The best e-books 2020

The fans of the books in today's world face a lot of problems – they are expensive, they have nowhere to store, and to carry them hard enough. Fortunately, there is a great alternative – e-book.

However, if you want to find a suitable model, then you will make some conclusions:

  • On the market a small selection of manufacturers.
  • a Big price difference — from a few thousand to several tens thousand roubles.

What is the best model in this situation hard to understand – the device for 5000 rubles differs from the device for 20,000 rubles, and is there any sense in buying maybe easier to use a smartphone or tablet. And if you still buy the e-reader what she needs to know what criteria are important for the correct selection and what to look for should not be. These are the questions we will answer below. In addition, at the end of the text you will find the e-books 2020.

Advantages of e-books

Those users who love to read, but still have doubts – whether to pay attention to electronic books or it is better the old-fashioned use of paper, the arguments below will help to dispel doubts.

  1. More choice. Some paper publications will eventually become available. The Internet, as we know, remembers everything. In addition, some authors do not translate at all and if you don't speak the >
  2. The price. The minimum cost of the ebook reader starts from 3-4 thousand rubles. Then it depends on you to buy books or to download them for free (free access to a huge amount of literature). Paper book, in turn, costs from 100 roubles, provided that it is the cheapest edition, and often classic, which can be borrowed for free at the library. If we are talking about contemporary authors and quality publications, be prepared to spend at least 300-400 rubles. Further calculations are simple: 10 paper books = 1 a simple e-book that you can download for free thousands of publications.
  3. storage Space. Electronic library fits in a small the card or just the memory of the reader, the same cannot be said about paper editions. In addition, over time, they become a source of dust. And even if you clean, be ready in five years, your books can become a problem, especially if you have allergies, older people or small children.
  4. By the way, about children. Such a device is more than reasonable to buy a child to school. First, it will not distract him from studying games, social networking, messengers, and other features of smartphones. If you think that the gadget the child does not need any, then think how much it weighs 3-4 of the textbook and one e-book, while to the eye they are the same and no harm vision student applied will not. In addition, paper book – is not fashionable, electronic device and fashion. May be with a reader the child will want to read and love it.

Reader VS smartphone

Advantages of e-books we have identified, but many have a mobile – why not read from it.

In order to correctly answer the question, it is necessary to understand that the e-book — this is a strictly black-and-white device with a screen-based electronic ink (the technology of E-Ink). A few years ago, you could find a cheap ebook reader with color TFT screen or a IPS, as well as devices with color E-Ink displays. The first was very weak tablets and e-books were called only at the whim of the producers, and the second was the experimental options that are "not logged in" audience for two reasons – colour they can be called a stretch, because the brightness and the number of shades it was too little, and they cost several times more expensive. Thus, in the modern market there is only black-and-white E-Ink readers.

So what did better? In favor of the electronic book indicated by the following facts:

  1. Ecran. e-book the location of the backlight is different from other devices. It is installed on the side and in no way affects the vision. Other gadgets backlight under the display and sent directly into the eyes, hence eye fatigue.
  2. Autonomy. The average smartphone show a 1-2 day battery life. The reader indicator may vary from two weeks to several months. In addition, to put the battery reading is not the best idea if you need to stay connected, and in the near future to connect to the outlet will not work.
  3. Functionality. Any smartphone in its Arsenal has more features than reader. To some it will seem an advantage, but in some situation this is a minus. We have already mentioned that the reader will not hamper the child in school. Meanwhile, there are still seniors, who will be able to deal with e-book. While e-readers are quite a unique opportunity. For example, they will help in mastering foreign >

From the foregoing it follows that the real fans of reading, and the students e-reader is necessary or even useful. And if so, then let's see what characterizes a good e-book.

How to choose an e-book

, it May seem that to choose a reader is not the most difficult, because functions it is not much, but the reality is more complicated.


Perhaps the main advantage of electronic books is displayed. Therefore, it demands the most.

Type matrix

we have mentioned that the reader should have an E-Ink screen. However, the technology is developing and today it has several types: Vizplex, Pearl, Pearl HD, Carta. The most relevant option – Carta. It provides the best picture quality.


