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Best app alarm clock for Android

In the last time many of us have abandoned the traditional alarm clocks.

Instead, use a special application for smartphones that has a wide functionality. These programs will be discussed in this article.

Cell phones began to alarm function in the early 2000s. The first time it is offered to install only one Wake-up time. In some cases it was possible to change sounding melody. Well alarm clock for Android is much more feature-rich application. In this you will see for yourself as we consider the top six programs of its kind. You then will install any app using the link on Google Play.


Developer: Bitspin
Price: Free

We cannot say that the work of the developers at Bitspin pleases some very broad functionality. But it has one hell of a beautiful interface! The alarm clock boasts a high speed of installation signal. And here there is a function «smart» awakening — the app tries to Wake you up as unobtrusive as possible, so that you woke up in a good mood. Not to say that this feature works in 100% of cases, but its presence can definitely add to the list of advantages.

Like many competitors, Timely offers to set an alarm sounding in certain days of the week. And here you can provide a special signal task, the solution of which will stop the sound. It can be as simple shake of the smartphone and not a very complex puzzle.

The main advantage is the availability of Timely stopwatch and timer. But these functions are secondary, therefore to tell something interesting about them will not work. With regard to the distribution program for Android, it is free. The reason is that in 2014 Studio developer bought generous Google. After that, the received clock synchronization with other devices and integration with Google Now.


  • The ability to download for free.
  • The presence of a stopwatch and timer.
  • the Solution of the task to disconnect the call.
  • Very nice interface.
  • Synchronization with other gadgets.
  • Integration in Google Now.
  • the presence of the widget.


  • The functionality of the alarm clock could be improved.
  • Problem on some smartphones.

Rating: 9/10

Smart alarm clock

Developer: Smart Mobile Tools
Price: Free

Smart alarm clock just will not let you sleep at work or school. Utility supports several ways of "awakening": from the classic (by pressing the button "Disable") to scan the QR codes and solving puzzles.

You can configure multiple alarms. And for each you can choose your call and the way of awakening. For example, on weekends you will embark on a standard alarm clock that you can turn off and sleep on. But on weekdays, to do this will not succeed, it is possible to configure a more sophisticated way of awakening is through the solution to a mathematical puzzle.


  • Several ways of awakening.
  • the Possibility of use as a signal custom ringtones.


  • On some devices there may be problems with correct operation.

Rating: 7/10

Life Time Alarm Clock

Developer: 8 bit Immersiv
Price: Free

If you like beautiful interface, then you need to download the alarm clock for Android called Life Time Alarm Clock. The creators of this app strongly believe that if you Wake up and see something beautiful, the mood will improve. We need them to believe and celebrate the fact that smart alarm clock just will not let you sleep work or study. This program simply will not constantly press the button «Defer» — at some point this feature is disabled so you finally forced himself to get up. No less interesting feature is giving the user mathematical problems — the call disconnects only after its solution.

The application has a set of very nice tunes. Supported here and the ability to change appearance of the clock. Another interesting feature is the time shift alarm by pressing a button (the next time the time is returned to the previous value). It should be noted that this allows you to spend on setting the alarm the least amount of time.

Unfortunately, this app is not perfect. First, is that it's free is far-fetched. Some tunes need to purchase the paid version. Second, a large part of the interface is not translated into USssian >


  • Nice interface.
  • A large number of alarm settings.
  • The ability to use as a Desk clock.
  • The solution of puzzles to stop the sound signal.
  • A nice musical melody.
  • Fast shift time of the alarm.


  • The free version inferior to pay.
  • The almost complete lack of USssian >

Rating: 8/10


Price: Free

Wakey — this is another free and very feature-rich app with a nice interface. Alarm clock allows you to configure a ringtone and a way to disable, set your own spacing between loops, change the volume. In addition, Wakey supports two special modes — "short NAPs" and "on vacation." Activating the first you will be able to take a NAP from 5 to 120 minutes (timer is set manually) after switching on the second alarm clock will not disturb you in the morning, during the specified period.

In addition to the functionality of the alarm, Wakey has a built-in weather (temperature, precipitation, cloud cover). Depending on the current weather conditions in the app changes animation revival. So every morning you will meet different "suns".


  • Nice animation.
  • Several ways of awakening.
  • Built-in weather forecast.


  • To use the application you need to register.

Rating: 8/10

Puzzle Alarm Clock

Developer: Wro Claw Studio
Price: Free

If you remember the different smart alarms, it is impossible not to mention about Puzzle Alarm Clock. This app will try to Wake you up at any cost. To stop the alarm here is used one or the other test. In the settings select its type — it can be math, associative or otherwise. There is even a test, contributing to the development of short-term memory! Also there is a captcha when filling out which you'll definitely Wake up.

If all this fails, then the program sends SMS to predefined number. Well, the caller can call you, forcing to rise. Even more curious option is not yet available in the CIS countries. It is that for each press of the button «Defer» you pay the developers of Puzzle Alarm Clock for one dollar.

Is not less important is the fact that this alarm clock on Android in USssian, therefore the menu will not cause you any problems. But there are the program has a serious problem. Here often there are bugs. They sometimes fail to turn off the alarm until you perform a restart of the smartphone.


  • The full USssification.
  • The multitude of tasks that need to be addressed to stop the alarm.
  • A large number of alarm settings.
  • Sending SMS in case if you don't get up.
  • Is distributed free of charge.


  • The most interesting features for the money.
  • The app is not without bugs.

Rating: 8/10


Among all the alarms that is Alarmy will Wake up even if you really don't want to Wake up. The fact that it is a very clever system shutdown signal. For this you need to take a picture of some place in the house that you photographed when you first start the installed application. For example, if you removed the sink, in the morning the alarm will turn off only after you visit the bathroom. It seems that after this you are unlikely to go back to sleep.

Present here and simplified modes of alarm. In this case you need only shake the phone or to solve a mathematical problem. Bugs not noticed, the alarm occurs in any case. Abuse can not only on the wide application functionality — rich alarm settings do not wait.


  • The alarm at the photos.
  • The presence of simplified methods stop the alarm.
  • A simple and intuitive interface.


  • Is not the functionality.
  • It is recommended to install the paid version.

Rating: 7/10

Which Android to pick?

If you decide to pick up a clock application for Android then you can download any of the above options. The fact that none of the programs does not cause serious complaints. Even a simple Timely will satisfy the vast majority of users. But if you want to obtain maximum functionality, the set Life Time Alarm Clock or Puzzle Alarm Clock. Any of these products can be called the best alarm clock. Both of these applications can not only Wake the dead!