The best smart coffee makers

In the world where taxis intelligent appliances, coffee just have to get smarter along with other devices. If every morning you start with a Cup of freshly brewed coffee, the smart coffee machine has all chances to become your favorite pet gadget.

Imagine this: she knows what modes of cooking need different types of grains and granules, but leaves you full control over the process. This is what you will get from any device from our selection.

De'longhi Nespresso Espresso Machine Expert

Price: 16 000

versatile coffee maker — the leader of many ratings. The capacity of its bowl 1 l, there are three temperature settings – medium, hot and very hot. In case of a spill are different types of servings from small cups to very large. To prepare us it comes with a removable spout.

The intelligent functions are implemented via Bluetooth. The mobile application has not only the settings of the coffee maker, but the option to order Nespresso capsules and maintenance planning. However, it should be noted that part of mobile functionalities in our country is not available.

Atomi Smart Wi-Fi 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Price: 6 100 rubles

Doesn't matter where you are in the next room or standing in a traffic jam on the other end of the city to control Atomi Smart Wi-Fi from any distance. This is a unique feature of this coffee maker. The management tool can serve as a mobile app or a assistant (there is integration of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa).

The capacity of the carafe is designed for 12 medium servings. The reusable filter allows you to significantly reduce the amount of waste during preparation. There is delayed start function: to program cooking at the same time every day that will greatly facilitate the everyday duties on the job. However, it is rather standard, and not just a clever trick.


Smarter Coffee (2nd gen)

Price: 16 000

The Smarter Coffee looks like a classic machine, but its functionality is much broader. It can be controlled via mobile apps for iOS and Android which allows you to control when to start the brewing process, what is the strength of the drink and the amount and type of raw material, filtered or freshly ground. In addition, the app displays information about the amount of remaining water. The device is compatible with two voice assistants – Assistant Google and Amazon's Alexa.

Hamilton Beach Two-Way Brewer

Price: 5 500 RUB

For coffee machine from Hamilton Beach no mobile apps that support voice commands are also missing. But the abundance of settings is showing real coffee art.

The device is equipped with two separate filters for different supply modes. One of the most convenient features is the ability to pause the brewing to pour a Cup before the completion of the cooking process. If the drink is coffee and time to drink it no, do not worry – the table is equipped with a heating function, hot coffee must you wait.


Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Cost: 12 500 rubles

If the time of year for the window affect your preferences in drinks you'll love a coffee maker that knows how to do hot and cold brewing. The device from Ninja is very flexible in terms of settings, supports five cooking options and six serving sizes. You can even choose the Cup size of a full carafe.

System Cold brew is not just for coffee, but loose-leaf tea, and milk Frother for lattes. Of all the options in the collection, this is perhaps the most flexible.

Cold weather cooking – a fairly common option. In addition to Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System possess devices from Asobu, KitchenAid and Rommelsbacher.


Orenda Smart Coffee Maker

Price: 27 500 rubles

With this coffee machine you can program recipes with detailed settings for different types of coffee. Through the app you can customize the preparation of various varieties, there is also an analogue of cold brewing. Orenda comes with a guide wall that divides the container into three separate boiling compartment. So you can simultaneously cook up to three different varieties of coffee, this means that each family member will get a Cup of your favorite beverage.

Capabilities of the machine look impressive. It could be called the best maker of modernity, however, is not so simple. Company Orenda (formerly Auroma Brewing Company) started its activity on Kickstarter. The path was long and thorny. The timing of the release of the device is constantly postponed and very unhappy investors rushed to record the project in the Scam. But the supply is still started. The first owners of the Orenda Smart Coffee Maker have complained about a range of issues – from leaks and properly exposed to bad temperature filtration.

The machine has a complicated structure, and in the firmware there are serious shortcomings. This device can be attributed to experimental. Its reliability is in doubt, and we believe that Orenda Smart Coffee Maker is suitable not only for everyday use, but for experiments without a lot of queries on the result. The more so because of the original prices the manufacturer has got rid of $100.


Source: www.androidauthority.com