Connect and convert like never before with SMS marketing.

Exploring the exciting possibilities of SMS?
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Connect and convert like never before with SMS marketing.

Amplify your email marketing with the power of SMS.

Inboxes are crowded. Notifications are non-stop. Combining SMS with email is the perfect way to make sure your messages stand out and your conversions soar.

  • Email & SMS are the top two preferred channels for receiving brand updates
  • 95% of text messages are read & responded to within three minutes of receipt
  • 98%: average open rate of an SMS
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We’ll set you up for success from Day One

Our SMS marketing platform makes it easy to send powerful text campaigns with confidence, right from the get-go.

Prepare an SMS campaign in minutes

Quickly create, edit, and send your campaign from a single page, crafting the perfect message for maximum ROI.

Connect personally with each subscriber

Pull through your subscriber data to engage on a more personal level and drive higher click throughs.

Apply best practices to drive results

Use our link shortener to keep your copy sharp and prompt immediate action. Automatically add opt-out copy for industry compliance (stress-free).

Play with the SMS pros: We’ll get you scoring quickly with SMS.

Our SMS solution is built for busy teams, so you can become an SMS pro in no time. Simple, intuitive, cost-effective solutions that make your marketing spend go further: it’s what we do best.

  • Manage email & SMS campaigns from one platform
  • Learn text messaging best practices from our team of experts
  • See immediate results with real-time reporting
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How easy is it to add Campaign Monitor SMS to your marketing mix? Find out at our SMS launch event on April 28. We’ll help you embrace SMS with a review of best practices, tips on how to write for SMS, successful strategies for combining SMS with your email marketing, and lots of other good information. Join us!

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*Campaign Monitor SMS is available to contracted customers sending SMS to the USA. Must be added to an email plan.