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The best voice assistants for Android

If the owners of iOS devices are always ready to help Siri, then the owners of gadgets with Android is the ability to choose your voice assistant.

Artificial intelligence is no longer fiction from the section "Science Fiction on the third shelf". Robots have long been penetrating into people's homes under the guise of clever columns and mobile applications for smartphones. In recent years, many companies have made considerable progress in the development of AI. Electronic assistants have become much more functional, and manufacturers are now entertained that "push their heads together", trying to figure out which voice assistant smarter.

the Most sensible of electronic assistants has long been a Siri – which is not surprising since Apple has brought the program to mind as much as 6 years. In 2019 IQ Loup Ventures tested voice assistants and found out — Google Assistant understands more questions than the competitors and gives the most detailed and clear answer. In second place Apple's Siri, third place went to Alexa from Amazon. In fairness, the three leaders showed similar results, so a clear leader is not here.

meanwhile, the number of voice assistants is not limited to the above options. More of them, and best explained in our review.

Яндекс Alice

Developer: Yandex Apps
Price: Free

One of the best voice assistants among functioning in the USssian >Alice" it is able to tell what weather outside the window, or get directions to your destination, but first and foremost this voice assistant is designed for all sorts of games. In particular, with "Alice" you can play "City", "guess the actor", "guess the song" and various other games. And the process can not seriously draw away!

Необходимо помнить, что голосовой помощник разработан самым популярным в России поисковиком. Это значит, что приложение отлично справляется с функциями, которыми чаще всего пользуются посетители сайта «Яндекс». Например, «Alice» моментально подскажет курс определенной валюты к рублю. Не составит труда программе и пересчитать какое-то количество долларов, переведя его в российскую валюту. Вообще, проще всего использовать голосовой помощник именно в качестве конвертера. Или советника — «Alice» вполне может посоветовать какое-то заведение для посещения, будь то ресторан, театр, развлекательный клуб или кинотеатр.

Many users like to know the "Alice". It should be noted that the voice assistant is behaving like a real woman. That is, the application may at any time begin to flirt or talk in riddles. In the end, you begin to make sure that this helper is the logic. Female logic.

Google Assistant

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Fast enough in Google's moved from development Now to create a Assistant. The first project is now considered closed, while the other is actively developed. Assistant of the world famous search engine stored on the server dialogs with the user. The program does it for self-development and finding key concepts. Gradually, the assistant increasingly adapts to the speaking style of the person, instilling a broad base of responses.

Изначально было анонсировано, что Google Assistant будет доступен только на флагманских смартфонах. На момент написания текста в октябре 2019 года любой пользователь Android может воспользоваться услугами Ассистент Google. Изначально англоязычный, он теперь без труда понимает русскую речь и выполняет множество функций — запуск музыки, открытие приложений, поиск нужной информации, конвертация валют, поиск маршрутов и нужных мест поблизости. Существенным преимуществом Ассистента является умение звонить абонентам телефонной книги, отправлять сообщения по электронной почте или смс. Такими навыками Alice пока не обладает и это ее существенный минус.

And Google Assistant is able to turn on the flashlight — a trifle, but nice.


In the background of these competitors from Marussia Group the youngest and therefore the most inexperienced. The developers have announced it in 2018, and the release of the beta version have been in the summer 2019. Then Mary spread for an invite, but at the time of writing in October 2019 it can be downloaded by any Android user. As existing helpers, Mary can tell you a fun fact to find the desired information in the network, to tell the horoscope to find a cheap plane ticket. In General, the capabilities are not much different from Alice's or the Assistant to Google, but today it has some interesting features.

First, the assistant from can understand a veiled question, for example, "if I freeze jacket" will force Mary to tell us the weather. Another curious thing which is not the competition is "remembering". You can simply tell the facts or the things that you need to remember without reference to a specific date, and then ask: "Mary, what do you remember?" and get a list of previously dictated. Similar options have Alice or the Assistant to Google, but they put a specific reminder at a certain time – and it's not always convenient. In addition, Mary gradually integrated into the services Group – it is already possible to start the music Vkontakte and in the foreseeable future is expected to support and other platforms.

You know that the creators of Mary, are preparing to release their own smart column, which of course will get a voice assistant. This must occur before the end of 2019. Jokes on this subject a lot, but knowing the price Yandex.Station , and it may have there is every chance to offer a more interesting version with an affordable cost.

In October 2019 Marusya struggles to compete with renowned rivals listed above, but it is evident — it has the potential and chances in the foreseeable future to exceed them. Read more about the possibilities of the assistant can be found on the the official website of.


