What is a Smart TV on TV

In the year 2020 are available on the market a variety of models of TVs with a huge range of prices, functions and capabilities. A little apart are smart TV.

Is the device with the "brains" that increasingly captured the market, gradually become cheaper, but add in the stuffing, the build quality and image. In this article we look at what is a smart TV TV, how to use the "smart features" as running smart TV and also learn about the faults of this segment and, of course, will give dignity.

What is a smart TV

Smart TV — this TV models with built-in operating system. Thanks to her, there is access to the Internet, plenty of apps, services, games and entertainment content. Smart TV like a huge tablet, which are controlled using the included remote. The latter, incidentally, is also not standard — they are compact in size, with a minimum of buttons and a touch sensitive wheels for ease of management.

In addition, smart TVs can be the center of connection of various household smart gadgets, including smart lamps, light fixtures, appliances, and so on.

How to use smart TV

Use of "smart" TV is almost as easy as usual. He has the same remote, and in addition to the basic channel switch there is a main screen, where downloaded games and applications, available services, different functions, menus and settings.

If you have a smartphone, a smart TV shouldn't be a problem, because they all work on the different versions of the Android OS, and similar operating systems, which we will discuss below.

I know how to do TV with smart TV

Replace conventional TV

Smart TVs without problems replace the coolest and expensive cable television package. After all this there and then, but in a more pleasant and accessible way.

To your smart TV, you can install games and apps. For example, there is a wide choice of different services with hundreds of channels and a huge databases of movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, documentaries, reality shows and so on (Netflix, Megogo, ivi, IMDb HD, PREMIER, etc.). Monthly subscription for these services does not exceed, or even less, payment for cable television and features and content are much more.

Moreover, by subscribing to this service, you can forget about is that not only clears the brain of unnecessary information and removes the cravings to buy something, but also frees up a lot of time while watching, because it mostly already does not take advertising.

If you like to watch TV, we can do it on smart TVs. Moreover, you will get access to the records of various essential programs, serials, movies and other things. Not managed to get back from work in time to get to the latest episode of your favorite series? Not a problem, because almost all of the online cinema, described above, retain all program records and provide access to them during the week, two weeks or even month.

Replace the smartphone and the computer

Using the SMART TV can easily sit on the Internet via a built-in browser to hang in social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.), using downloaded apps, order food, products and various services.

Replace gaming consoles

In many "smart" TVs can easily play games from the Google Play app store. This means that your purchase is doubly beneficial, because it partly replaced the power of the PC and console.

you can Play with the remote, but it will be much easier to do using the controller. Yes, controllers can be easily connected to "smart" TVs and work without trouble racing games, shooters, shooter and other games that you download.

advantages and disadvantages of smart TV


  • The ability to connect to the Network via cable or Wi-Fi for quick access to desired information.
  • the Ability to control not only remote, but also from a smartphone or tablet.
  • the Ability to play games without consoles and PC.
  • Access to entertainment and useful applications.
  • Access to a huge database of cable channels, movies, serials, cartoons and TV shows.


  • A slightly higher price tag compared to conventional TVs.
  • The higher the barrier to entry for users who are not dealing with smartphones.
  • Is not the most powerful filling for mobile games.

What versions of smart TV are

"Smart" TVs from different manufacturers are equipped with different operating systems. They are all very similar, but have their own characteristics, pros and cons. The most popular OS for SMART TV: Tizen OS, Patchwall, Android TV and WebOS.

Tizen OS installed in the TVs of the Korean company Samsung and stands out as simple control and flexibility. Android TV is often set to "smart" TVs Sony, it is characterized by a wide set of tools, more functionality than the competition and compatibility with different gadgets.

Is WebOS in smart TVs made by LG. They have a nice minimalistic interface and useful feature of Smart Share which enables to display movies, photos and other files from external media.
Shell Patchwall works on TV Xiaomi and Redmi. She has a simplified interface with smooth animation, the horizontal scrolling of content, and ease of development.


As you can see in 2020 there is a huge market of TV, which, although cost a bit more than conventional versions, but for this Supplement offer enhanced features, lots of features, the ability to play games with a gamepad, listen to music, watch hundreds of TV channels, be controlled via a smartphone to display video from gadgets to easily surf the Internet, watch YouTube, Netflix and other popular services.