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Companies both big and small love marketing automation.

The benefits of this technology are many including more targeted communication, more qualified prospects, and higher revenue. The right platform and the right processes allow businesses to achieve more success in less time, and with less staff—and that’s the name of the game.

TWEETTHISAt 82%, email marketing has the highest adoption among users of marketing automation suites.

Invest in marketing automation that’s just right for you.

When it comes to marketing automation it’s not one-size-fits-all. Sometimes marketers buy full suites with bells and whistles they’ll never use. We recommend doing some analysis about your goals and focus on the features you need. You probably need email automation but maybe not search marketing, you might want marketing analytics but may not need content management.

How marketing automation stacks up.

We surveyed hundreds of marketers from fast-growing small and mid-size companies. Check out the findings and see what marketers really want from marketing automation.

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Email automation — one big piece of the marketing pie.

Email automation is part of every solid marketing strategy. It's the practice of creating a customer journey of relevant emails that are timely, and designed to connect with customers on a more personal level.

TWEETTHIS320% more revenue was generated in 2015 by automated emails than non-automated emails.
Did they "Donate" again?

Keep your customers engaged, and coming back for more.

Customer journeys are triggered based on subscriber behavior and traits. You can create as many journeys as you’d like. Email automation allows you to create it once and you’re done. Some of the more popular customer journeys are outlined below.

  • VIP offers
  • Welcome series
  • Reminders
  • Birthday offers
  • Re-engagement series

Thanks for being a VIP.

As a marketer you want to cultivate your big spenders and keep them coming back. For a journey like this set a trigger for when a consumer spends a certain amount of money, say $200. When this amount is spent, an email is automatically generated with a VIP offer. If a consumer does not spend that amount, they’d receive a different email with a more generic offer or product news.

Customer becomes a VIP
Customer spends over $200

We’re happy to have you.

This is a way to help the customer engage with your brand in the initial stages of your relationship, and make a great impression right off the bat. This series traditionally includes three emails sent within 2 weeks. Once a customer engages in any way, send your first welcome email. If the consumer doesn’t respond in some way send them a second a few days later with a promo, then a third in a week’s time.

Customer signs up on website
Wait 3 days

Here’s a helpful reminder.

This trigger based customer journey starts with an action - say a consumer buys a car. The dealer knows that six months later that car is going to need a tune up so they send an email reminder. Then send another reminder based on if / how they engaged with the first email including another relevant offer.

Customer makes car purchase
Wait 6 months
Did customer book a service?

We hear it’s your birthday.

Every retailer could benefit from a birthday series, and let’s face it, everyone likes to be remembered on their special day. It’s a great opportunity to delight good clients with a little surprise. Generate an offer or gift suggestion based on past purchases. It’s a good way to increase sales and stay top of mind with your customers.

Customer’s birthdate
Born before January 1960?

Hey, we’ve missed you.

This type of series is a good way to remind your customers how awesome you are. Maybe they haven’t made a purchase in a while, or engaged with your website. Take this opportunity to entice them back with an email - be thoughtful, be engaging, be compelling. This not only helps generate sales, or donations in the case of St. Judes, but it’s a good way to reconnect.

Donated in the past 6 months
Did they donate again?

Marketing automation that works as hard as you do.

Campaign Monitor offers marketing automation that’s simple, user-friendly, and powerfully effective. Create custom journeys with an easy visual journey designer, then walk away and see sales jump. Perfect for growing B2C companies.

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