Infrastructure Engineer  


The Company 

Vuture is established globally as a leading supplier of SaaS-based marketing technology for the professional services industry. We work with all of the Big Four consulting firms, three Magic Circle, and over fifty of the top 100 law firms in the UK and the US. We have offices in New York, Sydney, and London, along with clients in over 150 countries. 


Vuture is in a phase of growth at the moment after securing circa 80 new clients last year bringing our total client base to almost 400. Our continued success has led to us being acquired by The Campaign Monitor Group (CM Group) of brands. CM Group leads the way in marketing technology globally and their brands include Campaign Monitor, CM Commerce, Delivra, Emma, Sailthru and Liveclicker. Their investment in Vuture has allowed us to develop and grow our technology function. We always take great pride in our work; we want to create and deliver well-designed and functional products in a friendly, collaborative manner, always caring for and respecting our clients. We are uniquely placed to create new products and expand the reach of existing ones within this niche sector. 


The Product 

Our software balances distribution of marketing activity with control. Using their own unique logins and permissions, a business development team could execute email campaigns, a realtor could create a microsite showcasing a single property, or a lawyer could host an event to engage and inspire clients. In each case, approval is requested from the Marketing team to ensure brand continuity and compliance. 


We integrate with leading CRMs to automatically extract and update data; and, because our system was originally built as a CMS, each of our modules are extremely user-friendly, requiring minimal technical knowledge. We supply a unique instance of software to each client, accessible by private Cloud. This is hosted in the country most appropriate to their data and legal requirements and is pre-fitted with the modules most relevant to their marketing needs across email, print, events and website creation. 


With a flat hierarchy, we offer staff the opportunity to make immediate, noticeable impact on clients. Much of the technology has been developed because of a need we’ve identified that our clients have. 


We have a huge range of ideas and initiatives for the future – from creating platform parity across all CRMs which our clients use, through our BI and Big Data reporting project, to expanding our offering to go beyond enterprise-level software to reach small business, and the automation that is required to one-click deploy, set-up, install, and configure the platform. 


The Tech 

As a software business, technology is of the utmost importance to us. Our main product, Vx, uses a range of technology from C# and ASP.NET MVC, and is hosted in a wide range of environments including public Cloud (Azure and AWS), private Cloud (Rackspace), and dedicated client servers. We host most of our applications on Windows servers, however there is an increasing amount of Linux boxes starting to be used. 


Each of our clients has a dedicated instance, and in order to be able to deploy code we have an involved CI/CD pipeline, which uses Git, Nexus, Jenkins, and Octopus. We have ELK clusters for logging.  


We use tools which are right for the job, always staying open to new technologies. We believe in automating as much of the development process as possible, building tools to allow engineers and 

testers to focus on doing their job. We have completed some infrastructure automation using Puppet. We are currently working on using Terraform and to move all of our infrastructure into AWS. 


The Role 

Vuture has had an exceptional growth period over the last few years, in part due to a new wave of investment as well as our focus on improving technical processes and workflows whilst upskilling our teams. We are now looking to consolidate this growth by investing heavily in our Infrastructure and Support functions with a view of improving our customers' experience ensuring they have the best experience possible. 


A key aspect to improving our customer experience involves improving the reliability, availability and security of our platform. We are therefore looking for a dynamic Infrastructure Engineer to join our team to assist with efficient running of our infrastructure; contribute to automation improvements, suggest improvements to our processes and ensure that our infrastructure is highly available. 


Our current application is running on Windows Server and IIS and is hosted in a hybrid of Rackspace dedicated servers, Rackspace Cloud and Azure. The process for the build and configuration of new infrastructure is in part manual with elements automated using Puppet. Our monitoring is currently managed using Nagios and Pager Duty. 


Your first few weeks will be spent getting up to speed with our application and systems, understanding current processes and ways of working. After which, you will be integrated with the existing team and sometimes expected to run with these tasks on your own. These will include tasks such as building servers, setting up client instances, implementing SSL certificates, DKIM, and troubleshooting incidents.    


You will be part of our “SysOps Crew”, working together with 2 other globally distributed  SysOps team members to ensure that the application and infrastructure remains functional and highly available. This role will report to our Infrastructure Lead. This is a completely hands on position with all of your time being spent as an engineer. 


It will be your responsibility to be part of an infrastructure engineering culture focused on automating everything. Going forward, you will have the opportunity to research and conduct POCs of new technologies we can use to solve the engineering challenges we face. If a technology makes business sense and helps solve the problem, we will be supportive in its use in production.  


Similarly, it will be your responsibility to follow security best practices and ensure all our systems are built and operated with security in mind. This includes not only ensuring that servers are built in a secure manner but by also following processes and maintaining awareness of security best practices within the wider engineering team.  


Lastly, ensuring the application is constantly running is critical to the business, therefore, as part of the role you will be expected to take part in the on-call rota. 


What we need from you 

First and foremost, you must have experience supporting and ensuring the availability of a web or SAAS application. At interview we will want to hear about the systems and processes you used to ensure the reliability and availability of the application. 


You will have some experience and interest in automated configuration tools to build and deploy infrastructure. At interview, we will want to hear how you used this technology and what challenges you faced in using it. 


Similarly, you will be experienced in using automated monitoring and logging solutions. We will want to hear about how you used the technologies you did and how they helped ensure the availability of the platform. 


Though we do not need prior experience with AWS, ideally you will have experience working with at least one cloud provider (public or private) and be able to discuss the differences between public and private cloud systems. 


Security is important to us; you will have previously used tools or processes to ensure the security of your infrastructure. At interview you will be able to discuss what security considerations you made when designing the build of new infrastructure.  


We take pride in our culture and our people being proactive and taking initiative and at interview we will want to hear examples of improvements you have made, or tried to make, in your previous position and why you suggested these changes. 


Additionally, learning and self-development is also key to our culture, we will want to hear examples of different tools or technologies that you have learnt in your own time or as part of your role which have further assisted you in your career.  


What you’ll get from us 

This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of the infrastructure function for a global SAAS business. You will have the opportunity to work closely with the infrastructure team contributing to the technical direction and strategy for the team. 


As well as contributing to the technical direction you will get the opportunity to move into a senior role where you will be able to manage and influence the culture within that team. 


Furthermore, you will get to improve your technical knowledge by gaining experience with AWS and Terraform through leading a cloud migration and the implementation of Infrastructure as Code pipelines. 


We are constantly looking for new ways to make improvements to both our platform and ways of working. You will have the opportunity to research new technologies and suggest such changes in the business, making a genuine impact on how we progress. 


We will embrace any desire on your part to take on more responsibility. We have a strong track record of developing careers and this role has the possibility to progress into a Senior Infrastructure Engineer longer term as the team grows. 


Finally, we offer a generous benefits package that includes Perks at work, free gym membership, and unlimited holiday.

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