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You spend countless hours designing and creating your email campaigns.

The key is to keep your leads and current customers interested with relevant, valuable, and timely content. You also need to send that content at just the right time. Follow these steps to increase your email engagement.

Change your subject line.

Your subject line should be short. Anything over 40 characters tends to get cut off by apps on mobile devices. Seven words is the sweet spot.

Subject lines should be concise and clearly describe what’s in the email. Let your subscribers know right away what they get out of opening your email.

Rewrite your content.

If people aren’t clicking your links or taking action, your copywriting could likely use a revamp. Write as though you’re speaking to one person, and focus on having a conversation with your valued subscribers instead of talking “at” them.

You should also avoid writing big walls of text. People scan emails in an F pattern—as opposed to reading every word. Leave plenty of white space as well.

Focus on providing value.

Offering promotions isn’t enough. You need to enrich your subscribers’ lives with valuable content. Curate educational blog posts and articles your subscribers will find interesting.

How can you help them improve their lives? Think of yourself as an educator rather than a marketer, and the engagement will come naturally.

Segment your audience and personalize your content.

Sixty-seven percent of people expect personalized content based on the data you’ve collected. Almost half of your customers will get annoyed or frustrated if you only send generic email campaigns.

Break your subscriber list up into different segments based on unique information like location, parental status, and behavior, and create personalized content for each segment.

Your subscribers are much more likely to engage with personalized content because it’s more relevant to them.

Source: Campaign Monitor

A majority of customers expect personalized experiences.

Automate your campaigns.

Campaign Monitor’s automation makes it easy to create stunning customer journeys based on triggered events and data you’ve collected.

Customer journeys and automated campaigns are jam-packed with relevant content your subscribers will love. You can choose the perfect time to send them out for optimal engagement with minimal effort.

Plus, using automation can improve your ROI by 80%. That’s why 63% of marketers use technology like automation to enhance engagement.

Source: Campaign Monitor

How to measure your email engagement

You can easily measure your email engagement by logging into the Campaign Monitor dashboard. Click on the campaign or subscriber list you want to track.

On this screen, you’ll be able to see a broad range of stats about your email engagement.

  • How many and which subscribers opened your emails
  • How many and which subscribers clicked your links
  • How many and which subscribers converted from your campaign

You can use this information to adjust your tactics. If your open rate is subpar, your subject lines likely need some reworking. If people aren’t clicking your links or taking action, evaluate your design, images, and copywriting style.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Does it really matter?

Your email engagement definitely matters. If people aren’t engaging with your campaigns, your email marketing efforts are going to waste.

Keep in mind, however, that healthy engagement looks different depending on the goal of your campaign.

For newsletters, subscribers may absorb the information and build trust in your brand without clicking any links. Even promotional emails without many clicks can plant seeds that entice subscribers to return when they’re ready to purchase.

What now?

Now you can start optimizing your campaigns for engagement. Start by improving your open rates with compelling subject lines. Next, focus on writing copy that encourages action and speaks to the subscriber in a one-on-one conversational tone.

Remember to run plenty of A/B tests throughout the process to nail down what works and what doesn’t. Different segments of your audience may have unique tastes and needs. And, as always, a little automation can go a long way.

Are you ready to learn how to write engaging subject lines? Read this Campaign Monitor guide to become a subject line superhero.

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