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Campaign Monitor for Rungopher

Developed by Rungopher

Combine email marketing with automated SMS journeys, triggering 2-way SMS conversations when a subscriber reads, clicks on, or even ignores a Campaign Monitor email.


  • Manage your subscriber lists in one location: Send a 1 way SMS, or any 2-way AI SMS conversation to an existing subscriber list.
  • Combine email marketing with automated SMS journeys, triggering 2-way SMS conversations when a subscriber reads, clicks on, or even ignores a Campaign monitor email.


RunGopher is the World’s First Conversational 2-Way Automated SMS Platform.

Customers want to feel like they are speaking to a real person – RunGopher delivers highly personalised SMS with A.I-powered automation to manage thousands of customer conversations simultaneously.

RunGopher is an SMS / messaging marketing technology platform that enables brands to automate thousands of conversations to drive growth outcomes such as; customer engagement, lead nurture, event promotion, call centre operations, call scheduling, web traffic campaigns, retention campaigns, web promotions, nurture journey’s, NPS surveys etc.. A custom-designed SMS chat-bot.

With 99.8% conversation accuracy, we are able to manage higher volumes of automated conversation than other platforms, driving growth for brands. The integration lets you send any Rungopher SMS conversation to your existing Campaign Monitor subscriber lists and automatically updates the list with any opt-out preferences.

However, it is most powerful when orchestrating email + conversational SMS journeys. Some examples:

  • An email is sent with details of your new product launch. Rungopher can monitor subscribers who clicked targeted links, and after a time will ask whether they’d be interested in having a call. If so, Rungopher can schedule a time according to the availability in your calendar and the prospect’s preferences.
  • An email is sent describing a 48-hour sale. Rungopher can observe those who haven’t opened the email, and send a reminder SMS 24 hours later, linking to the appropriate landing page.

Installation / Documentation

To get started you must have purchased a Rungopher plan, or be using a 30-day free trial. See More about pricing:

  • The integration is free on all plans (starting at $19 /month). This means you can use a Campaign Monitor list to send SMS, without additional cost
  • Using the campaign monitor integration in a rungopher journey will cost 1c / contact on professional, 1.5c / contact on the business plan.

Then, follow the installation guide at to quickly link your Rungopher and Campaign Monitor accounts.

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Price:Free with a Rungopher plan (from 19/month)
Release date:December 4, 2019

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