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Customer data — the power behind your campaign.

What they’ve bought, where they travel, where they like to eat — it’s all helpful customer data depending on your industry. We connect with your website, business apps and e-commerce platform so you can easily get all that data into Campaign Monitor, then leverage it to deliver more successful emails.

Campaign Monitor gives you everything you need to run beautifully-designed, professional email marketing campaigns to grow your business.

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Deliver the right message, at exactly the right time.

Put your customer data into play, automate personalized and timely emails, and reap the rewards.

Marketing automation

Automate your way to big time engagement by creating set-it-and-forget-it customer journeys that are tailored to customers individual interests and behaviors.

Time zone sending

Fine tune your delivery strategy for time-sensitive emails by sending each email at the same local time around the globe.

Send time optimization

A little bit of machine learning, combined with the data you have about subscriber engagement allows you to deliver each individual email at the most optimal open time.

It’s easier than you think.

Between our drag-and-drop builder and dynamic segmentation, sending relevant emails is easier than you think. Our builder allows you to create beautiful emails, and when combined with powerful features you’ll be sending harder-working emails in no time.

Punam Pathak, SVP of Sales & Marketing
Email campaignSummer Escapes Campaign
Open rate:
40% +0.0%
Click rate:
18% +1.25%
Click to open rate:
45% +3.15%

Insights and reporting, no data analyst required.

You can’t build on success if you can’t see the results. With A/B testing and deep reporting you’ll get all the info you need to see what’s working and what could be working better. Subject lines, click-thru rates and more so you can test your way to better emails.


Find out how to reach humans (not just inboxes) with a solid email personalization strategy.

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