a Useful app for school students

students go to school not with textbooks from the library, but with the iPad and Android tablets.

And not in order to emphasize the status or wealth in many schools the presence of the tablet the student is a mandatory requirement. Of course, children are far more willing to install on the gadgets of the game, so the download of useful software can help in studies, care should be taken to their parents. What mobile apps are really able to simplify the hard work of the student?


Developer: Examer
Price: Free

Eksamen — this service is free to independently prepare for the exam and the OGE. For the application required authorization through Vkontakte. After this, the access to online tests in all core subjects of the school curriculum. In the application is:

  • Tests for 14 subjects (with solutions).
  • Detailed theoretical material divided into themes.
  • The ability to track the dynamics of learning.
  • Individual plans of preparation for the exams.

Thanks to a convenient system of training, during which you can gain experience and upgrade your account, exam preparation becomes a kind of game. So Eksamen performs both educational and motivational role.

Помимо модулей для подготовки к ЕГЭ (10-11 класс), в приложении есть материалы и для ОГЭ (1-9 класс). Поэтому Eksamen отлично подходит для школьников любых возрастов. К сожалению, для подготовки к ЕГЭ на besplatnoй основе доступен только один модуль, для работы с остальными придется приобрести полную версию. При этом все тесты для ОГЭ и теоретические материалы для ЕГЭ доступны полностью на besplatnoй основе.


Developer: Photomath, Inc.
Price: Free+

the Process of using apps for school on iOS and Android Parents is quite simple: point the camera at the math and the program will show the answer and will precede a phased solution. However, to believe that problems with homework in math, solved permanently, prematurely – user is going to load Parents, should know about some limitations of the program:

  • The app works only with printed examples – handwritten text does not recognize, although the developers announce a feature.
  • Parents do not decide cases with complex fractions, matrices and other mathematical "delights" — but with linear equations and a standard arithmetic program to cope without any problems.

Assume that the application Parents brings only harm, wrongly – where most students-for example, parents use when checking the homework of their children.


Из названия программы понятно, что она позволяет школьникам знакомиться с краткимandодержаниями классических произведений отечественной и зарубежной литературы – в базе их более 1000. Application "Summary"it may be useful not only for the careless students who do not want to spend summer days reading books, but also for teachers of literature – even for adults is not so easy to keep in mind the stories of all of the books read.

Application "Summary" is rather primitive. All available works are divided into classes. For example, "Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov can be found in the program for the 11th grade, and "Woe from wit" Griboyedov — for 9.

В целом у besplatnoй версии приложения довольно скудная библиотека доступных материалов. Но в ней есть все основные произведения школьной программы с 9 по 11 класс. Если вам нужно приложение с более внушительной библиотекой книг (в том числе с теми, которые не входят в школьную программу), то обратите внимание на «Briefly».

I must say that the application has minimal functionality. You can not customize the font and background color (only mode with white text on a dark background), quickly share text with your friends. Besides, there is no transition to the desired page, which is especially inconvenient when you work with complex literary works.

However, this is a great app for those who need quick access to a huge library of books. This is ideal in order to refresh the knowledge of the read material. Specifically, this app is only available to owners of Android, but in App Store there are other programs with similar functionality.

Foxford Textbook

Developer: Netology-group
Price: Free

«Foxford Textbook" — this is another compilation of detailed online courses for pupils from 4 to 11. The application has theoretical and practical materials, as well as videos. Any subject can be studied to fix on the solution of different exercises and tests. Some courses are available not only online but also offline (requires preload). Just "Foxford Textbook" is:

  • Over three thousand different materials for pupils from 4 to 11.
  • Several levels of difficulty of practical tasks (from basic to the contest).
  • A practical and theoretical materials for the basic school subjects.
  • you can navigate through classes and textbooks.
  • The regular updates.

The application is suitable not only for those who want to refresh their knowledge or fill in gaps, but also to prepare for the exam and the OGE. Most of the material "Foxford Textbook» доступна besplatno, но в приложении присутствуют и платные курсы.


