3 reasons to choose wired headphones

Wired headphones are dying, it's true. Their relevance has suffered greatly, when the world has a little wireless earplugs.

Someday wireless technologies will force us to completely abandon the wires. But until that happens, we will talk about three reasons why when choosing headphones to ignore the wired model is not necessary.

Reason 1: quality wired audio is ahead of the wireless

AKG N700NC impeccable denoising, but Bluetooth codecs AAC and SBC.

As List sings the infamous, "This is the truth unvarnished".

Even LDAC, which on paper is one of the best algorithms for coding Bluetooth, can't compete with wired playback. In fact, the codecs lower level, SBC and aptX, provide greater joint stability than LDAC 330, the SoundGuys.

In principle, if you are not familiar with codecs Bluetooth and do not have audiophile ears to tell the difference in sound quality, not worth to bother with such things. In the end the nuances of playing really hard to hear while in a noisy environment. Those who have even a slight hearing loss (which can not suspect), it is generally not. But in a quiet room at home, the library or cafes with a small number of visitors qualitative superiority wired acoustics becomes obvious.

Why? In short, Bluetooth has limited bandwidth. The overall performance of such connections is questionable in all directions. If the specs of the codec specified transmission rate is 900 kbps, it is not stable the average, and the maximum and only under ideal conditions.

Such technical details in any case not erect any wired headphones over wireless. In the end, types of drivers, frequency characteristics and fit also strongly affect the overall impression of the sound. But most often wired headset is superior to its Bluetooth counterparts.

Причина 2: wireless headphones – это не так просто и удобно, как говорят в рекламе

Problems connecting to negate all the advantages of wireless earplugs. And wired, in turn, is more convenient and safer than we used to think about them.

Cannot be called wireless headphones a living hell with the points view ergonomic comfort. Nevertheless, they provide its owner with such problems on which the holders of wired and never heard. I admit, I'm lazy, and stick a 3.5 mm plug – not such a daunting task. And the result is instant: stuck listening. To use a Bluetooth speaker, will have to go through a process called conjugation (the word "process" already implies a certain delay and duration).

Easier to connect the wire, than each time to wait for the established wireless connection.

Просто задумайтесь: сколько раз вы пытались настроить новые wireless headphones вслепую, полагаясь на свой опыт и интуицию? Всегда ли все проходило успешно? Вряд ли. В большинстве случаев приходится волей-неволей обращаться к руководству по эксплуатации. Мне пришлось потратить достаточно много рабочего времени на настройку и подключение беспроводных гаджетов. Даже если в самом начале сопряжение проходит удачно, потом найдется миллион причин, по которым оно разорвется и все придется начинать сначала. Что помешает в следующий раз – очередной сбой сигнала? Ошибка автоматического подключения? А может ретроградный Меркурий? Да кто его знает.

My friends, colleagues and so I often had to re-configure the pairing that we have to accept this process as inevitable. Moreover, this disadvantage is typical for headphones of any value – and the cheapest, and superpipelining.

There is still the need to be recharged (plus one regular duty). The average invoice wireless headset gives you about 20 hours of playback, but then we must remember that the Bluetooth consumes more power smartphone. Of course, you can buy poverbank and the problem will disappear unless I have to:

  1. To spend a little more money.
  2. To carry in the pocket of one more thing.
  3. Regularly charge another device.

We can still go back to wired?

Reason 3: wired headphones are cheaper and easier stalling

Torn the cable is trimmed and soldered within an hour.

If the two previous arguments seem to you farfetched, then maybe this will seem more serious. A direct comparison of the two models, different only in the method of connection proves that wired – a better choice.

Here, for example, Bose SoundSport Free – real wireless monster for 11 000 rubles. But their wired version is just Bose SoundSport 7 000. The product is the same, and the price differs almost in 2 times. How so?

Look, can where-that really is a significant difference. From Bose SoundSport Free declared protection IPX4, from Bose SoundSport – water resistance. The case with the wired models are much smaller in size than wireless. I'll just cram the cable under your shirt when you go to the gym, and saved 4 thousand will walk in the weekend.

The high cost is not the only reason to abandon wireless headphones to use wired. There is such a thing as maintainability. The most vulnerable spot from a wired technology is actually wire. Most often, it is damaged at the bending place, or leaves the driver with careless driving. In any case, the search and repair of such a failure will take no more than 30 minutes of your precious time.

At Bluetooth headphones weaknesses much more (take the chips wireless), and for repair it is necessary to possess relevant experience, a sufficient amount of time and money.

Features of wireless technology makes it quite complicated to fix, so the electrician-Amateur with such a repair is unlikely to cope. "But why bother to fix them?", you say, "there is a guarantee". Right, that's just a long warranty period offered by the manufacturers of premium models (the V-Moda warranty life generally), and most brands are limited to a standard period of 12 months.

I'm not saying that wireless headphones are immune to breakdowns. Rather, they are slightly more durable and affordable in price. At work I often have to test different wireless devices – patch and earplugs, but outside of work, when I listen to music for recreation, my solid choice is wired.