There are lots of options, some of which are specific, but if we consider the most common, they include 6 inches (best for reading regular literature), 7.8 inch – reader for image files or tables 10.3 inch – the best option for reading periodicals and comics.


The higher the better. The minimum acceptable is 800*600, so proceed from this value and search for above. Do not forget that different diagonals of the same resolution looks different.


Light may not be provided by the device, in this case, you will need additional light source. If it is, it is just white or adjustable colour temperature. The second option is more expensive and less common, but it allows you to optimally adjust the backlight for themselves.


UPRAVLENIE может осуществляться только кнопками, только сенсором или бывает комбинированным. В эпоху сенсорных устройств кнопки могут показаться пережитком прошлого, однако пожилым людям с ними будет проще. Сенсор удобен сам по себе, особенно для масштабирования текста и изображений или перелистывания страниц. Иными словами, здесь все зависит от ваших предпочтений.

Supported formats

There are people who will say that the number of formats does not matter, because you can download the book in the form that the device can read. In fact, not always there is such possibility, as not all the literature, especially if it is distributed for free in all formats. This means that if you have not found a suitable option, you will either have to abandon reading, or looking for converters that can disrupt the original layout. Therefore, choose so that the supported formats as much as possible.

Internet access

Some e-books are equipped with Wi-Fi. This module in the reader need to update the firmware, downloading books, browsing web pages via browser or sync the device with different kinds of services, e.g. Dropbox, which is a couple of clicks will allow you to transfer a book from PC to reader.

In addition, some brands have their own services through which you can sync multiple devices and not lose the progress of reading or bookmark when switching to another gadget.

Operating system

, Here one should rather understand — whether in the reader Android. If you read the reviews, the conclusion is that it is better without it. Often this operating system is not adapted for e-readers and can "devour" the battery. In addition, the current version of the OS is rarely designed for readers, in the best case, you get Android 7.0 and older, and not every reader equipped with Google Play. In other words, Android the ebook not simply unnecessary, but also harmful.


With audio playback you will be able to listen to audiobooks or to read under a relaxing music, if you have this habit. In addition, some devices can read the electronic text, for example, you decide to pour yourself a Cup of tea so as not to interrupt the reading, just include its scoring.

This also explains the presence in e-books Bluetooth. Someone may think that it is used here to transfer files between devices, but in fact it serves to pair with wireless headphones or speakers.

The battery

Traditionally there are those who will evaluate the autonomy of the device battery capacity. This is the wrong approach, as the flow affects many parameters. Many manufacturers indicate the autonomy of their devices, but as practice shows, it is safer to read reviews, because of them to draw conclusions about how long the battery lives in a particular model much more real.


it all depends on you. If you plan to constantly carry the device with them, to walk with him on the beach or in the pool, and integrate reading with tea or coffee, then moisture would not be superfluous. In other cases, pay for it is not necessary.

The best e-books


  • Screen: 6 inch E-Ink Carta, 800*600
  • Formats supported: TXT, DOC, PalmDOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, DjVu, RTF, mobi, HTML, CHM, ZIP
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Battery: 1500 mAh

Price: from 3 900 rubles

Opens our TOP budget book from the company Digma. Она предлагает необходимый минимум и многим этого вполне достаточно. Здесь есть хороший экран, кнопочное управление и неплохая автономность. Light, выход в интернет, аудио в устройстве не предусмотрены, но с учетом цены ждать таких функций и не приходится. Модель поддерживает самые распространенные форматы и имеет 4GB памяти для хранения книг, но если этого окажется мало, то можно установить еще microSD.


  • Affordable price.
  • A quick swipe.
  • quality display.
  • Simple controls.


  • You cannot specify separate settings for different books.
  • Small button switch – some hard to find her.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2015

  • Screen: 6 inch E-Ink Carta, 1448*1072
  • Formats supported: TXT, PDF, AZW3, AZW, MOBI, PRC
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Battery:

Price: 8 500 rubles

2015 Kindle Paperwhite is a book from the American company, which will exhibit a number of advantages, but provided that you are willing to spend the time to deal with this device. From the point of view of parameters of all the cool great screen with backlight, Wi-Fi, a private cloud to sync bookmarks and books, battery for 6 weeks of Autonomous operation and Soft-touch coating that provides a pleasant and comfortable grip.

