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As we get closer to the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Games in Rio, the spirit of excellence is in the air. Here at Campaign Monitor, we are on the edge of our seats waiting to cheer the athletes on. To take part in the fun and bolster the spirit of the Games, we thought we would hand out some gold medals of our own.

Here are some gold medal worthy email marketing campaigns from our very own Campaign Monitor clients in the following 4 categories:

• Design
• Subject Line
• Use of Images
• Copywriting

As you place these examples of outstanding email marketing on a podium and work to emulate these campaigns, it will be easy to stay at the top of your email marketing game.

A gold medal for design goes to…Jaybird!

Jaybird’s clientele is actively looking for the latest and greatest in wireless headphone technology to transform their music experience and elevate their sports performance. As such, Jaybird has a hefty responsibility to communicate frequently and effectively through email marketing. One way they reach their target audience is with their sleek and carefully crafted email designs.

Here are some ways Jaybird crushes it when it comes to email design.

1. Easily scannable.

It’s no secret that your subscribers get hundreds of emails in a day, and it’s often difficult to capture their attention. Not to mention, it’s especially hard considering humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. That means, if you want your content to get noticed, you have to communicate the message in less than 8 seconds.

As you can see, the email from Jaybird accomplishes this with its easily scannable style. You immediately understand what product they are featuring and how you can get your hands on it.

2. Draws attention to the call to action (CTA).

Jaybird uses three important design tactics to draw readers attention straight to the call to action.

1. Color contrast. The bright green color of the headphones against the subdued gray background draws your focus right to the product they are highlighting.
2. CTA Placement. The placement of the singular, bold, and highlighted call to action button at the end of a paragraph is especially effective. It lets readers know immediately exactly what they are supposed to do.
3. Button use. People love to click on buttons, and Jaybird knows it. When you design your CTA, make sure it is encased within a clickable button.

3. Email design is 100% related to the brand.

The design of your email should always be an extension of your brand. If you look at the colors and designs of this email by Jaybird and then click over to the Jaybird website (pictured below), you’ll notice the colors, look, design, feel, and logos are consistent. This design strategy is nothing less than a win.


4. Other notable design points from Jaybird:

• Optimized for mobile devices
• Beautiful, eye-catching images
• Brand-relevant images
• Logo included at the top and above the fold

All in all, Jaybird truly deserves a gold medal when it comes to design.

A gold medal for subject line goes to…Birchbox!

Awarding a gold medal for a stellar subject line was difficult, considering the fact that we have seen so many great ones. However, this recent summer email marketing from Birchbox really hits the subject line nail on the head.

“Want to Make Your July Delivery Even More Fun?”

Birchbox gets a gold medal because they wrote a short,engaging, effective subject line that falls in line with some important criteria.

1. Use personalization or a pronoun.

A truly great subject line will either include the name of the person you are sending the email to, or a personal pronoun (we/you/your). People love to know you are talking to them. Birchbox includes the second person personal pronoun “your” which draws the subscriber in.

2. Be exciting.

Subject lines are a dime a dozen, and if you want yours to stand out, it needs to be exciting. Birchbox accomplishes this by promising some extra fun once the subscriber opens the email. This method also helps increase their engagement by getting them to open the email and choose a possible upgrade for their monthly box.

3. Follow one of the 8 proven formulas.

There are several ways to capture the attention of your readers, and, of course, you can’t include all 8 in one email. If you want to knock it out of the park when it comes to mastering the subject line, just make sure your subject line follows one of the top 8 proven formulas described in detail in this article like the Birchbox subject line. This subject line works well because it offers a surprise…a way to make their July delivery even more fun.

4. Offer something.

People are only going to open your email if it enriches their life in some way or another. There are many ways to do this including offering a discount, announcing a promotion, making an announcement, sparking interest, etc.

5. Refer to your brand, if possible.

If there is a way to quickly remind your subscribers who you are in your subject line, then do it! The subject line of our gold medal winner uses the word “delivery,” which is what the brand is all about–subscription box deliveries.

