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Just a super quick tip today to make sure your beautiful designs aren’t let down at the last moment. We review all the campaigns that go out through Campaign Monitor, making sure that everything is ok and also trawling for gallery entries.

Often I will see a fantastic design that has been well planned, constructed and laid out with delicious graphical touches. “A candidate for the gallery!”, I think to myself as I scroll through the rest of the email. Moments later I am disappointed to see that the email ends with our default unsubscribe link, hanging off the bottom like a dag on a sheep.

Clipped to preserve the guilty, here are a couple of examples:

It’s such a pity to bring down a well crafted design by letting Campaign Monitor automatically add some text at the bottom. It’s very easy to put an unsubscribe link exactly where you want it, and style it any way you like.

Simply insert the tags ‘<unsubscribe>’ and ‘</unsubscribe>’ around the words you would like to become an unsubscribe link in the HTML source of your campaign.

<unsubscribe> Unsubscribe from future emails</unsubscribe>

It’s that simple. You can even have a “style=” attribute in the unsubscribe tag, and those inline styles will be applied to the eventual unsubscribe link.

The default unsubscribe link is our ‘unsubscribe of last resort’ – we’d much prefer to see you all integrating it into your layouts in a sensible and appropriate fashion.

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