Однако книга имеет мало поддерживаемых форматов. Это может показаться минусом, но фишка устройства кроется в том, что она «заточена» именно под них, а потому очень быстро все открывает и листает. Проблема с неподдерживаемыми форматами решается легко – есть фирменная утилита, которая качественно выполняет конвертацию и помогает организации файлов в читалке. UPRAVLENIE только сенсорное – кнопки не предусмотрены.


  • Excellent screen.
  • Light.
  • Synchronization with other devices.
  • Good ergonomics.
  • Speed.
  • Long battery life.


  • The peculiar interface.
  • Some people do not like the file organization.
  • Some are confused by the lack of buttons.

641 PocketBook Aqua 2

  • Screen: 6 inch E-Ink Carta, 1024*758
  • Formats supported: TXT, DOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, DjVu, RTF, TCR, MOBI, HTML, CHM, ZIP
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Battery: 1500 mAh

Price: from 11 000

PocketBook offers different models of electronic books for every taste and purse, so maybe USssian users often the word "paperback book" is a synonym for "electronic book". PocketBook Aqua 641 2 is a model of 2017, which is not only relevant today, but has cool features. The main advantage of the device, – impermeability standard IP57. The manufacturer promises that immersion in sea water, tub, pouring tea or soda and even burying the device in wet sand won't hurt him.

The rest of the model is also pleasing – a large number of supported formats, a month of battery life, backlight, convenient control sensor, and buttons, access to the Internet, services to download books and sync the translation feature, just select an unknown word.


  • Ergonomics.
  • For complete waterproof protection.
  • A high-quality screen.
  • A functional.
  • A large supply of memory.


  • The back cover is often climbed.

ONYX BOOX Livingstone

  • Screen: 6 inch E-Ink Carta, 1448*1072
  • Formats supported: TXT, DOC, fb2, ePub, DjVu, RTF, HTML, CHM, ZIP
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Battery: 3000 mAh

Price: 13 500 RUB

ONYX BOOX Livingstone is a fairly expensive device with nice features. It has a great screen with two-color backlight, rotate and responsive sensor. The model has Wi-Fi that simplifies the process of updating software and downloading books. In addition, the book is quite ergonomic, but in the package it has a quality case. It should be noted that this eReader with Android and this is the case when the system greatly affects the autonomy at a fairly capacious battery, many have noted its fast discharge. However, reviews recommend after purchase "pokoldovat" over the device. Update and some settings reduce consumption and stretch the battery for a couple of weeks.


  • Excellent screen.
  • Cold and warm lighting.
  • In the included case.
  • A lot of memory.
  • a Quick work over Wi-Fi.


  • Weakly holds a charge.
  • For comfortable work is required to thoroughly dig into the settings.

PocketBook X

  • Screen: 10.3 inch, E-Ink Carta Mobius, 1872*1404
  • Formats supported: TXT, DOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, DjVu, RTF, ACSM, CBR, CBZ, DOCX, EPUB(DRM), FB2.ZIP, HTM, MOBI, PDF (DRM), PRC, HTML, CHM
  • Memory: 32 GB
  • Battery: 2000 mAh

Price: 30 000 rubles

The most advanced model from PocketBook offers a high resolution display, customizable lighting and temperature of the plastic substrate of the screen (this makes it stronger). The matrix is slightly recessed into the body, which is an additional protection in case of fall. The case itself is made of magnesium alloy and aluminum, the back has a corrugated surface for improved ergonomics. For charging Type-C, and included is an adapter for 3.5, but headphones can be connected via Bluetooth. This is necessary in order to listen to audiobooks or music model has support the respective formats.

The standard functionality of augmented corporate services, sync files and reading progress, the ability to add the stores for buying e-books, translator, browser, a Notepad with the ability of drawing and games. With all of the above pleases autonomy – month with backlight and about fifteen without it.


  • Excellent screen.
  • The metal case.
  • Custom lighting.
  • for a Long period of autonomy.
  • a Large number of supported formats.
  • The opportunity to listen to the audio.
  • a Lot of extra features.


  • High price.
  • The control buttons are located inconveniently for some.
  • Difficult to purchase a comfortable cover.