October 2021

Campaign reporting refresh

With our new and improved campaign reports, it’s now simpler to view campaign results, understand key email metrics and translate them into actionable insights for future campaigns.

You may notice some changes to your email metrics as a result of Apple Mail Privacy Protection, so we’ve increased the visibility of metrics that aren’t impacted, such as click rate and delivery rate.

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September 2021

Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Apple recently launched Mail Privacy Protection, which impacts how open rates are measured for Apple device users. This means open rates and click-to-open rates (CTOR) may become less reliable.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve made some improvements in Campaign Monitor to help you navigate these changes.

To give you the most reliable measure of email engagement, we’ve replaced CTOR with click rate on the Campaign and Overview pages in the Clicked column. You can still pop open a view of your CTOR from the Clicked column.

MPP has just been released, so we’re still testing and studying the impacts. We will have further updates for you once we have more information.

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Help menu

Our new help menu gives you the assistance you need, when you need it, without interrupting the task you’re working on. Plus you can share your feedback in seconds. We’ll funnel it straight to real humans in our product team to help shape the future of Campaign Monitor.

Click the icon in the bottom right of the page to access the following options:

  • Give feedback: tell us how we can make your Campaign Monitor experience even better
  • Help center: find answers to your questions or contact the support team
  • Tutorial videos: watch our instructional videos which teach you how to complete tasks in Campaign Monitor
  • What’s new: jump straight to this page to see the latest product improvements, features and announcements
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August 2021

New campaign experience

The new campaign experience is a smarter, more streamlined way to create and send campaigns. It’s now available for existing customers to opt in – just click on the Check out the new campaign experience button when you create a campaign.

Create your campaigns from a single checklist page

  • Edit all your campaign information from the one page, in the order that’s most convenient for you. That means less time wasted clicking back and forth between pages, and less page load time
  • Quick design options to make it simpler to reuse a previous design, find the perfect template, or upload your own HTML
  • A single place for all your preview and test options to give you peace of mind when you hit send

Smart recommendations to take your email program to the next level

  • We’ll help you maximize engagement by:
  • Recommending the perfect A/B test to run based on your campaign objectives
  • Helping you optimise your subject lines by providing a summary of your previous subject lines and open rates 
  • Suggesting lists to use based on previous campaign activity
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July 2021

Custom fields refresh

We’ve upgraded the custom fields page to make it simpler to add and edit custom fields. Plus it’s now easy to access all your list information and settings from the left menu.

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Welcome journey recipe

A welcome journey is the perfect way to onboard new customers and engage subscribers – your subscribers not only expect them, but find them highly engaging. But we know setting them up can be overwhelming when you’re strapped for time.

We’ve introduced a welcome journey recipe which will guide you through the journey process to help you quickly send welcome emails to your subscribers and maximise subscriber engagement without the manual effort.

We’ve done all the prep for you – all you’ll need to do is review the journey and turn it on!

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June 2021

New automation page

Check out the improved automation page! We’ve kept all the features you know and love, but have made it simpler to view and edit your automated journeys and RSS workflows.

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May 2021

New Overview Page

We’ve improved the overview page to make it easier to view, create and manage campaigns, lists and automations. The new page gives you a bird’s-eye view of all your email activity, which is especially helpful when you have multiple team members working on different campaigns.

The new improvements include:

  • A modern layout: there’s now less scrolling required to see all your important info. Plus new thumbnails so you can easily identify and differentiate your campaigns
  • Shortcuts: hover over a sent or draft campaign to quickly preview or copy. Hover over a scheduled campaign to cancel send. Now you don’t need to spend time flicking between pages to make these edits
  • New ‘create’ button: create a new campaign, list or automation straight from this page to save you time
  • Recent lists: we’ve added a summary of recent lists on this page to make it easy to jump straight into editing your subscribers 

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about the new page:

The changes are fabulous and it’s so much easier to access recently uploaded lists. The thumbnails make it visually easier to identify and find campaigns.

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Bulk delete lists

Select multiple lists at once and delete them in bulk, rather than having to remove them one-by-one. Just hover over a list and tick the checkbox for the lists you want to delete.

This is a big timer saver that will help minimise list quantity. We recommend maintaining a small number of lists with useful segments rather than a large number of lists, as this is the best way to track subscriber engagement over time and compare results between different subscriber groups.

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April 2021

Footer flexibility

You can now customize the footers in your email designs to be more functional and align with your brand. This is one of our top requested features, so we’re excited for you to try it out!


We’ve introduced a broad range of flexible elements for your footers, so that you can:

  • Edit layout (right, center or left aligned)
  • Add a logo (in text or image format)
  • Hyperlink text
  • Add additional lines of text
  • Customize the font, size and color of text 
  • Customize footer background color
  • Add a border and customize the border color
  • Customize the color of social share buttons
  • Add top and bottom spacing
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March 2021

Free Image Gallery

We know finding high-quality, low-cost stock imagery is difficult and time-consuming.

So we’ve given you quick access to free Unsplash images in the email builder, to help you send engaging emails that drive clicks and bring your brand to life.

No need to spend time trawling through stock image sites or uploading images manually – just search by topic for an image that suits your design, and drop it straight into your email. There’s over 2 million beautiful images to choose from!

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February 2021

Lists and Subscribers

We’re making it easier to navigate, filter, upload, and search for your lists, subscribers, and suppression contacts.


Here are some of the key changes:

  • Fresh, modern layout for the lists and subscribers overview page: Navigate between lists, subscribers, and suppressions from the one page
  • Faster, streamlined flow for creating a new list: We’ve shortened and simplified the process for creating a new list and importing subscribers
  • Improved list details page: A single page that has all the important information about your lists, including subscribe and unsubscribe settings and a drop-down menu for helpful list features such as adding an unsubscribe survey
  • Subscriber details page: An updated page that makes it easier to view or edit specific subscriber information. You can search through an individual subscriber’s recent activity to see which emails they’ve received and opened, and which links they’ve clicked.
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Social Links

Make your email and social marketing work better together. Drag and drop links to your social media channels anywhere in your email design, as many times as you want.

Simply select the social links you want, and then customize the size, shape, alignment, layout and color to suit your design. You can pick any color you’d like, so that it aligns with your brand.

If you have social links in your footers already, you can click on them to access these new customization options, or drag them anywhere in your campaign!

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Coming Soon

Upcoming product improvements and feature releases to look forward to!

API improvements

Upgrades to the API to help you better integrate core systems with Campaign Monitor.

Scheduled Release: Q4 2021

Improved journey reporting

Giving you better insight into the overall performance of your journeys.

Scheduled Release: Q4 2021

Email builder flexibility

New features to give you more flexibility when designing your emails.

Scheduled Release: Q1 2022

This contains forward-looking statements that are subject to change at CM Group's sole discretion. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees, promises, commitments to deliver, or agreements regarding future product features, functionality, or otherwise.


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New campaign experience

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