Developer: UseYoVoice
Price: Free

The main feature of USssian->

The developers of the program focus users on what's "darling" — this is not a chat-bot that flirts with the user and tell him jokes, a La Siri. "Darling" performs the commands that trained – in particular, voice the request of the owner of the gadget, it is able to make a route on the map, dial the number listed in the phone book, to find music in the social network "VKontakte", write a message in What's App transfer any simple phrase into several >on forum.

the disadvantages of the program "darling" is the fact that it is paid. The user is given a week to make the acquaintance of the intelligent assistant – after this period will have to purchase a subscription.


Developer: Audioburst
Price: To be announced

The application "Robin" is the best voice assistant for the driver. The motorist will have to take your hands off the "wheel" to write a TEXT message, make a call or to know the weather forecast. Intelligent assistant copes with tasks such as finding relevant news and check unread messages in social networks.

The USssification assistant "Robin" had a hand in units from 2 search giants Google and Yandex Moscow Labs. The results exceeded expectations: "Robin" speaks USssian like the native >

"Highlight" smart assistant Robin is his outstanding sense of humor. Assistant is always ready to please the motorist a joke, and funny answers will handicap even the Apple Siri. Of marketing the company Audioburst spreading Robin – too funny guys, because otherwise they would not have been able to create such a masterpiece the trailer here:

Okay, the Notebook!

The functionality of the application, "OK, the Notebook!" a small — call it a full-fledged intellectual assistant impossible. Create voice notes and reminders is all that allows the user the app "OK, the Notebook!". Judging by the fact that the program has an excellent rating and lots of positive reviews in Google Play, with his humble task it copes on a 5+.

the application Developer D. Lozenko notes that "Okay, the Notebook!" is similar to the once popular mobile app to "Remember everything." Now the app is "Remember everything" is abandoned, so sensible alternatives to the "Notebook" in Google Play no.

the functionality of the program "OK, the Notebook!" can be slightly extended by installing plugins. For example, using additional software will be able to sync with Google tasks.

Amazon Alexa

Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: To be announced

Amazon contains perhaps the largest number of Internet servers in the world. This disk space is a sin not to use to handle any serious task. That is why once the light came the voice assistant Amazon Alexa. At the time this was the only assistant who doesn't just answer to on memorized phrases, and talked to him.

The helper receives access to the different functions of the smartphone. He is not difficult to change the brightness of the screen, play a song, or someone to call. It is also able to draw content from a variety of online services, and it doesn't have to be brand projects from Amazon.

Now the Alexa is considered one of the smartest voice assistants. The application runs mainly on the flagship device, and that is not at all. Basically, voice assistant was created to smart speakers — of individual devices, priobretayutsya for installation in a living room or anywhere in the kitchen. Unfortunately, in the USssian >

Voice assistants on your PC

Computer management can also be done with a virtual assistant – though, alas, only a few users know about it. Windows 10 is equipped with a full intelligent assistant Cortana is able to perform voice queries user a lot of tasks to find and run files on the computer to take notes and notes in the calendar, configure the system.

Alas, the Cortana has a big drawback: she doesn't understand USssian and don't speak it. Cortana for 2019 owns only 8 >

  • "the dragon" — an assistant who speaks both USssian and English. "Dragon" is able to perform voice commands any operation for which a user typically uses a mouse and keyboard. The problem of the "dragon" is that it recognizes he is mediocre – if the PC owner suddenly hoarse, the voice assistant will simply cease to understand it.
  • "Unit" — an intelligent assistant for the PC from the creators of the aforementioned "Dusi". The developers claim that "Unit" is much better than Cortana for a number of reasons: first, "Unit" understands USssian, second, it can be installed on any operating system (be it OSX, Windows or Linux), third, users can increase the functionality of the "Unit" by installing additional modules. But in the case of "Unit" is again not complete without a "fly in the ointment": the program is still under alpha testing, so you can download it just like that do not be – have to join in a special Google + community and request to receive a copy of the companion files.
  • Typle – a simple utility for Windows 7, 8 and 10. The functionality of the Typle is very limited: the program can open files and applications, but it is not capable, for example, to control a music player.


В скором времени владельцев гаджетов с Android ждет нелегкий выбор. В 2019 году на русском языке отлично разговаривают Alice, Mary и Google. А между тем развитие голосовых помощников идет полным ходом. Windows обещают портировать Cortana на другие платформы и научить ее другим языкам, на сервисе Baru operates Gregory, and Tinkoff Bank had his own assistant coaches. This should not be surprising, because the voice assistants — is not only fun, but also really convenient.


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