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Best of the ad blockers for Android

The use of a smartphone with the Android operating system on Board associated with review of a large number of advertising. It is found in free apps, and when browsing many sites and even on YouTube.

If you are viewing ads seems a real meal, we recommend you to install on your smartphone or tablet to use so. The so-called special utility that fixes this is in most applications. In this review we will discuss the best solutions of this kind, identifying the best ad blocker.

You need to recognize that we now live in a world of advertising. It is found on television, in the press, on the radio and just around us. From this abundance can sometimes feel dizzy. Therefore, we should not be surprised that many people want to get rid of ads at least their cell phones. Because sometimes it is very annoying, making the use of the software inferior. In this regard, it remains only to understand how to remove ads on Android. This is what this article will tell. It contains information about the best blockers coping with its task almost perfectly.


AdBlock — it's a free adblocker that is compatible with all popular browsers (Chrome, Opera, Yandex, UC and others). The app works by creating a virtual private network (VPN), which blocks ads and malicious sites by hijacking user sends a DNS queries.

When you first run AdBlock, you'll see which browsers are compatible utility, the message will appear on the main screen. After that just press one button to download the engine lock. If the browser was enabled prior to running AdBlock, then it will have to be restarted. Otherwise, some of the ads will still be displayed inside the app.

AdBlock blocks all the ads. This applies not only banner ads but also video ads on YouTube. So thanks to AdBlock, you can view your favorite websites without Intrusive ads. The only drawback of the application — limited traffic. But if you use a smartphone without fanaticism, then you have this restriction in no way disturbed.


  • does Not require root-rights.
  • Supports all popular browsers.
  • The simplest "one-button" interface.
  • the Application is translated into USssian >


  • Unlimited time use only in the Premium version.
  • The minimum of the available settings and filters.

Rating: 6/10

Adblock Plus Browser

Adblock Plus Browser — it is a full browser (based on Chromium) with integrated ad blocker. The app is great for unsophisticated users who do not care what browser to use Chrome, Yandex or built-in. If you are not ready to abandon the familiar browser, the Adblock Plus Browser you probably won't be.

Utility blocks all pop-up ads and banners and also commercials on video. Unlike other popular "Adblock", the app has wide range of settings. Optionally, you can configure filtering lists, add allowed domains and even acceptable advertising.

Is not a secret that many websites (especially non-profit organizations) exist only thanks to advertising. So on some sites you can display unobtrusive ads to support content creators. This is useful in cases when you just need to look at banner ads (e.g., work) or blocker by mistake turned off another important script (e.g., for authorization).

Adblock Plus Browser — it is a full browser is Chromium-based, so you can bookmark, browse history, to include the tabs incognito and even to activate the version of pages for PC.


  • Completely blocks the ads.
  • No traffic restrictions or premium versions.
  • You can configure the acceptable ads.
  • Don't load the system.
  • does Not require root-rights.


  • The blocker built into the browser.
  • Cannot be used independently, in a different browser.

Rating: 7/10


Developer: Marcel Bokhorst
Price: To be announced

Is another application that allows you to remove the ads in phone. From its competitors is characterized by the fact that his work is not necessarily the presence of Root-rights. But it copes with its task much worse, some kind of advertising on the smartphone will remain.

More noteworthy is the fact that NetGuard can be found in Google Play. But don't be fooled. There lies a simplified version, which is a conventional firewall. With its help you can completely block Internet access to the different applications. However, this is a great way to deprive any offline program to show ads.

If you want to block ads on Android in automatic mode, you have to get the full version that expands on the official developer site and some other resources.


  • The ability to download free on Google Play.
  • Well implemented firewall.
  • The presence of the log of the network connections.
  • The ability to change themes.


  • A non-localized interface.

Rating: 6/10

What's the best adblocker for Android?

Surprisingly, is better with ads on smartphones and tablets with Android on Board is best suited app that appeared very first. It is, of course, about AdBlock, which disables ads in all compatible browsers. If you are looking for a utility that would block ads in other games and programs, without root permission and a special manipulation with each individual app to make it virtually impossible (not to mention the fact that these tools simply do not exist in the Play store). Of course, you can set NetGuard, which copes with the task. But do not expect that the application immediately will save you from annoying advertising.

If you want to get rid of ads only in the browser, we recommend to use the same AdBlock. Or install a full-fledged browser with integrated blocker — Adblock Plus Browser. Well, if you're not ready to part with your favorite web browser and often use different applications, then be sure to check out our selection the best browsers for Android.