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About 12 months ago, we launched a brand new drag-and-drop email builder to help our customers create high-performing email campaigns.

Since then, we’ve been focused on using your feedback to make it even better. We added enhanced font and color options, streamlined logo alignment & sizing and added new capabilities to insert dynamic content into your emails without writing a line of code.

Following on from that, we’re excited to share another significant addition to the email builder – a new template library with a new set of email templates you can use to create high-performing campaigns.

Why add new templates?

The drag-and-drop email builder is at the heart of the product so we’re constantly looking for ways to improve.

Since we launched the email builder a year ago, feedback and data from our customers about how they use the builder has poured in. Here are some of the trends we noticed:

  • We needed even more template designs – Even though you can create your own layouts and designs with the builder, we found that people often already have an idea of what they want their campaign to look like. When they don’t see a template that resembles that idea, many assumed it wasn’t possible to design with the builder.
  • We needed a streamlined campaign creation process – We also noticed a few areas where we could simplify the campaign creation process. For example, after talking to our users, we found that they frequently use the same template for campaigns with similar content. Although you could choose to edit and resend an existing campaign, there was an opportunity to make it easy to start from the last email with content that was already sent rather than starting from scratch.

So with this feedback in mind, we set out to add a new template library and simplify the process of creating and sending a campaign.

The new template and campaign creation process

We rallied our team to build these new features and get them into your hands as soon as possible. Here are a few updates to the product we’d like to share.

New templates

Our team of designers have designed more than 25 new email templates you can use as a starting point to create your own unique, beautiful email campaigns.

The new templates span 5 key types of campaigns a marketer like you might want to send, including:

  • Announcements – Templates for sending beautiful, branded announcements about new product launches, partnerships and customer stories, company milestones, etc.
  • Newsletters – Templates with various layouts and styles that help you send amazing email newsletters to your audience.
  • Deals & offers – Highly optimized templates for sending marketing promotions that drive sales for your business.
  • Feedback – Friendly templates that are perfect for gathering feedback on your product, service, event, content and more.
  • Events – Impactful templates you can use to announce your upcoming event and drive registration.

Simplified Campaign Creation Process

We’ve also made some changes to the campaign creation process.

When you click ‘Create a Campaign’ anywhere in the app, you’ll first be taken to the ‘Campaign Details’ page like normal.

Once you enter the details of your campaign, like campaign name & subject line, you’ll then arrive at the new ‘Choose a Template’ screen.

If you’ve sent a campaign through Campaign Monitor before, those emails will appear in the ‘Previously Sent’ area.

If you want to send another campaign using the same design as a previously-sent campaign, you simply select the campaign, edit it in the builder and send away.

If on the other hand, you want to use a new template for your campaign, you can choose from any of the newly-designed templates, by selecting one of the categories under the ‘Create New’ section.

Finally, if you want to use an existing template, you’ll see it under the ‘My Templates’ section, Or if you want to import an HTML template or simply send a plain-text email, those options are there as well.

Email content to help you get started

One of the new changes you’ll notice is that once you select a template to start from, the example content carries through into the builder.

So rather than starting from scratch, you now have a baseline design and copy that you can replace or build on. This makes it even quicker and easier to create high-converting email campaigns that get results for your business.

When will I see these new changes in my account?

We think these new changes are going to make it even easier for busy marketers like you to create high-performing campaigns, and we’re super excited to get them into your hands.

We’ve started to roll out these changes over a few weeks to make sure everything goes to plan and there is no interruption to your email marketing plans, so you should be seeing them land in your account very soon!

Who can I give my feedback and thoughts to?

These changes are a direct result of the feedback you, our awesome customers, have been giving us and we’re keen to hear more about what you think! Feel free to post your thoughts or send us your feedback at

We’re really excited to roll these updates out and are hard at work on the next round of features to help add flexibility to the email builder.

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