Good work, Birchbox.

A gold medal for use of images goes to…Ryan Adams!

Images really are worth a thousand words, or rather 60,000 words, as the case may be. Since images are processed so quickly, using images in your emails is the perfect way to capture the attention of your subscribers.

When it comes to dealing in gold, we think Ryan Adams deserves both a gold medal and a Grammy for his outstanding use of images. Here’s a great example of an email from his marketing campaign as well as some things he did exceptionally well.

1. Use a template.

Here is the thing. It’s difficult to properly optimize an email with images when you don’t have a background in coding and design. If you are looking to wow your subscribers with a professional and polished layout you can use a proven Campaign Monitor email template.

Rather than spending time coding, all you have to do is select your best images and insert them into the email. The template does the heavy lifting for you.

2. Use images that reflect your brand.

There are several images that could communicate that Ryan Adams is a musician, but what better choice than an engaging image of him singing and playing the guitar supplemented with images of his album covers? His choice of images is absolutely on point, easily recognizable to any fan, and communicates the message clearly that he has some limited edition singles up for grabs. Nice work.

3. Use high-quality and professional images.

Probably our favorite thing about this email from Ryan Adams is the professional quality of his images. When selecting images to use in your email, only choose images that are on point for your brand.

We can’t wait for another single from you, Ryan Adams, just so we can get another email from you.

Check out some other amazing examples of gold medal worth email campaigns in our Top 100 Email Marketing Campaigns.

A gold medal for creative copywriting goes to…BuzzFeed!

When selecting a gold medal winner for creative copywriting, we selected a brand that knows a bit about email newsletters.

BuzzFeed has developed over 20 different email newsletters, making them one of the industry’s top newsletter pros. Additionally, it’s not hard to see that they are crushing it considering email is one of the top 5 referrals of their website traffic and visitors from email spend 3 minutes or longer on their website than visitors from other avenues.

Here are some other reasons why BuzzFeed earned a gold medal for “Creative Copywriting,” and some things you can do to write A+ content as well.

1. Write compelling titles and shareable stories.

If there is one thing that BuzzFeed is known for when it comes to copywriting it’s their ability to write fun titles and shareable stories. If you take a quick peek at some of their top newsletters, you’ll notice the titles are instantly compelling, and they make you want to click through to read, and then share the story with your social media following. Check it out:

• These Elephants Had the Most Radical Snacktime Party
• 19 Cute Ways The BuzzFeed Animal Newsletter Will Ruin Your Day
• 25 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Working in Retail
• 25 Quinoa Recipes That Are Actually Delicious

Who wouldn’t want to click on those links? When you write your titles, work hard to be creative, compelling, and interesting just like BuzzFeed.

2. Write for the Internet.

Another reason we awarded BuzzFeed a gold medal in copywriting is because they have mastered the art of writing for the internet. How do they accomplish this? Every one of their pieces is easily scannable.

When BuzzFeed sends out newsletters, they include sharp titles that link to outstanding listicles that they know their subscribers will enjoy.

Short, concise, and to the point.

With 20 different newsletters, BuzzFeed produces heaps of content each day. Where BuzzFeed really shines is they understand that not everyone has the time or desire to read a long newsletter and/or article. They thrive in being direct, funny, and quick in their copywriting.

To make your copy to shine, follow their example. Rather than using a long narrative to try and get your reader’s attention, draw them in with a short, simple, and sharp teaser and then give them the option to click through to read more if they want to.

BuzzFeed knows the value of strong copy, and for that, we award them a gold medal!

Wrap up

We hope these medal-worthy email marketing campaigns have inspired you to try something new with your email campaigns. For more inspiration, check out our Top 100 Email Marketing Campaigns.

This blog provides general information and discussion about email marketing and related subjects. The content provided in this blog ("Content”), should not be construed as and is not intended to constitute financial, legal or tax advice. You should seek the advice of professionals prior to acting upon any information contained in the Content. All Content is provided strictly “as is” and we make no warranty or representation of any kind regarding the Content.
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