Developer: Evernote
Price: Free+

Penultimate application developers Evernote and a great alternative to the embedded "Notes". A unique feature of the program-Notepad Penultimate is that the notes here are only by hand — electronic entry is impossible. Penultimate saves students from having to carry to class and a stack of notebooks from work to find the right notes in the traditional chaos of teenage rooms.

Except for the possibility of manual input from Penultimate there are other advantages over similar applications notes:

  • Synchronization. Penultimate able to synchronize with the cloud storage Dropbox and Evernote. In addition, any note can be sent to iTunes or via email.
  • a Function associated movements. If you activate this function, the page will move under the arm, automatically adjusting to the pace of the writing.
  • Protection from accidental contact. Thanks to this technology users can not be afraid to put your wrist on the tablet screen – errors will not.
  • Choice of working hands. In the settings two modes are available: righties and lefties. The attention to detail is a credit to the developers Evernote Corporation.
  • a Large selection of tools. Under the hand of the user Penultimate всегда находятся «Ручка» (цвет чернил которой можно отрегулировать), «Ластик» и «Ножницы». Выбирать можно не только инструменты, но и тип бумаги: в besplatnoй версии Penultimate available cell line and a clean sheet.

as a lack of application to study Penultimate users often note the inability to search through your notes (which is Evernote). In General for an app that you can download to your smartphone besplatno, pad Penultimate a little too good.


Cloud knowledge

Developer: Fizikon lab
Price: Free

«Cloud knowledge" is a library of interactive learning materials from 1 to 11 class 14 basic school subjects. For each subject are available to the user workbook, a textbook, an exercise book, a workshop and a set of questions to prepare for exams. "Cloud knowledge" — a great helper in self-preparation for the exam and the GIA, because the framework applications are also available simulators that allow you to practice passing state exams in realistic conditions.

There are a number of other reasons why the " Cloud knowledge" is among the best apps for students:

  • cross-Platform. Use "Cloudм knowledge" can not only the owners of the iPhone and gadgets on Android. "Cloud" is installed on PCs running Windows and Linux.
  • Saving data. All results are stored in the cloud, not on the gadget, so the student began to answer the test in the subway on the IPhone, you may continue on your PC at home.
  • presentation of the material. Even the most dry and boring subjects in the "the Cloud of knowledge" there are a living >

the Creators of the "Cloud knowledge" — not laymen in the field of education. The program is based on years of research the founders of the company "fizikon" conducted in the experimental classes from different cities of USssia. The quality of the programme handbooks confirmed by the USssian Academy of Sciences.


Teaching Assistant

In contrast to the listed applications, "Teaching Assistant" does not educational and organizational function. With this program you can keep a diary to record homework, names of teachers and classmates. "Teaching Assistant" is ideal for those visiting not only school lessons but also extracurricular activities, engaged with Tutors. Regarding the training of students read in this collection.

We will consider some interesting features of the app "Teaching Assistant»:

  • Events. In addition to the main schedule (1 or 2 weeks), you can add additional events with reminders. For example, tours, or meetings.
  • To the end. For least favorite activities is to set a special timer that shows remaining until the end of the lesson time (according to schedule). This feature is especially useful for those students who want to learn how to control your day and keep track of time.
  • Books. In this section you can save books, add quotes, and other information about your favorite works. Or just keep a list of references.

In addition to the functions for organization of educational process, the application built a guide on basic subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, English). It contains only the most important information (important formulas and explanations), so it can hardly be called a full cheat sheet.

unfortunately, the "Teaching Assistant" is available only for Android, but owners of iOS devices will surely find in the App Store app with similar functionality.


Many parents it is time to move away from conservatism and begin to collect children in school with notebooks, pencil cases and colored pens, and a tablet and an electronic pen. Subject to the availability of tablet apps gadget will be the able assistant in school, free tutor for the exam and GIA (when download of the "Clouds knowledge" or "Foxford Textbook"), as well as a live diary, in which information about homework assignments and schedules will be updated automatically. With lists of the best educational apps you can find on our website – for example, in this page are the best programs for learning English.

Parents should not fear that preparing a child for school "will cost" — almost all of these applications during their incredible usefulness are free.