Best programs for password storage

Active Internet user is forced to store a huge number of passwords – from social networking and email to online shopping and online games.

For security purposes it is recommended to come up with an original password for each new registration, because otherwise a malicious user gaining unauthorised access to the same account will be able to hack and other. To remember lots of different usernames and passwords difficult to record in a notebook is not safe; therefore, the best option to relieve the memory looks to use special programs to store passwords. It is enough to remember only one master password to access all others.


LastPass – known cloud service for storing passwords, developed by the same company and is available in computer operating systems Linux, Windows, OS X, the app stores Google Play, AppStore, Microsoft Store, as well as in the form of plugins for major browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This program remembers not only identification data, but manages them: helps the owner to generate a new password, change the data if he sees that the break-in analyzes the complexity and reliability of the password ensures that the passwords on two different accounts was not the same.

Key benefits LastPass:

  • two-Factor authentication. Most sites require you to enter login and password, this authentication is called single factor. Two-factor prompts the user for additional data (e.g., PIN, phone number, fingerprint), which is a guarantee of high reliability. On two-factor authentication switched famous portals Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, and more recently LastPass. Additional password protection is provided by Google Authenticator e YubiKey.
  • Complete and quality USssification.
  • A functional. After the interface update LastPass in 2014, the service was supplemented by a number of other useful functions. Now the user is using the application can store documents, apply tools to automatically fill out forms online stores, to monitor changes in credit history.

LastPass is considered to be a free program for storing passwords, however, to use the mobile versions need to buy a premium account.

The official website of:


Users 1Password note the important advantages of the simplicity of its application, as well as a very friendly and pleasant interface. However, the advantages of the program for storing passwords entered on the computer 1Password not the end and others:

  • cross-Platform. The program works on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and integrates into most popular browsers like Opera and Firefox. However, such wide integration – rather the norm for password managers, rather than a distinctive feature.
  • Synchronization. Using Dropbox e iCloud you can access your password vault to other users.
  • Reliability. The database is protected cipher AES-128 adopted as standard by the U.S. Government. Data leakage is prevented through the built-in with Keylogger device registered to user actions.
  • to Generate passwords. If you want to create a new password utility for password generation is not just generates a random set of numbers and letters, and creates the combination that corresponds to the parameters previously specified by the user. Such parameters – number of symbols, numbers, and even proiznosyat combinations.
  • the Possibility of a security audit. the Program checks the database for the presence of duplicate and weak passwords.

1Password has the highest rating among the analogues in the AppStore (4 stars from 5), however, it does have limitations. In comparison with analogues, 1Password the program is quite expensive, and the owners iPhone for the sake of installing the full version will have to part with a decent amount. However, even after paying the money, the user will not be able to edit the database from a mobile device.

The official website of:


Developer: Dashlane
Price: Free

Released in 2012 password Manager Dashlane immediately gained worldwide popularity thanks to the simple high quality interface high security and automatic filling of forms on web pages. By 2016, there have been several updates, and the program had to "grow into" the extra features. What is the difference between Dashlane?

  • two-Factor authentication – a sign of careful attention of developers to the reliability of their offspring.
  • Tracking purchases and integration with electronic wallets simplify the process of shopping through online shops.
  • Accessibility for all devices. This program to save passwords on your computer, works with both desktop and mobile OS even has a plugin for Internet Explorer. Possible a cloud sync for multiple devices on different platforms, but only by purchasing the Pro version.

Basic features Dashlane is available for free, but to access advanced features have to purchase the paid version. Despite the presence of Pro-version, the app is still not conducted in USssian >Dashlane is not so popular among domestic users as, say, LastPass.

The official website of:


RoboForm – "pioneer" and "survivor" of password managers. This programme began in 1999, however, and today the app is being continuously upgraded to increase functionality. Those who believe that the use of RoboForm now, if you have many worthy competitors – a sign of an unhealthy conservatism are mistaken, because the program can actually offer the user a lot of unique advantages:

  • Versatility. What password Manager works with all major and current OS, no surprise. However, how many know of programs that are supported on the Symbian, Palm OS, BlackBerry OS and dage Windows 2003? RoboFormone of these.
  • Mobility. Not necessary to install RoboForm on computer or gadget, to use it – thanks to RoboForm2Go, the program can be installed on a flash drive and run it on public computers.
  • Reliability. Base RoboForm encrypted with AES-256, which is traditionally used in banking.
  • The ability to create multiple profiles. the Same program can be used by different people in each of the profiles is password-protected, to store individual information. This allows you to save and purchase the paid version of the application "chipped".

the Manager is free to download, but then to store more than 10 logins / passwords will not succeed. For storing unlimited number of data as well as cloud sync will have to purchase a paid version RoboForm Everywhere.

The official website of:


Developer: Innervate
Price: Free+

KeePass is considered to be the best free product for storing passwords. KeePass can boast extensive capabilities and a flexible setting and a lot of different plugins to enhance the functionality, but at the same time, this program is quite difficult to master as a newbie. Officially suitable for desktop Windows, OS X, Linux, but with the plugins set KeePass you to iPhone and on Android.

the features KeePass are:

  • Is the portable version of the application it is possible to "throw" at memory card, to have access to the password database on any computer.
  • the Function AutoType self-enters the password in the browser – the user won't have to waste time manually searching for suitable data in the database.
  • Built-in password generator can analyze the reliability and uniqueness of the used character combinations.
  • the Ability to customize synchronization using Google Drive or Dropbox.

Another advantage of the program is excellent USssification, as well as support for many other >the official website of, and also in the AppStore (version Touch) and Google Play (version Droid).

The official website of:


If the first "pioneer" RoboForm were uncontested by the password Manager, now the competition among these applications are quite sharp – available software for storing passwords for Android, iOS and other mobile and desktop OS. Choose a password Manager need based not only on functionality, but also the cost: simple user who wants to hide identity from "Classmates" and "Vkontakte", enough free KeePass. If the information is so important that it is not a pity to sacrifice 60-80 dollars, you should pay attention to 1Password e Dashlane.