temperatures.
  • Protection from fires. Gadget fixes the voltage peaks and temperature increases and turns off the power supply in such moments.
  • The energy savings. Most electricity save switches with light sensors that adjust the light intensity under external conditions.

we should also Mention the cons of the smart switch:

  • For mounting, most likely, have to drill into the wall since the smart gadgets require square escutcheon, and in the USssian houses are mostly round.
  • The cost of Smart switches is quite high.

Smart switch is definitely a useful gadget, but it is advisable to install together with other elements of the smart home, as part of a major overhaul. It is difficult to imagine a person who is idea raskurochit yourself a wall for installation of switch. To do fewer victims is to purchase a smart outlet or smart bulb. These devices duplicate the switch in functionality, but are installed without damage to the interior of the apartment.