Use their feedback to build a stronger relationship.

Using email surveys to get customers’ opinions helps you learn more about them. Not sure where to start? We have three ideas to get you going.

Measure satisfaction

Find out how happy customers are with your brand and how you can improve, as Equinox does with its gym members.

Send a post-purchase email survey

Ask customers about their experience with you after each interaction. Lyft does this by asking for feedback from every passenger after every ride.

Ask for feedback after an event

Make your next event better than the last by asking attendees about their experience and how you can improve, as Dropbox does after they host events.

Get started for free

Make it easy for customers to take your survey.

Encourage email survey participation by giving people the information they need and rewards that make it worth their while.

Time is precious, so tell them how long it will take.

Be up front about how long your survey will take so customers understand the time commitment before they start. JayBird sets expectations early to avoid drop-off.

Give your audience something they’ll love.

Rapha understands that they’re asking their audience for a valuable commodity - their time - so they reward survey completions with a 20% discount off their next purchase.

Create gorgeous, easy-to-use surveys with GetFeedback

Seamlessly integrate Campaign Monitor with GetFeedback and point your customers to a survey so beautiful and easy to take that they'll genuinely enjoy giving you feedback.

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