Mobile VR headset

more recently, mobile VR has slightly faded into the background. Just a few years ago just to insert a smartphone in the glasses was excellent and relatively cheap way...

Best smartphones in 2020

2020 is approaching the middle and it has left a lot of interesting smartphones. We will talk about the most recent and those that have not lost relevance in 2019.

Best Lenovo smartphones

the Interests of the Chinese Corporation Lenovo has long gone beyond the PC market – the company produces and is very distinctive mobile electronics. Which Lenovo smartphones...

the Best Nokia smartphones

The Nokia brand gradually returned to the smartphone market. So, you can get acquainted with the best models.

Best smart phones with AMOLED-display

AMOLED displays are the best type of the matrix of smartphones. The first devices were with them expensive models from Samsung. Today they are available in phones and other...

Best smartphones LG

LG – this is probably the main innovator of the mobile market. Smartphones of the Korean company, alas, often remain in the shadows of the flagships of other manufacturers, although many of its devices...

Best smartphones Huawei

Smartphones Huawei is able to please and design and broad functionality. Let's look at the best devices Chinese manufacturer.

Best Samsung smartphones

The South Korean manufacturer produces extremely reliable smartphones, it's time tested and authority, which so carefully builds the company. What's new...

Best Samsung smartphones with good camera

Korean giant Samsung sells more smartphones in the world, surpassing closest competitors of Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. Of course, the brand has a lot of...

Best keypad phones

This article will introduce you to the best push-button phones that can be found on store shelves.