SomeBox — one of the largest online stores specializing in the sale of RC equipment. What stands SomeBox against the competition?

USssian distributors should be grateful for his continuing ruble decline. Because of this buying in China has become unprofitable – you pay the same amount but waiting for delivery for weeks. Even the young and not the most well-known domestic online stores have a chance to gain a foothold in the market. USssian SomeBox was opened only in 2012, but by 2020, already has a solid reputation. His reputation, however, is quite contradictory: from SomeBox high score on "Yandex the Market", but a lot of negativity on the "Usovice" and other similar sites. Let's see what the charges SomeBox, and consider the positive and negative sides of the store.

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A brief overview of the interface

Visual interface SomeBox definitely not a cause of exclusion and of the impression that it made on the knee. It's a pretty neat site, where all sensitive consumer information – in particular, about shipping and about the warranty – made in the main horizontal menu.

The catalog is hidden and only appears when you hover your cursor over the appropriate item in the menu. This is a very good solution which allows you to place information on the page compact. However, the order and composition of the sections of the catalog have questions. In particular, the products Xiaomi separate category and are above all other things, and smartphones, which traditionally are the main topic in these stores, and dropped in the middle of the catalogue.

In close cooperation SomeBox and Xiaomi see when you look in the blog of the online store. Here is related only to products of the above-mentioned Chinese company. Note that the blog is regularly updated.

From SomeBox has its own YouTube channel – SomeBox TV – with an impressive number of video reviews and compilations.

The last thing it is important to note in reviewing the interface with the sign "plus" – easy ordering. The store is not forcing the buyer to go through the tedious procedure of registration. Very easy to use the quick order option – it is enough to specify only the name and phone number.


Smartphone не являются приоритетным товаром для SomeBox – это становится очевидным, когда заглядываешь в соответствующую категорию. В каталоге всего лишь около 140 моделей, две трети из которых – гаджеты BQ и Xiaomi. Если же вы захотите приобрести на SomeBox планшет, глаза у вас разбегаться не будут – в разделе «Plansheta» в гордом одиночестве красуется BQ-7082G.

Then what sells SomeBox? For example, a quadcopters. Models of quadcopters in the catalog about 3 times more than smartphones. RC hardware's profile SomeBox. Examine reviews about the store, you can see that in most of them people share their impressions from the purchase of helicopters, drones and gadgets of this kind. Hence, negative buyers – in fact, the RC technique is rarely able to serve the warranty period as a whole, though hardly it is possible to blame the seller.

As quadcopters and drones belong to the electronic equipment, to return them in the absence of factory defects is impossible. This is evidenced by article 25 of Zozpp.

delivery and payment

Магазин SomeBox производит доставку по всей России посредством транспортной компании СДЭК. Однако в те города, где у компании склады, доставить товар получится быстрее и дешевле. Cityов таких очень много – в их числе Moskva, Sankt-Peterburg, Краснодар, Екатеринбург, Ростов-на Дону, Тула.

The estimated shipping cost shown in the table below:

Citythe ConditionsCost
Moskvathe next day290 rubles
Urgent, on the same day (if ordered before 17:00)490 rubles
Sankt-Peterburgthe next day390 rubles
Urgent, on the same day (if ordered before 17:00)590 rubles
Pickup, the item is in stockFree
The self, the item is out of stock190 rubles
Other citiesThe self, the item is out of stock190-290 rubles

Cost доставки до двери по России составляет 440 рублей. the Conditions самовывоза со складов SomeBox зависят от того, есть ли товар на конкретном складе. Если есть, то сверх стоимости самого товара денег, разумеется, не возьмут. Если же нет — придётся заплатить от 190 до 290 rubles (в зависимости от города) за то, чтобы товар до склада довезли. Точная и подробная информация по поводу доставки в провинциальные города – Pinfinder.

The main advantage of the store SomeBox is, perhaps, the abundance of payment methods. Among the options:

  • credit card (MasterCard, Visa, WORLD).
  • E-wallets (Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Coin.PY).
  • Online banking (the"Sberbank Online", "Tinkoff Bank", etc.).
  • Payment terminals (for example, "Eleksnet").
  • cell (via SMS services).

This flexibility in payment is a pleasant surprise, since the Internet shops usually do not work with e-wallets and even more do not accept money through texts.

" and

Сделать анализ цен смартфонов на SomeBox, к сожалению, не представляется возможным, потому что на момент написания этого материала все мобильные гаджеты в каталоге только «под заказ» — то есть фактически ни одного смартфона в наличии нет. Зато нам ничего не мешает сравнить цены на квадрокоптеры. За ориентир возьмем среднюю цену по «Yandex.Marketу»:

ModelPrice SomeBoxthe Average price on Yandex Market
WL Toys V686K4010 roubles3731 rubles
Syma X5UW4980 rubles3630 roubles
Hubsan Nano Q4 H1111750 rubles1549 rubles

Alas, the prices can not be called advantage of the store SomeBox. All the quadcopters that we took for the analysis in SomeBox was more expensive than the average for the "Yandex.Market" and those of major competitors – in particular, shopping "Young Dad", "Fantasy" and "CITILINK».

Reviews SomeBox

На «Yandex.Market» магазин SomeBox получил 1131 отзыв с оценкой «5 звезд» — это 81% от общего количества. На «Отзовике» же у него больше половины отзывов с оценкой «1 звезда», всего треть (33%) людей этот магазин готова порекомендовать. Типичная жалоба – магазин тянет время, когда необходимо вернуть деньги.

Curiously, the store Manager wrote back with this comment – but only after 7 months.

Множество покупателей в отзывах на «Отзовике» высказывает предположение, что положительные отзывы на «Yandex.Marketе» SomeBox накрутил. Хотя встречаются и слова поддержки:

To make a decision to buy SomeBox or not, based only on reviews not worth it – better to take for defining other, more objective factors.


The advantages of the store SomeBox include:

  • visually Pleasing and logical website.
  • Delivery all over USssia and the possibility of removal even from provincial cities.
  • Many ways of payment – I accept electronic money.
  • a Good choice of portable equipment.

Disadvantages SomeBox can be called:

  • Завышенные цены – больше, чем в среднем по «Yandex.Marketу».
  • The complete absence of mobile electronics available – in the presence of it in the catalog.
  • Intransigence in matters of money back — as evidenced by the many reviews.

On the website in section "About company" SomeBox very immodestly calls itself "the unprecedented convenience and customer-oriented service" — if you look at the "Ottovich", these words seem sarcastic. However, negative reviews should not pay too much attention. SomeBox specializiruetsya on sales of quadcopters, drones, helicopter, and other "portativki", and this technique is doomed to failure.

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did you Buy the equipment in the online store SomeBox? You are welcome to share your impressions from cooperation with the store!